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raps0 i ask a vigilantee to help me figure 0ut who msiley is. This is what happened:

Felix: Wow, yolo reference in bioshock.... 13:19

ScareCr0w: =____= AYFKM? 13:22

ScareCr0w: =___= ..... i wonder: 13:22

Smiley joined the chat 13:23

Felix: Hallo. 13:23

Smiley: ALLO GOV'NER 13:23

Smiley: WOULD YA LIKE A CUP A TEA? 13:23

Felix: Nien englischer. 13:24

ScareCr0w: hey smiley: 13:24

Felix: Nein* 13:24

ScareCr0w: isat yours? 13:24

ScareCr0w: huh? is it? well c'mon huh huh? is it? 13:25

ScareCr0w: marf 13:25

Smiley: 13:25

Smiley: HEHEHEHEHE 13:26

ScareCr0w: is it? 13:26

Smiley: *puts my finger on my lips* shhhhh 13:26

Smiley: no spoileeeeeeeeeers~~ 13:26

ScareCr0w: =_____= took me a while to find least let me know if its yours 13:27

Smiley: You're a figure it out 13:28

ScareCr0w: =_____= 13:28

ScareCr0w: btw i hired a vigilantee to help track you down 13:28

Smiley: Hehehe 13:29

ScareCr0w: and detectives ask questions not goddamn sherlock holms you know 13:29

ScareCr0w: i cant just figure out everything just by standing still or looking at the floor through a magnifying glass 13:29

Smiley: Actually you are 13:29

ScareCr0w: no, im not 13:30

ScareCr0w: im Crowe Nite 13:30

Smiley: No you're Sherlock Crow 13:30

ScareCr0w: =______= 13:30

Smiley: 13:30

ScareCr0w: w/ever 13:32

TheNightshade joined the chat 13:32

ScareCr0w: well well well 13:33

ScareCr0w: lookie here~ 13:33

TheNightshade slams crow ageinst a wall 13:33

TheNightshade: shut it 13:33

ScareCr0w: hey buddy, no need to be so hostile 13:33

TheNightshade punches crow's face 13:33

TheNightshade: i said shut it 13:33

ScareCr0w: >:| 13:34

TheNightshade looks at smiley 13:34

TheNightshade: so you are the smiley he was talking about 13:34

TheNightshade: ? 13:34

TheNightshade: hello? 13:35

TheNightshade: is anyone here? 13:35

ScareCr0w: i am~ 13:35

Smiley: HIYAAAAAAAAAAA!!! 13:35

TheNightshade: hello 13:35

TheNightshade drops crow 13:35

TheNightshade: so your the smiley i was asked to take down 13:35

Smiley: wazzup? 13:36

TheNightshade: finding you....errr...trying to anyway 13:36

ScareCr0w: owww, my coxix 13:36

TheNightshade kicks crow 13:36

XIII-DEATH joined the chat 13:36

ScareCr0w doubles over in pain 13:37

Smiley: hehehehe keep trying 13:37

TheNightshade: i will....and when i will regret ever killing anyone 13:38

ScareCr0w: hey, no killing him remember? 13:38

Smiley: heheheheehe 13:38

TheNightshade kicks crow agein 13:38

ScareCr0w: oh F*CK!!!!!! 13:38

ScareCr0w: owwwww 13:38

TheNightshade: hmmmm........ 13:39

Athenapoodle joined the chat 13:40

TheNightshade: From what crow tells me, you are located in florida, am i right smiley? 13:40

Smiley: hmmMMMmmmmMmmM 13:40

Smiley: YEP 13:40

Athenapoodle joined the chat 13:40

Athenapoodle: hello 13:40

TheNightshade: interesting.....very interesting 13:40

TheNightshade: also you have scars that streatch from the edges of your mouth to your ears? 13:40

TheNightshade: that also are stiched up? 13:41

Smiley: Mhm 13:41

TheNightshade: and a mask sewn to your face 13:41

Smiley: Not exactly....I can take it off 13:42

TheNightshade: hmmmm.....interesting 13:42

TheNightshade: so his scources were almost correct 13:42

TheNightshade: but not quite 13:42

ScareCr0w: hey...i dont even remember who told might have been dae~ 13:43

TheNightshade kicks crow yet agein 13:43

TheNightshade: shut it 13:43

TheNightshade: i think i touched a nerve 13:44

ScareCr0w: funny....he gets of at reletively the same time as daemon does on slenderman wiki 13:45

