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Life was hard for little Rosie, and high school was no exception. It was hard enough to make friends because of her autism. She didn't know how to communicate with other people, and she mostly never spoke. She also didn't understand other people's emotions, which was something she couldn't help. And she definitely didn't intend to come off as mean. She mostly isolated herself, sitting alone at lunch, no friends to hang out with. She did have a couple of friends, but they weren't the ideal friends. One of them, Ruby, was one of those snobby popular girls who only cared for themselves. While she did help with keeping Rosie from being insulted, she wasn't exactly nice. "Why don't you try to stand up for yourself, you little coward?" she would say. The other friend was Candice, who was very rude and quite arrogant. People called her Candy because she had dyed her hair bubblegum-pink. 

Aside from the autism, Rosie didn't fit in because of her physical appearance. She was pretty short, and had a little bit of a gut, and a face and back full of acne and freckles. She also had a tiny body with long arms that almost went down to the knees, and long legs, both of which made it hard to wear shorts, as they always appeared too short. She had also cut her hair to a short length, which was now starting to grow back, but in a weird style: the front section went down to her chin, and the back section went down to the top of her vertebral column. She often felt self-conscious of herself, and covered herself up with hoodies and jeans.

The only support she received was from her family. Her father was a funny man, and always knew how to make Rosie smile. Her mother was pretty annoying, and Rosie's feelings toward her were a little questionable. But, other than that, her mother was very loving toward her. Her brothers were the most annoying little creatures ever seen on the face of the Earth, but they could be nice when they weren't fighting. And although she loved her family, she would isolate herself in her room, and would either listen to music, draw, or watch some of her movies. Oh, how she loved her horror movies, especially the comedic ones like "Zombieland". She also loved "Friday the 13th" and "Misery," as well as "The Shining." She also loved to draw. She had been drawing since she was little and, now that she was seventeen, they had improved. She drew with gel pen, and her sketches looked like something printed from the Internet. She drew images of girls in various scenarios, such as a girl feeling lonely while a girl next to her feels joy, or a pair of twin sisters (one kind and cheerful and dressed in pretty clothes, and the other sick and twisted and dressed in all black).

That all changed one night. When she awakened, she was in a strange place, surrounded by darkness, and puffy clouds illuminated by the bright stars surrounding them, and making them appear fuchsia in color. Off in the distance, sitting on a cloud, was a magnificent castle. It had high towers and windows aflame with orange candlelight and some having stained-glass portraits of figures in Christianity. She started walking up a cloud trail toward this castle, her eyes studying every intricate detail. Once she was up at the large double-doors, she knocked three or four times. After a moment, the doors opened, and there stood a woman.

The woman was about nineteen years old, a couple years older than Rosie, maybe twenty or so, and had crimson hair that was pulled back in a braid and neon-green eyes. But, there was something peculiar about her eyes: the pupils were slits, like those of a cat or a reptile. She also had black wings on her back, and was dressed in a black chiffon dress and black booties.

"Yes, the head mistress is expecting you. Come," the woman said, motioning for Rosie to follow with a flick of the wrist. Reluctantly, Rosie followed this woman through the hallways of the castle. The walls were decorated with paintings, such as "Mona Lisa" and "Starry Night." These were the kind of paintings she liked to look up on her computer and wished she had hanging in her room at home. The woman stopped in front of a smaller pair of double doors.

"She's in there. Just knock. She's expecting you," the woman said. Then, she spread her wings, and flew up into the darkness that was the castle's ceilings. Rosie turned back to the double doors, and knocked.

"Enter," a voice said from inside. Rosie opened the door and poked her head inside. It was an office, with a desk, bookshelves, a couple chairs, and a woman in the chair behind the desk. This woman had neon-orange hair and orange eyes with slit pupils, and was dressed in a suit. She also had black wings on her back. She smiled sweetly at Rosie.

