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Victor Surge (real name: Eric Knudsen) is the original creator of Slender Man, and the first person to begin creating the The Slender Man Mythos. Through his original image manipulation and stories, provided in excerpts of newspapers or parts of documents from Optic Nerve on the Something Awful forums, Victor was the person who started the landslide of photo manipulations and creepypastas.

In 2013, he wrote the story for Slender: The Arrival, alongside the cast of Marble Hornets. Then, in 2018, he went on to write the story for the first major film adaptation of his character, respectively titled Slender Man.


  • According to People magazine, Knudsen currently is in his 30's and lives in Florida with his wife and toddler.
  • The Slender Man Mythos trend of Surgism is based off his name and contributions.
  • He lived in Nagasaki, Japan in 2009 when he created Slender Man.[1]
  • His real name is sometimes confused by fans with Canadian actor Erik Knudsen. This is most likely why he is credited as "Victor Surge" in most Slender Man media.

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