TheNightshade: i asked him: and you are not User: DaemonTheDemon? 13:46

TheNightshade: and then he leaves 13:46

TheNightshade: i think that may be a clue 13:46

Smiley joined the chat 13:46

TheNightshade: oh, welcome back smiley 13:47

Smiley: Sorry...hacking 13:47

Smiley: 13:47

TheNightshade: yes...."hacking"....who?​ daemon agein? 13:48

Smiley: And also Dae Dae tried to report me to the police 13:48

ScareCr0w: yet he claims never to have met you 13:48

Smiley: He never did 13:49

Smiley: I did hack into his account 13:49

TheNightshade: i know 13:49

Smiley: and he called the police to try to trace me 13:49

Smiley: no such luck 13:49

Athenapoodle: DANCE DANCE 13:49

TheNightshade: i find it strange he is the only person you have hacked on this site 13:49

Smiley:'s not just him 13:50

TheNightshade: then who else? 13:50

TheNightshade: who else have you hacked? 13:51

Smiley: Hehe...oh trust me you will find out soon....and his friends will...let's just say...they will have to get new computers 13:51

Smiley: hehehehehee 13:51

TheNightshade: what proof do you ahve that you are not lying? 13:51

TheNightshade: for all i know this could be some BS story made to intimidate me 13:52

TheNightshade: cause if thats the case then its failing horribly 13:52

Smiley: If I did show'll regret me 13:52

Smiley: a user once wanted me to show that I'm BSing 13:52

Smiley: I did show him 13:52

TheNightshade: prove it 13:53

TheNightshade: you dont scare me 13:53

TheNightshade: i eat danger for breakfast 13:53

TheNightshade: i look fear in the face and it runs away 13:53

Smiley: *not BSing 13:53

TheNightshade: PROVE IT!!! 13:53

Smiley: Pfft you're just a waste of time to me 13:54

TheNightshade: am i a waste of time? or were you just bluffing and dont want to admit 13:54

Athenapoodle: smiley stay off of my internet history 13:54

TheNightshade: you dont want to admit you cant hack and that you are acctually user: DaemonTheDemon 13:55

ScareCr0w: uhhmm shady, ixnay on the eamonday 13:55

TheNightshade glares at crow 13:55

Smiley: Why do you assume I'm him? 13:56

TheNightshade: because, he knows the oumost about y 13:56

TheNightshade: *you 13:56

TheNightshade: he made your page on proxies united 13:56

Athenapoodle: that is not daemon I can tell you that 13:56

TheNightshade: you both live in miami 13:56

TheNightshade: you both hate...or hated the composer 13:57

TheNightshade: you both are well toned 13:57

Smiley: Dae Dae is...for all I know....the nicest and most kindest person *shudders* 13:57

TheNightshade: there is so much evidence pointing to it 13:57

Smiley: And you assume someone like THAT would be ME? 13:57

TheNightshade: and his nice act may be the perfet cover for you 13:57

TheNightshade: you fake it 13:57

Athenapoodle: so two people can live in the same no they are realy not I know smiley in real life 13:57