"Please, have a seat," the woman said. Rosie closed the door behind her, and took a seat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. The woman grabbed a folder from a basket on her desk, and opened it, then looked back up at Rosie. "You're Rosalie Hardy?" Rosie nodded. "Pleased to meet you. My name is Ember, and I'm the head mistress of M.A.G.A., or the Meeting Area of Gothic Angels."

After the introduction, Ember proceeded to explain everything: how she started M.A.G.A. after being fed up with the amount of bullying on Earth, and how Gothic Angels were like regular Angels, but with darker appearances (and how it was more of being a mortal with an Angel's wings and powers, as they're able to live on Earth, and be seen by and interact with mortals as if they were mortals themselves). She also explained the traits that Gothic Angels have, such as eternal life and youth, pale and flawless skin, perfect figures, beautiful and melodious singing and speaking voices, musical talent, still being fertile but not menstruating (for girls only, of course), and being completely hairless everywhere except the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, ears, and nose. The powers they had were basically omniscience [pronounced OM-NI-SHENCE](the ability to know anything and everything), strength, immortality, and telepathy, as well as various other powers. However, she mentioned that, even with the immortality, it couldn't stop a murder attempt from killing the Gothic Angel, but that the Gothic Angel would go up to Heaven. And all Rosie had to do to become a Gothic Angel was to take a little pill. She wasted no time in accepting this, and swallowed the pill and gulped down the glass of water that Ember provided for her. After that, she felt an extreme pain in her back, her head started pounding, and there was a ringing in her ears. The skin on her back tore apart as two black wings sprouted.

When she woke up in the morning, her head still ached a little. She sat up in bed, rubbed at her temples with the tips of her forefingers, then went downstairs and took some Aspirin. She went back up to her room, going over the events of the previous night. 

That was a strange dream, she thought. Then, she saw herself in the mirror, and gasped in shock. Her light-brown hair had darkened to a dark-brunette, and her green eyes had turned white with the pupils turning to slits. Her acne was completely gone, her skin was pale, and she wasn't as curvy as she was before. 

"So, that wasn't a dream," she said to herself. Then she noticed her voice. Before, it was pretty high-pitched and kind of nasal-y. Now, it was deep and melodious. She sounded like an adult woman, which was strange, since she was only seventeen. Then, she noticed something in the mirror, and turned to look at the bedside table. It was a little folded slip of paper. She walked over, picked it up, unfolded it, and started reading it. It appeared to be a medical information document, with her name on it. It gave her age, gender, height, weight, blood type, and powers. The powers that were listed were Shape-shifting, Aquatic Respiration, Healing Factor, Night Vision, and Danger Sensing. These all sounded pretty cool.

After that day, she fully mastered the Shape-shifting, and reverted her eyes to their natural green form, but kept her hair in the dark-brunette color. She also convinced her mother and father to allow her to buy a new wardrobe, which now consisted of mostly black clothes. She also started reaching out more at school, and gained respect from most of the students, while a few others still teased her. In Advanced Performing Arts, she and another girl named Shelby, did the scene from "The Shining" where Jack threatened Wendy for the Duo Scenes, where Shelby played Wendy and Rosie played Jack. It was the most fun she had ever had, and she put a lot of effort in doing a good Jack Torrance. 

After that, on Halloween, the Drama Department of the school put on a Talent Show, and Rosie signed up for it, and sang "Don't Speak" by No Doubt, and got 1st Place. Everyone complimented her on her singing ability, stating they never knew she could sing. Everything was great...that is, until one night.

Rosie was laying in her bed, listening to her music. She was listening to the playlist she created of mainly movie soundtracks, from movies such as "Meet the Robinsons", "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium", "Tarzan", and "Let the Right One In". Along with the actual movies' soundtracks, she also had a few played by her favorite violinist, Taylor Davis. It was a quiet and peaceful night. Then, she heard something through her earphones. Rosie opened her eyes, sat up, and pulled the earphones from her ears, and listened. It sounded like someone was banging on the walls in her parents' room. Then, all went silent. She climbed out of bed and started, as quietly as she could, tip-toeing toward her door.

