I love Slenderman and the related creatures and creepypastas, but unfortunately no wikis are quite developed to the extent that I wish they were. Slender Nation's wiki is the most developed, and even they are severely lacking info and developement, and while the individual wikis for the individual series are perfect in their developement, they are unfortunately limited to only their own series.

So I started my own.

My goal is to create a developed and advanced wiki containing as much information as possible about the Mythos and their related writings. I've tried to enlist the collaboration of Slender Nation, but gave up when I made a bit of a fool of myself and turned away from their community for good.

I do have a certain bias, I am generally a surgist, but I enjoy all the series enough so that I don't believe I have any notable bias.

I never thought this place would be seeing the traffic it has, and hope that Slender Man, and this Wiki and community, live long.

I am no longer active on the wiki except for very rare occasion, so please direct any contact towards other admins.

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