TheNightshade: shut it athenapoodle 13:58

Athenapoodle: no you 13:58

Smiley: HA! you're even stupider then I though 13:59

Smiley: *thought 13:59

TheNightshade: explain 13:59

Smiley: First off I still hate Composer 14:00

Smiley: And Daemon doesn;t 14:00

TheNightshade: it could be a farce 14:00

Smiley: He's polite 14:00

TheNightshade: it could be a cover up 14:00

Athenapoodle: yep 14:00

Smiley: and I'm sociopath 14:00

Athenapoodle: but no shade smiley is teelling the truth 14:00

TheNightshade: either you are fake, or he is 14:00

TheNightshade: and do you have proof athenapoodle? 14:01

Athenapoodle: nether of them are I skype them and video chat with them 14:01

TheNightshade: you have skyped with smiley? 14:01

Athenapoodle: yes 14:02

Smiley: She did actually 14:02

Smiley: 14:02

ScareCr0w: really? whats your skype smiley? 14:02

TheNightshade kicks crow 14:02

Smiley: She couldn't see my face though 14:02

Smiley: I was wearing a hoodie and a mask 14:03

Athenapoodle: yep 14:03

Nesair: I mush have ur skype O3O 14:03

Nesair: *totally eavedropping ftw* 14:03

ScareCr0w: ditto!!! 14:03

ScareCr0w: lol nessie 14:03

TheNightshade kicks crow 14:03

TheNightshade: shut it crow 14:03

Smiley: hehehe 14:04

ScareCr0w: owwww, my coxix 14:04

TheNightshade: someone here is lying.....either athenapoodle, crow, or smiley 14:04

Daemon joined the chat 14:04

ScareCr0w: how am i lying? 14:04

Nesair: ... .-. 14:04

Athenapoodle: hello daemon 14:05

TheNightshade: you description of his scars 14:05


Daemon: What's going on here? 14:05

TheNightshade: or daemon may be lying aswe;; 14:05

Nesair: *rolls around* 14:05

ScareCr0w: they arnt the same person shady 14:05

TheNightshade kicks crow agein 14:05

ScareCr0w: marf...owwwww 14:05

Smiley: Hiya Dae Dae 14:05

Daemon: oh....hi 14:06

Nesair: ;-; 14:06

TheNightshade: one of you is lying.....either daemon about not knowing smiley, smiley about not being daemon, athenapoodle about skypeing with athenapoodle, or crow about smileys scars 14:06

TheNightshade: *athenapoodle about skypeing with smiley 14:07

Nesair: ;-;..... 14:07

Nesair: fuck 14:07

ScareCr0w: w/ever....i thought you were gonna help me shady...not make me a suspect 14:07

TheNightshade slams crow ageinst a wall 14:07

TheNightshade drops him 14:07

ScareCr0w: owwww, my coxix 14:07

Daemon: Shade what the hell is your problem? 14:08

ScareCr0w in pain on the floor 14:08

TheNightshade: crow is an annoying prick, thats my problem 14:08

Smiley: Owie that's gotta hurt 14:08

ScareCr0w: hes an extreamist i called in to help me catch smiley 14:08

Daemon: ... 14:08

ScareCr0w: hes makeing me a culprit 14:08

Daemon: *facepalm* 14:08

ScareCr0w: he says i might be smiley 14:08

Athenapoodle: not me 14:09

Felix: He keeps hitting you like that he's gonna make you a murder victim. 14:09

TheNightshade: any of you 3 *points to crow athena and smiley* might be smiley 14:09

Daemon: Actually crow....I believe you are Smiley 14:09

TheNightshade: or all 3 even 14:09


ScareCr0w: im not smiley T-T 14:09

ScareCr0w: if i was, nessie would know by now T-T 14:09

Nesair: *hugs smiley* 14:09

Daemon: o_o 14:09

Athenapoodle: nither an I 14:10

Nesair: Lol crow.. 14:10

Smiley: *hugs smiley* 14:10

Smiley: *nes 14:10

TheNightshade: you are all suspects.....even nesair 14:10

Nesair: Crow isn't smiley 14:10

Smiley: hehe I hugged myself 14:10

Nesair: .__. Lawl shade 14:10

TheNightshade: well its possible 14:10

Nesair: I'm just a girl who snapped 14:10

Nesair: And like 14:10

Smiley: So you're saying I'm dating someone who is me? 14:10

Nesair: Yeah....dark mind etc. 14:10

Athenapoodle: I'm a girl who sings 14:10

Smiley: D 14:10

Nesair: Whatever it's done and lol smiley 14:10

Smiley: 14:11

Nesair: Seems like it 14:11

TheNightshade: even MC who isnt here right now is a suspect.....I've been reading the previous pages 14:11