Before she could even grab the doorknob, the door swung open, and Rosie stumbled backwards. There was a large and burly man standing there. He was dressed in a red flannel shirt under a dark-brown jacket, jeans, and hunting boots. He had gloves on his hands, a ski mask over his head, and a bowie knife in his right hand. Rosie's eyes widened in horror. She remembered Ember telling her that the immortality wouldn't stop a murder attempt. The man approached her. Rosie's thoughts were racing through her head. She could only think of one thing to do. I'm gonna do that! I don't care! I'm going to do that! she thought. The man then forced the knife toward Rosie's stomach, and, just when the knife sliced into it at about a centimeter deep, Rosie used her wings, and forced herself back and crashed through the window, and flew up into the sky, taking nothing with her except her iPod and earphones.

After flying for a little while, Rosie landed on top of a house on the road that her mother used when leaving this town to go to the next town. She was thinking about this encounter she just experienced. She remembered this big and burly man, carrying a bowie knife, intent on killing her. Then, she realized something else that she didn't bother to look at: the man had scarlet blood splatters all over his jacket and pants. Now, for normal people, at nighttime, blood splatters would look black in the dark. But, since Rosie had the Night Vision, she could see the color for what it was: Scarlet. This revelation sent a shiver down Rosie's spine. They're dead! They're all dead! He killed them! she thought, remembering her family, who were all alive and sleeping peacefully only about thirty minutes ago. She let out a soft and sad sob, and allowed the tears to flow down her pale cheeks. All she could do was cry. There was nothing she could do for her family now.

She spread her wings again, and started flying again, following the road that lead to the next town. She had gone with her mother to the other town many times before. If she remembered correctly, there was a bridge above a wide river. She finally caught sight of it, and landed on the side of the bridge, looked to her left and right, to make sure she was unobserved, started to jump, then stopped. Her iPod and earphones would get wet, and wouldn't work anymore. She didn't want to lose her music. Then, she remembered that it was kept inside a waterproof case usually meant for iPhones. She stuffed her earphones inside, stuck the iPod into her pajama bottoms pocket, then jumped.

The water was much colder than she expected, but she pushed through the coldness, dived underwater, and started swimming away. She wasn't sure where she was going. Probably just away. She wanted to get out of this town. So, she kept swimming, underwater to stay out of sight. It was pretty cool to be able to breathe underwater. It was like being a mermaid, but with legs.

She didn't remember falling asleep, but she did, and Rosie came to, floating in the water, down the river, her face out of the water, her wings still under the surface. But, that wasn't what awakened her. What awakened her was the sound of splashing, and the feeling of two hands grabbing her arms and pulling her to the shore. When she felt soft Earth underneath her, she sat up, and retracted her wings. She heard a gasp from beside her, and turned to see who had pulled her from the water.

It was a girl, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old, with shoulder-length auburn hair that was curled and blue eyes. Her cheeks were patterned with freckles, and she had a white bow in her hair. She was dressed in a loose dark-grey off-the-shoulder top with long sleeves, red pants, dark-grey Ugg boots, and one of those fur headband-earmuffs things. This girl was just staring at her in awe, amazement, and shock.

"You're an Angel, aren't you?" she asked. Rosie was confused by this question. She wasn't an actual Angel; she was a Gothic Angel.

"Um...kinda," she said. The girl clapped her hands.

"You are an Angel! Oh, thank God. You've finally come for me!" the girl said. Rosie was even more confused by this. What was this girl talking about?

"What do you mean?" she asked. Before the girl could answer, there was a loud yell coming from the trees.

"Victoria! Get your fucking ass back in this house and finish your chores!" a shrill woman's voice screamed. The girl looked back toward the house, sighed, and looked back at Rosie. She had a sad look on her face.

"Please come back to the house with me, Miss Angel," she said, a pleading look on her face. The look on her face. It reminded Rosie of how she used to feel at school. She blew air through her lips, and looked back up at the girl.

"Okay," she said. The girl's sad expression changed to a happy one.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!" she said. "By the way, my name's Victoria. You can just call me V." Rosie smiled an amused smile. Just like the character from "V for Vendetta", she thought. 

