I have had strange things happen to me in the past week. Here is some infomation and all the data added below may not be as accurate as I remember but it DID happen.

Monday 8th October 2012 - I had a test today with the words Noah and The Observer written somewhere in it.

Tuesday 9th October 2012 - I went to school and seen a sign saying 'Hospice' and the guy Noah in the test was filming with his camera just like TribeTwelve Noah does.

Before you start complaining saying "A hospice is a place someone goes to die, dumbass." I just need to tell you that I know that. I just think its strange im seeing these things in the same week when this stuff as never happened before, I have never seen that Hospice sign so... tell me what you think in the comments below. Its quite strange as I have hardly heard the name Noah. Ive only heard it as the Bible Noah and TribeTwelve Noah. I just thought this was werid to see.

Peace out.