Daemon: that's....disturbing 14:11

Nesair: Well mc..i can expect 14:11

Nesair: But her as smiley.. 14:11

Nesair: *shudder* 14:11

TheNightshade: and yes smiley i am saying that......if nes is you, you two could be "dateing" as a cover up 14:11

Daemon: No...not MC....never 14:11

TheNightshade: it might be daemon 14:11

Athenapoodle: no 14:12

TheNightshade: it seems that she was really quick to accept the fact that smiley might be fake 14:12

TheNightshade: almost too quick 14:12

Nesair: ..... 14:12

ScareCr0w: im regretting asking for his help =___= 14:12

Nesair: Because we had a fight...and i felt like... 14:12

Daemon: for the godzillainth time I'm not Smiley 14:12

Nesair: He hated me...if he wasn't real...idk 14:12

TheNightshade picks up crow and throws him at a wall 14:12

Nesair: *tackles shade* 14:13

Athenapoodle: nether am I well at least smiley likes me 14:13

Nesair: *rips his throat out* -_- 14:13

Smiley: .... 14:13

Nesair: I feel feisty. 14:13

TheNightshade throws nes at crow, both collide in midair and fall 14:13

Nesair: OW 14:13

Nesair: >​.< 14:13

ScareCr0w: O/////O 14:13

ScareCr0w hides 14:13

Nesair: O_O 14:13

Nesair: *crawls away from crow 14:13

TheNightshade facepalms 14:13

Smiley: Shade you prick 14:13

Nesair: *hugs smiley's legs* 14:13

Daemon: Shade just stop 14:14

TheNightshade: idiots....why did i think he could be smiley. hes too stupid 14:14

Felix: Are we sure "Extremist" isn't just a code word for asshole who hits people? 14:14

ScareCr0w: it is 14:14

TheNightshade: im nto an asshole..... 14:14

TheNightshade: *not 14:14

ScareCr0w: you so are 14:14

Felix: You look like it to me. 14:14

TheNightshade throws crow at a wall agein 14:14

TheNightshade felix too 14:14

Daemon: Shade try to get this through your thick prick like skull...neither one of us...IS...SMILEY!!! 14:15

Felix: That really helps your point... 14:15

Athenapoodle: yep 14:15

TheNightshade: or all of you may e smiley 14:15

TheNightshade: *be 14:15

TheNightshade: all of you working together 14:15

ScareCr0w: can someone kick him? 14:15

Smiley: 14:15

ScareCr0w: hes getting to be a prick 14:15

Daemon: *epic facepalm* 14:15

TheNightshade throws crow at wall agein 14:16

Felix: And what if we were? What then. Throw us some more. Hell you might as well just be hitting people because we're around. Prick. 14:16

Smiley: I have clones!!!! 14:16

TheNightshade throws felix at a wall agein 14:16

TheNightshade: if youw ere all smiley I'd call the cops and get you arrested for all your murdurs 14:16

Felix: Is this why you are a vigilante? Mama and Papa like to throw you around when you were little junior? 14:16

Athenapoodle: (kicks nightshade) 14:16

Nesair: .... 14:17

Felix: How about i have you arrested for assault. 14:17

TheNightshade throws felix and athenapoodle at a wall 14:17

Daemon: Shade you're an idiot you know that? 14:17

Athenapoodle: oh he's dead now 14:17

TheNightshade punches daemon 14:17

Smiley: *nuzzles nes* 14:17

Felix: Look at the big man, I'm sorry you had a rough childhood, this will make it all better. 14:17

Smiley: x3 14:17

Athenapoodle: (cuts shades head off with a axe 14:17

ScareCr0w: someone kick this guy 14:17

Nesair: x3 14:17

Athenapoodle: I did do better crow I made him stop talking 14:18

Athenapoodle: lol 14:18

TheNightshade: =____= honnestly ignoreing you.,....shes also to stupid to be msiley 14:18

TheNightshade: *smiley 14:18

Daemon: Crow why did you invite this guy? 14:18

ScareCr0w: because i thought he would help me catch smiley 14:18

Athenapoodle: oh he's super dead now 14:18

Smiley: *kisses nes's nose* 14:18

ScareCr0w: wheres fobar when you need her T-T 14:18

Daemon: But in the end he made us all suspects 14:19

Athenapoodle: I know right 14:19

ScareCr0w: hes mean 14:19

Felix: Wow your really cracking the case. And the heads of all the people you meet. Your just as bad as him. Attack on sight really is not the best moto for someone trying to solve a crime you know. 14:19

