HAPPYBIRTHDAY is the thirty-first video in the TribeTwelve series.


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[0:01] "11-11-11" is shown.
[0:03] The view zooms in on the first 1 in the text. The 1 turns into a candle.
[0:08] A hand holding a match lights the candle. Fade to black.
[0:17] View of a book sitting on a table. The cover reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", and the Rune of Severance is on the cover. A hand opens the book and begins to write in it using its index finger. The hand writes "DEAR NOAH," and starts moving toward the camera.
[0:43] Cut to a video of the Observer. Text on the left side of the screen reads "YOU DISAPPOINT US". The Observer wags his finger and then tilts his head downward. Fade to black.
[0:49] Fade to a video from Noah's hotel room. Noah is asleep in bed and the Observer is standing at the foot of the bed, visible in the large mirror. The text "SLEEPING ON THE JOB?" fades into view. Fade to black.
[1:00] Fade to a shot of Noah, asleep. The text "UNACCEPTABLE" appears. The Observer begins rubbing his hand on Noah's cheek. Fade to black.
[1:09] Fade to a shot of the elevator in the hotel, presumably from the events of Halloween Hotel. The text "WE FIND YOUR LACK OF OBEDIENCE" appears. The elevator door opens and Noah runs out with his camera, turning the corner in the hallway. Noah passes through the text, which changes to "DEPLORABLE". Fade to black.
[1:18] Fade to a shot of a hallway in the hotel. The Observer is walking slowly down the hallway. The text "SO WE SHALL EMPHASIZE OUR DISAPPOINTMENT" fades into view. Fade to black.
[1:26] The text "BY TAKING YOU AGAIN" fades into view.
[1:29] Cut to a video from Noah's camera in the hotel's hallway. He appears to be on the floor, moving backwards. Fade to black.
[1:34] The text "FOR REEDUCATION AND CONDITIONING" appears. White rings occasionally pass around the text.

[1:38] Footage of an eye is shown. Fade to black.
[1:41] The text "CAN YOU NOT SEE?" appears.
[1:43] Fade to more footage of an eye. The pupil of the eye becomes a skull. Fade to black.
[1:45] The text "RUNNING ONLY WHETS OUR APPETITES" appears.
[1:48] Fade to footage of Noah running down the hallway. It appears to be from the part of Halloween Hotel where Noah sees the Observer and enters the small room with the vending machines. Fade to black.
[1:52] The text "THOSE BOYS CANNOT HELP YOU" appears.
[1:55] Footage of some people running up some stairs. Fade to white.
[2:01] Footage of Karl with a white background. The text "NEITHER CAN THE OLD MAN" appears. Karl shakes his head. Fade to white.
[2:05] Shot of Karl's journal. The text "BUT HE HAS THE JOURNAL WE SEEK" appears. Fade to black.

[2:13] Footage from inside Noah's house. Fade to black.
[2:16] The text "IT CONTAINS FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE" appears.
[2:19] Footage of several Nazi officers speaking to each other. Fade to black.
[2:23] Footage of a Nazi rally. Fade to black.
[2:28] More footage of a Nazi rally. Fade to black.
[2:31] Another shot of the journal. The text "BUT IT IS UNTOUCHABLE" appears.
A white hand reaches for the journal and then quickly pulls away. Fade to black.
[2:35] Footage from outside Karl's house. The camera points toward the entrance. The text "YOU MUST OBTAIN IT FOR US" appears. Fade to white.
[2:41] The text "OR WE WILL REMIND YOU HARDER" appears.
[2:44] Fade to footage of the Collective. The camera pans from right to left. From right to left is Deadhead, Persolus, Firebrand, Slender Man, the Observer, Swain, Cursor, and Mr. Scars . Fade to black.
[2:56] Shot of Milo standing on the boardwalk. The text "AS FOR THE BOARDWALK" appears. Fade to black.
[3:00] The text "HERE IS SOME INCENTIVE" appears.
[3:02] Footage of someone walking along the boardwalk. The text "WHEN YOU GO" appears.
[3:09] Fade to the footage of the Observer walking down the hotel hallway. He is closer to the camera. The text "I WILL REVEAL MYSELF" appears. Fade to black.
[3:13] The text "AT DUSK" appears.
[3:15] Video of what appears to be the moon reflected in the water.
[3:18] The text "YOU MAY EVEN SEE AN OLD FRIEND" appears.
[3:20] What appears to be Milo's face is smashed into pieces. Fade to black.
[3:23] Footage of a clenched fist. The text "SAY HELLO FOR ME" appears. The fist unclenches and the hand spreads its fingers. Each finger has tentacles on it, and an eyeball appears on the hand's palm. (The hand seems to match up with Firebrand's hands on the picture posted on Noah's twitter by the Observer.)
[3:29] Fade to the footage of the Observer in the hotel hallway. The text "UNTIL THEN" appears. He crouches and picks up the camera. As he is standing up, the camera moves up with him. When it is about to show his face, footage of an eye appears.
[3:39] Footage of what appears to be a beating heart.
[3:41] Footage of a meat grinder. Someone appears to be standing in the background.
[3:45] The Rune of Severance on a cake appears, surrounded by 13 lit birthday candles. The text "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" appears. The candles appear to be blown out and the video fades out.
[3:50] Footage of what appears to be someone mashing the cake with their hands.
[3:55] Footage of a burning house. Firefighters can be seen. Someone appears to be staring at the fire. The text "ENJOY IT WELL" appears. Fade to black.
[4:01] Footage of Noah's face appears, with the text "FOR IT IS". Noah's face becomes alarmed, and the text "YOUR LAST" fades into view. Tentacles cover Noah's face. Fade to black.
[4:08] A lit candle appears, with the text "BLOW OUT". The candle is blown out and the text "THE CANDLES" appears.
[4:13] The text "SAY GOODBYE" appears.
[4:15] Fade to a shot of Deadhead, a man with a skull mask. The text "DEADHEAD" is above his head.
[4:17] A loud noise is played. Deadhead's eyes appear to light on fire. The camera zooms in on Deadhead's mask's mouth, where the text "Auf Wiedersehen" ("Goodbye" in German) appears.


  • The background audio is "Talking In Your Sleep" by The Romantics, reversed and slowed down.

When you close your eyes and go to sleep
and it's down to the sound of a heartbeat
i can hear the things that you're dreaming about
when you open up your heart
and the truth comes out
you tell me that you want me
you tell me that you need me
you tell me that you love me
and i know that i'm right
'cause i hear it in the night
I hear the secrets that you keep
when you're talking in your sleep
When i hold you in my arms at night
don't you know you're sleeping in the spotlight
and all your dreams that you keep inside
you're telling me the secrets
that you just can't hide
When you close your eyes and you fall asleep
everything about you is a mystery

  • This video was uploaded after the Observer's second kidnapping of Noah, on 11/11/11, Noah's birthday.
  • Many of the details in this video were explained on Noah's Formspring when it was hijacked by the Observer.


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