"My name's Rosalie," Rosie said. V smiled sweetly.

"Rosary? What a pretty name for an Angel," she said. Rosie just stared at V for a moment. She said Rosalie, not Rosary. But, she just chose to let it slide. She followed V back up toward the trees, where a little house stood. Rosie immediately reverted her eyes from white to green before they entered the house. Inside was a man and a woman.

The man had a potbelly and a hunch, and had combed dark-brown hair and dark-brown eyes, and was dressed in a simple grey t-shirt and jeans. The woman had dark bags under her eyes and was a little chubby. She had curly light-brown hair and hazel eyes, and was dressed in a pink tank-top and black yoga pants. Both adults stared at Rosie.

"Victoria, who is this bitch?" the woman asked. Rosie was a little offended by this. Look who's talking, she thought. V looked back at Rosie, then back at her parents.

"This is my new friend, Rosary," she said.

"Why are you and her soaking wet?" the man asked. "Did you pull her from the river?"

"Yes, actually," V said. "She doesn't have a place to stay. Can she stay here?"

"No, that'll just be another mouth to feed," the woman said. V started to protest, but Rosie placed a hand on her shoulder, made an upward motion with her eyes, then exited the house. She snuck around the back, brought out her wings, and flew up to the second floor, and peeked into the windows, looking for which room might belong to V. Finally, she found a plain little room with a bed, a dresser, and a bedside table, along with a poster of One Direction on the wall, over the bed. She huffed in irritation. She hated One Direction, but opened the window, climbed inside, and took a seat on the bed.

It soon became apparent that V was being abused by her family, as she would come back up to the room with bruises. Despite all this, V maintained a kind and caring attitude, loaning Rosie an outfit of hers: a white tank-top, black skinny jeans, a black jacket, and a pair of black sneakers. But sometimes, V's parents would leave the house once a week, and V and Rosie would get to play. She would sing for V, using the little electronic keyboard and ukulele that V had to play the music for the songs she sung. It was fun for Rosie; V was the best friend she ever had. She would have to hide when V's mother came up to see who she was talking to. That was easy with the Shape-shifting ability, as she could transform into a fly, and hide under V's bed. Aside from singing, Rosie and V would play hide-and-seek, tag, and would climb the trees. When it was time to sleep, V had snuck a wooden crate from the basement, and filled it with a pillow and blankets, and Rosie would transform into a little puppy and sleep there.

In the middle of the night after a day of fun, Rosie sensed something was wrong. She got out of the little crate and morphed into her Gothic Angel form. In the dark, she could see that V was not in her bed. She crept toward the door, and silently opened it and peeked out. Out of nowhere, a cloth was pushed onto her face, and it had a strange smell. Then, she felt drowsy, and fell unconscious to the floor.

The next time she woke up, she was in a dark room. She could see boxes, dust bunnies, and trash. I must be in the basement, she thought. She tried to move, but couldn't. She tried to speak, but couldn't. She looked down at herself. She was tied to a chair, her legs tied to the legs, and she had a gag tied in her mouth. She struggled as hard as she could, but to no avail. Okay, this is not a big deal. If I can move my arms up behind the chair, I can find the knot an untie myself, she thought. She started maneuvering her arms under the rope to the back of the chair, and started searching for the knot.

Before she found it, a door from above opened, and the man and woman came down. The man was covered in scarlet blood. And, from the smell of it, it was fresh, as if he had just killed someone recently. He had a kitchen knife in his hand, which also had blood on it. Then, she remembered V. Could he have possibly killed V? She knew of abusive parents, but didn't think of them actually killing their children. The two of them stood before her. Rosie tried to speak, but the gag was in the way.

"What's that, love? You should speak up," the woman said. She nodded at the man, and he moved the knife under the rope that held the gag in place, and cut it. Rosie spit the gag out, and spit a little.

"Okay, first of all, you really had to use a dusting rag?" Rosie asked. "And, second, where's V?" The man just chuckled a sinister chuckle.