Nesair: O.o :3 14:19

TheNightshade throws felix at group like a bowlingball 14:19

TheNightshade: STRIKE!!! 14:19

Smiley: :3 14:20

ScareCr0w: owwww 14:20

Daemon: oh god *facepalm* 14:20

Athenapoodle: we need more admids 14:20

ScareCr0w: indeed 14:20

TheNightshade: I'd just get back on 14:20

Athenapoodle: not if your baned 14:20

Felix: Damn your good! This must be why you need to take an I.Q test before you become a cop, troglodyte. 14:21

TheNightshade: i cant get banned because i could always make another name and get back on 14:21

Athenapoodle: no it dose not work like that 14:21

ScareCr0w: acctually athena...yes it does 14:21

Athenapoodle: damn it 14:21

ScareCr0w: he knows the room password aswell 14:21

TheNightshade: yup 14:22

Smiley: hmm 14:22

Athenapoodle joined the chat 14:22

Felix: Well your friends a real C**t Cr0w. 14:22

ScareCr0w: indeed 14:22

Daemon: ouch 14:22

Daemon: yah 14:22

TheNightshade: I AM NOT A CUNT 14:22


Athenapoodle: what's a cunt 14:23

Daemon: You're behaving like one 14:23

ScareCr0w: he needs to meet dawn 14:23

Athenapoodle: I know right 14:23

Felix: I think there is actually a picture of your face with that title above it, nothing Athena, a derogatory term. 14:23

TheNightshade: =_____= 14:24

Athenapoodle: I am weirded out now 14:24

Nesair: -.- 14:24

ScareCr0w: i told athena what it meant 14:24

Athenapoodle: tmi 14:24

Smiley: pfft BAHAHAHA 14:24

TheNightshade facepalms. kicks crow 14:24

TheNightshade: FEILD GOAL!!!! 14:24

Smiley: this is getting better and better by the minute 14:24

ScareCr0w: owwwwww 14:25

ScareCr0w: my coxix 14:25

Daemon: shut up Smiles 14:25

TheNightshade: no, let the culprit talk 14:25

Felix: That's because there's what normal people like to call a "Brute" or "psychopathic Zealous bully" around, they weird out most people. 14:25

Daemon: and crow why is always the coxix? 14:25

TheNightshade: everything he says can and will be used ageinst him in a court of law 14:25

Daemon: ..... 14:25

ScareCr0w: because dae...tis a yugioh GX abridged joke 14:25

Felix: And everyone you hit or kick will file charges against you in one as well. 14:25

Smiley: I want nessie to be mah lawyer!!! 14:26

TheNightshade: have fun with that 14:26

Smiley: 14:26

TheNightshade: i am the night 14:26

Athenapoodle: I'm starting to go crazy but that means nothing 14:26

ScareCr0w: I'll be your lawyer smiley 14:26

Felix: You're a dumbass with fists, real hard to find. 14:26

Athenapoodle joined the chat 14:26

ScareCr0w: im acctually studying to be a lawyer' 14:26

Athenapoodle: yah 14:26


Smiley: *bro 14:26

ScareCr0w: lol 14:27

Daemon: 14:27

ScareCr0w: mostly 'cause this guy is an extreamist prick 14:27

TheNightshade kicks crow 14:27

TheNightshade: i thought you wanted him behind bars? 14:27

ScareCr0w: i wanted to catch him to prove my intelect 14:27

ScareCr0w: not be a suspect 14:27

Athenapoodle: shade just shut the hell up will you 14:27

Felix: you're the only one who's going to be behind bars with this sort of attitude. 14:28

