Hello to everyone,

My name's John and I'm one of your friendly-neighbourhood Admins on the wiki. If you ever have questions or concerns about the wiki please feel free to leave a message on my wall or send me a PM in chat. If you're interested in contributing to the wiki please take a look at our wiki projects page that contains several projects that are designed to expand the information we have here on The Slender Man Wiki.

You can find the project page here.

Aside from being an admin on the wiki I'm also an avid Slenderblogger. If you're interested in taking a look at my works feel free to click one of the links below.

My Slenderblog: Sleep is for the Weak

My Second Slenderblog: We Are But Pieces

Tie-In ARG for my Slender Series: Welcome to The Black Court

P.S. If this wasn't obvious, anything I post or comment on in this wiki is clearly an OOG (Out of Game) perspective.

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