aka Mike

  • I live in The castle down the way
  • My occupation is One Badass Dude
  • I am Male
  • NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC


    October 7, 2012 by NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC

    Okay so I needed to see it to beleive it.

    This place.

    This castle.

    This shit is so weird and so creepy on so many MOTHERFUCKING LEVELS.

    I was wandering around, TOTALLY NO LOST THOUGH. And I saw stairs. So I walked up them. Upstairs was way nice than downstairs. All the colors were brighter, trimmed with gold. I walked around upstairs for a while, until I heard a voice. A little girls voice. "Did daddy let you in?" She asked me IN THE CREEPIEST TONE EVER. What I saw was infact a little girl. She had blonde hair, with bangs over one eye. She wore a black dress and black hat. I noticed her shadow. IF WAS FUCKING MOVING. LIKE FIRE. I shot at her, and her shadow blocked it. FUCKING BLOCKED IT. I ran untill I found the stairs, and I then, until i f…

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  • NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC


    August 5, 2012 by NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC

    This is weird.

    This isn't my profile, for i am a guy, but i'm using Rainee's old account anyway

    For the record i don't know her, infact i've never seen her before.

    See this is what happened.

    I awoke about an hour ago in this room.

    A laptop, a gun, a mask and a backpack.

    The backpack is how i found my name, the mask was a masquerade style one, and the lapto had this page (Logged out) and two word files, one that said PASSWORD, and one that said "To whom it may concern" Password had the username and password for here and To whom it may concern has a farewell "To whoever finds it" kind of message. I looked at the gun and saw no bullets missing. I'm taking the gun and taking a look around.

    I'm Mike and I always kill what i aim at.

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  • NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC

    Some crazy stuff has been happening latley, so I being the worrysome and caring person I am I want to know, is everyone accounted for? Hey are you all alive and sane?

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  • NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC

    HeY gUyS

    April 19, 2012 by NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC

    I've been sitting in this room for an ungodly amount of time. Staring at this computer and looking over my shoulder. So I ask the question... were am I? It would be nice to know... so do any of you know where I am?!

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  • NeOnRaInBoWmEtRiC

    Its only been an hour. Or at least in my time. Apperently its been a week or so since I left to go looking. I didn't find much of interest. I found more food though. Halfway through the trip my head started to hurt though. I'm obviously back though.

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