Smiley: Aww *hugs crow* 14:28

TheNightshade hits athena and crow with hockey stick 14:28

TheNightshade: SCORE!!!! 14:28

Smiley: I think you are pretty smart crow bro 14:28

TheNightshade felix too 14:28

ScareCr0w: dont hug me 14:28

Smiley: 14:28

ScareCr0w: and i am a narcisist 14:28

Smiley: SHERLOCK CROW 14:28

ScareCr0w: i have the need to be better than others lol 14:28

Felix: People like you are the reason we can still have religion dictate government. Which is to say, you're a backwards douche. 14:29

TheNightshade hits crow woth tennis racket 14:29

Daemon: Why did I come here again? 14:29

TheNightshade: *with 14:29

TheNightshade: 15-LOVE!!! 14:29

TheNightshade felix too 14:29

TheNightshade: 30-LOVE!!! 14:29

Felix: Come one come all and behold the wild troglodyte! Watch it try to speak our language! 14:30

ScareCr0w: XD 14:30

Smiley: WOO!!! 14:30

ScareCr0w: whats a troglodyte? 14:30

Smiley: A BIRD!!! 14:30

Felix: Watch as it uses violence to solve all problems! And remember the dark stain on human history that it embodies with every breath! 14:31


Felix: You are the cancer that holds humanity is stagnation. 14:31

ScareCr0w: oh dear jesus, thta was cheesy 14:31

Felix: in* 14:31

Daemon: oh shut up shade 14:32

TheNightshade grabs felix and crow and slams their heads together 14:32


TheNightshade hits daemon with a golfclub 14:32

Smiley: XD 14:32

TheNightshade: HOLE IN ONE!!!! 14:32

ScareCr0w: @smiley-indeed 14:32

Felix: See how it gives in to base emotions like an animal! See how pathetic its mind is, as it tries to destroy all thing mentally superior to it! 14:33

Daemon: @shade prick 14:33

TheNightshade: =______= 14:33

TheNightshade: mindless rodents the lot of you 14:33

TheNightshade: i still belive one of you is smiley 14:33

Daemon: Oh WE'RE the mindless ones? 14:33

Felix: Don't talk about yourself like that, rodents are smarter then the likes of you. 14:33

Smiley: BURN!!! XD 14:34

TheNightshade: =_____= 14:34

TheNightshade punches smiley's face 14:34

TheNightshade with felixes hand 14:34

Smiley: *no affect* 14:34

Felix: Don't have words? It's trying to say something but i just don't think it knows how, shame. 14:34

TheNightshade: fuck you felix 14:34

Felix: Use your words now! You can do it! 14:34

TheNightshade: i am 14:35

TheNightshade: fists are just more efective 14:35

TheNightshade takes out sniper riffle 14:35

Athenapoodle: oh please everyone cover your screen with what I am about to say 14:35

TheNightshade: so are guns 14:35


TheNightshade: @smiley-if you ahvent noticed g this whole timeI've been talkin 14:35

Felix: There we go, it seems to be angry. A shock, i'm very surprised that this lesser being can only feel anger, one of the more base emotions. 14:35

Athenapoodle: fuck night shade that son of a bitch will die in hell fuck him 14:36

TheNightshade: i dont think i want to fuck any of you 14:36

ScareCr0w: i might....jk 14:36

TheNightshade kicks crow agein 14:36


Smiley: 14:36

TheNightshade: indeed it would 14:36

TheNightshade: sleeping with the enemy...just weird 14:37

TheNightshade: pluss i dont swing that way 14:37

Smiley: Are you gay shade? 14:37

Felix: He doesn't have any reproductive organs to use. And if he does we need those sterilized ASAP. Can't have any more of these things abou. 14:37

Smiley: 14:37

Felix: about* 14:37

Daemon: I think he is 14:37

ScareCr0w: he's not gay....hes had more girlfriends than i ahve 14:37

Felix: This thing can find a mate? THERE ARE MORE?!?!?! 14:38

Smiley: pfft yeah right 14:38

ScareCr0w: no, he honnestly has 14:38

ScareCr0w: he cant keep them tho.....hes too arrogent 14:38

Daemon: wow 14:38

Felix: Must be why no one goe to West Virginia. 14:38

ScareCr0w: and egotistical 14:38

Felix: goes* 14:38

Daemon: I never thought that would be possible 14:38

TheNightshade: thought what would be possible? 14:39

Felix: I assumed that as a precaution nature made sure it could not reproduce. 14:39