"She's upstairs resting. We had a very serious conversation, but we've worked things out now," he said. The woman giggled along with him. Rosie could read their minds, and could vividly see the man beating and stabbing V, and gasped in horror.

"You are sick and twisted people," she said, having found the knot, and started trying to untie it. "I hope you rot in hell, you bastards!"

"Hmph. Well, we aren't the one's who are gonna die right now," the man said. "Here's what's gonna go down right now. I'm gonna make a little incision right under your chin, then sever the ligaments in your arms and legs, then remove your heart and kidneys." These people were going to butcher her. She pulled one last time at the knot, and it came undone. The man moved his knife toward Rosie's neck as she loosened the rope that kept her tied to the chair, then spit right in the man's eye. He shot back in pain, holding a hand over his eye. Rosie loosened the rest of the rope from around her, then stood up and, using her full strength, broke the legs of the chair that her legs were tied to.

"Oh, you're dead, you little beast!" the man said, and charged at Rosie. In that moment, Rosie felt a rush of adrenaline, and a rage boiled in her blood. These people had murdered an innocent young girl, and were now attempting to do the same thing again. She felt something snap, and heard a buzzing sound inside her head. She quickly dodged the man's attack, then threw a hard kick in his side, hard enough that she hard something snap, and he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Anthony!" the woman screamed in horror, then glared angrily at Rosie and charged, arms outstretched in front of her in a strangulation position. Rosie pile-drived the woman to the ground, and laid punch after punch on her face, watching the scarlet blood drip down her face. Just watching it drip down made her feel pleasure. She laughed at this sight. She got up, and started stomping the woman's face and chest until she was still.

"Amber!" the man screamed in horror. Rosie turned back to the man, a crazy grin on her face, and her eyes open wide. She giggled sinisterly at this man.

"Oh, you're still alive," she said. "I'll have to do something about this." Rosie grinned down at this man, a grin showing her teeth, which then morphed and sharpened into the teeth that dogs would have, but much sharper. The man stared at her in absolute terror.

"You're a monster," he said. He tried to get up, but Rosie stomped down on his knees, breaking them. The man screamed, and Rosie just laughed, then dropped down to her hands and knees, right over him, and bit right into the man's throat. She could taste his blood as she bit harder and harder. It tasted salty and metallic, but she relished the taste. She started pulling, and he started screaming louder until she tore out his throat, esophagus, larynx, and trachea included. Blood squirted out of the man's neck, squirted onto Rosie, into her face, onto her shirt, and all over her pants. It was like a little fountain. She giggled, licking at the blood that dripped from her lips and down her chin. She let out a sick cackle, then ran up the stairs and out of the basement.

She looked around, and found V lying on the floor next to the kitchen table, bloodied and bruised. She was gasping for air. Rosie's eyes widened in horror and her grin disappeared. She ran up to her friend, and knelt down next to her. 

"V," Rosie whispered. V opened her eyes weakly, and looked up at Rosie, studied her for a moment, then smiled weakly.

"Rosary...d-did you...k-kill them...?" she asked. Rosary looked back at the basement door, then back down at V, who was starting to fade.

"I think I did," she said, a hint of a smile creeping onto her face, and she managed a little giggle. To her surprise, V giggled too.

"Th-thank you...Rosary. Y-you" she said, and breathed her last breath. Rosie stared down at her friend's lifeless body, then smiled crazily, and giggled.

"No problem, buddy," she said. She continued to laugh, then walked back upstairs to get her iPod. It was time to go. She would fly off to another place to hide out. Once she got to V's room, she looked around. Now, where did I leave it, she wondered. She looked in the little crate. Not there. She looked in the dresser. Not there. She looked under V's pillow. Not there. Then, she looked in the pocket of her old pajama bottoms. Aha! Success! she thought. She put it into her jacket pocket, then exited the room.

To her surprise, there was the woman, bloodied and weak, standing there, pouring a tank of gasoline on the floor, then splashed some on Rosie. Rosie glared at this woman.

