Okay, I'm kinda new here, first time making a blog post and what not, been a fan of Slender Man for awhile, anyway. So there was this kinda miniature comic con thing in Australia recently I went to, it was called Heroes and Villians, there was a cosplay competition and I decided to dress as Slender Man. So I went there, with my awesome homemade costume and a guy at a comic booth came out of his stall and asked what my character was, he didn't know anything about him, I gave him a brief description of Slendy and then he asked if he could take a photo, I agreed, he took it and went back behind the comic stall (by the way, he was selling sketches from his comic books there) So I'm wondering, is it possible there might be a Slender Man comic coming up?

Also, I'm kinda afraid Slender Man is angry at me that I impersonated him