Daemon: That you of all people would have girlfriends 14:39

Felix: Cross your fingers. 14:39

Smiley: BURN!! 14:39

ScareCr0w: he's not violent out of costume 14:39

ScareCr0w: just vain 14:39

Felix: When he wears his costume he loses all sense of morality and weighing of his actions. Like most children on xbox livee. 14:40

Felix: live* 14:40

Smiley: hehe 14:40

ScareCr0w: lol indeed 14:40

ScareCr0w: most people act like a different person when behind a mask 14:40

ScareCr0w: i wish dawn was here 14:40

Daemon: yeah 14:41

ScareCr0w: she would straighten him out 14:41

Felix: Fantastic. Listen if you're going to be evil as you are Shade, do us the favor of just calling it evil. Don't try to pull a Christian church on us please. 14:41

Smiley: Ohhhhh 14:42

TheNightshade: im not christian 14:42

TheNightshade: relligion is a waste of time 14:42

Felix: You act like the religion. 14:42

Smiley: God must hate you shady 14:42

TheNightshade: there is no god 14:43

Felix: Just like its church actually. Say you're doing good, then do evil. Maybe you should go to the Vatican and take notes! 14:43

Daemon: indeed 14:43

TheNightshade: just my methood 14:43

Felix: But i digress, no need to overly offend. Well your "Method" is called evil. 14:43

Daemon: some method you have 14:44

TheNightshade: this usually gets people to cough up answers....and then some blood.....but mostly answers 14:44

Felix: Well, justify your obvious evil however you would like. But try understanding the concept of morality before you try to shove it down people throats please. 14:45

ScareCr0w: can someone kick him? 14:45

TheNightshade: morality? crimminals dont have morals, why should I? 14:45

Felix: people's* 14:45

Felix: Because if you are trying to stop them from doing evil you need to do so without becoming one yourself. As you have obviously done. 14:46

TheNightshade: like cops, they dont have morals....but they lack morals so much that they dont even help 14:46

TheNightshade: i help 14:46

TheNightshade: by instilling fear into criminals 14:46

Felix: You're worse then most criminals in fact, because you don't acknowledge truly that what you do is evil.. 14:46

TheNightshade: are you trying to compare me to KIRA? 14:47

Daemon: true 14:47

Felix: You're essentially a paragon of criminality and human decadence. 14:47

TheNightshade: =____= 14:47

TheNightshade: i will find smiley, and when i do, i will hang him from the washington monument as a warning to other criminals 14:48

Smiley: ooooooooooh so scared 14:48

ScareCr0w: no killing him 14:48

TheNightshade kicks crow 14:48

Felix: You as you are, are one of the main reasons humanity does not progress. You cling to an old way of life that by all real standards is a disgusting misuse of modern concepts. 14:48

TheNightshade: i will kill him little straw man 14:48

TheNightshade hits felix with baseball bat 14:49

TheNightshade: HOME RUN!!!! 14:49

Felix: Hell, not even that modern. 14:49

Daemon: wow 14:49

ScareCr0w: home run? did you just drug and <> felix? 14:49

TheNightshade kicks crow 14:49

TheNightshade: shut it crow 14:49

Smiley: XD 14:50

ScareCr0w: damn...shady just scorred 14:50

Smiley: oooooooooooooooooohhhhh 14:50

ScareCr0w: i thought you werent gay shady 14:50

Smiley: *regular show* 14:50

Felix: Your continued assault of those who speak out against you is another indication of your savagery. Similar to the outdated concept of Communism. 14:50

TheNightshade shoots crows kneecaps with shotgun 14:50

TheNightshade: communism is bad... 14:50

Athenapoodle joined the chat 14:51

Felix: And so are you. 14:51

TheNightshade: im bad for the sake of good 14:51

Athenapoodle: ha 14:51

Felix: No, you're bad for the sake of human decadence and stagnation of progress of the human way of life. 14:51

Felix: You as you are, embody essentially everything wrong with human beings. 14:52

Athenapoodle: am I still human 14:52

TheNightshade: im simply treating you like the crimminal one(or all) of you is 14:52