"And what do you think you're doing?" she asked. The woman smiled, and pulled out a match, lit it, and dropped it.

"If I die, then you're coming with me," she said as the flames started spreading. They sprouted up very quickly, and made contact with Rosie. She quickly went up in flames, and screamed loudly. She could feel the flames charring her skin. Some of the gasoline had splashed into her eyes, and the flames burned terribly there. Then charged at the woman, clawing into her chest, and tore it open. She peeked through the giant tear she made, laughed and smiled, and screamed "HERE'S JOHNNY!", imitating the iconic scene from "The Shining". Then, she started feeling the intense pain of the flames, ran toward the window, and jumped through. She didn't even attempt to fly, she just dropped to the ground, on fire, and crawled forward on all fours, as fast as she could go, and dove into the water.

Elisa was home alone, once again. Her mother worked until six-thirty and her father had to teach soccer practice. She didn't see it as a bad thing; she was free from her bitching, nagging parents. She could do whatever she wanted. She got her cellphone, and called her boyfriend, Stoney, and told him to come over. After that, she went to the bathroom to check how she looked. Her hair was in the perfect combination of pink, green, blue, and orange; the perfect color combination, with one side in a ponytail and the other was buzzed short. She was wearing a black tank-top with white skulls on the front, while the back was all black lace, grey skinny jeans with tears in the thighs, knees, and shins, and black combat boots. She looked great.

She decided to bum a smoke before Stoney got there, which would be about four minutes. She lit up the cigarette, and started smoking. This was the perfect way to relax.

Out of nowhere, she heard music. It sounded as though it was being played on the piano. She instantly recognized it: it was the tune for "Chandelier" by Sia, her most favorite song of all time. Then, the singing started, and it was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. It was like the music was calling her name. She put the cigarette in the ashtray and followed the music upstairs. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing. She followed the music to the music room, where her mother kept the piano they had inherited from her dead grandmother. Elisa opened the door and walked inside.

There was a girl sitting at the piano, playing the music and singing. She appeared to be about seventeen or eighteen, and had dark-brunette hair, pale skin, and was dressed in a black dress with sleeves that flared from the forearms down, black tights, and a pair of black boots with six pairs of gold buttons that went from the top of the boots to the top of the feet. There was also what looked like a black fedora, but with a larger brim. This girl also had black wings that glistened in the light coming through the window, and gave off a kind of purplish hue. Elisa took a seat in the little wooden chair that her mother kept next to the piano.

While she was singing, the girl turned and looked at Elisa. This girl was beautiful. Her skin was free of any freckles or blemishes, and looked as smooth as porcelain. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green, in a shade that reminded Elisa of the ocean. Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She had long eyelashes that looked so soft. While she sang, she gave Elisa a sweet and loving smile. This must be my guardian angel, Elisa thought. 

Finally, the girl finished the song. She stood up from the bench, and stood there, smiling lovingly at Elisa. Elisa stared at this girl, looking at how beautiful she was.

"Who are you?" Elisa asked. The girl smiled and giggled. She didn't answer, just con tinued staring at Elisa. 

The girl then looked down so low that her chin touched her neck, and her hair covered her face. When this girl looked up again, Elisa's calm and serene look turned to a look of horror. This girl's face, changed. It changed drastically. Her eyes turned from the beautiful, sparkling green to a stark-white and her pupils changed to slits. It was dark under her eyes, from one corner of the eye to the other. It looked as though that she got burned under her eyes. Her kind and loving smile turned to that of a psychopath. It was a wide, psychotic grin, and her teeth were like that of a dog's, but much sharper. Like the teeth of a dog were replaced with larger versions of a vampire bat's.

"W-what the fuck?!" Elisa exclaimed. The girl simply stared at her, and let out a sickening and scary psychotic laugh. Elisa wanted to get up and run from the room, to run from the house and down the street. But, she couldn't. She was frozen in that spot, staring into this girl's eyes. This girl took took three steps toward Elisa, then bent down so hers and Elisa's eyes met. She leaned in close and, before she could strike, whispered: "Bad kids go to Hell."