Felix: As am I, but i unlike this "Gentleman" have evolved. 14:52

Daemon: .... 14:52

TheNightshade: i know one of you is smiley 14:53

Felix: You have no form of process to your treatment of others, you are evil. 14:53

TheNightshade: so just fess up already 14:53

Daemon: I'm out....because this is not an investigation....this is just absolutly stupid 14:53

ScareCr0w: indeed 14:53

Felix: I can't even deal with this disgusting thing anymore, i'm gone. 14:53

Athenapoodle: I rock 14:53

ScareCr0w: where is fobar and dawn when you need them 14:54

Athenapoodle: I know right 14:54

TheNightshade: thats right, run and hide, because one of you is guilty and doesnt want to admit it 14:54

Felix joined the chat 14:55

Daemon: No it's because you wasted our time on something like this 14:55

TheNightshade: no, its cause one (or all) of you is smiley 14:56

Athenapoodle: no 14:56

Daemon: *facepalm* 14:56

ScareCr0w: if i was smiley, why would i call you in to catch me? 14:57

TheNightshade: to amuse you 14:57

Athenapoodle: ha 14:57

ScareCr0w: fair enough....but im not smiely 14:57

ScareCr0w: *smiley 14:57

Daemon: neither am I 14:57

TheNightshade: all are wasteing my time 14:58

Felix: I need to calm down... Talk to you all later. 14:58

ScareCr0w: that was irritateing 14:58

Daemon: WE'RE the ones who wasted YOUR time 14:58

Daemon: prick 14:58

ScareCr0w: dae....hes gone 14:58

ScareCr0w: truce smiley? 14:58

Smiley: Ok....guys 14:59

ScareCr0w: what 14:59

Smiley: Truce 14:59

Athenapoodle left the chat 14:59

ScareCr0w: why did i call him in? 14:59

Daemon: oh 14:59

ScareCr0w: i should have asked phoenix jones 14:59

Daemon: lol 15:00

Daemon: I'm glad it wasn't the Punisher 15:00

Athenapoodle joined the chat 15:00

ScareCr0w: well phoenix doesnt go arround slamming people into walls 15:00

ScareCr0w: XD dae 15:00

ScareCr0w: or deadpool 15:00

Daemon: Deadpool would be hilarious 15:01

Smiley: OMG DEADPOOL 15:01

ScareCr0w: oh good lord, imagine if i called in deadpool 15:01

Smiley: xd 15:01

ScareCr0w: we'd all be dead 15:01

Daemon: yeah...or he and SMiley could be best buds 15:01

ScareCr0w: lol 15:01

Smiley: True dat 15:01

ScareCr0w: true 15:01

ScareCr0w: then everyone but smiley would be dead 15:02

Daemon: Yep 15:02

ScareCr0w: and then smiley would kill deadpool for killing nessie 15:02

Daemon: Well I gotta take off for now 15:02

Daemon: be back soon 15:02

ScareCr0w: ok bai daemon 15:02

Daemon: bye 15:02

Smiley: Bye bye Dae Dae 15:02

ScareCr0w: you cant spell: slaughter without laughter, melvin without evil, daemon without emo, and nightshade without asshole 15:04

Athenapoodle: lol crow 15:05

Smiley: XD 15:05

ScareCr0w: its true 15:05

Smiley: Yep 15:06

ScareCr0w: sLAUGHTER mELVIn daEMOn 15:06

Smiley: Wait Dae Dae is emo? 15:06

ScareCr0w: yes but im talking about the word "daemon" 15:06

ScareCr0w: it wasnt a joke about him 15:06

Smiley: COOL! 15:06

ScareCr0w: im emo aswell 15:06

Smiley: XD 15:06

Smiley: What;s your favorite killing game crow bor? 15:08

Smiley: *bro 15:08

ScareCr0w: idk.....griddle ice hockey? 15:09

ScareCr0w: 15:09

ScareCr0w: oh and this: 15:12

Smiley: cool 15:12

ScareCr0w: yeu[ 15:18

ScareCr0w: *yeup 15:18

ScareCr0w: ima copy this all for dawn to read 15:19