Case Findings

Case Findings

Case Findings is the forty-fourth video in the TribeTwelve series.


This is what I was able to find out about the briefcase's contents. I'm compiling what I was able to recover from the tape now and posting it on friday, it's some heavy shit.


Noah: One hundred thousand dollars. That is just shy of one hundred thousand dollars. You may think that I'd be happy about this. But I'm not because I'm now the owner of mystery money, potentially stolen money. I don't know where this money came from. It could have come from anywhere, since Milo is most certainly Mr. Scars and he's somehow alive now too, which is news to me. Maybe he stole this money from somewhere? A bank? A safe? Hell this might even be Mary's money. I don't even know if this money is real or not. It could be a damn good counterfeit. And I would take a bill or two down to the bank. You know so they can like check out if this money is real or not? But I don't know if somebody is tracking this money. Maybe they're tracing the fucking serial numbers? I could be in big trouble for owning this money. Sure I'm sitting on 100K, but what's the use if I could get into serious trouble for even having it. I know I gotta trust Firebrand here, but this may be detrimental to me. However, there's been some distressing news coming to light recently. A short time after I posted my last video I got a call from Chris from Dark Harvest. He tells me that his parents are dead, Alex's too... Murdered by The Order.

[Clip from TribeTwelve: The Order is shown]

Noah: He told me he's on the run now and he asked me for a thousand dollars. And at first I didnt believe him because hey I just chance upon a hundred thousand dollars someone's gonna come wanting a piece, but then he starts posting videos showing proof, showing that he wasn't lying. And his friends have gone through a very terrible, traumatic experience and I feel absolutely awful for them so to help them out and to make amends you know for what happened between us a year ago I'm sending him 2000 dollars.

[Clip from TribeTwelve: Our Meet-Up is shown]

Noah: I really fucked up when I met the order. I said their names. They have every right to be angry with me for that. Their parent's deaths are on my conscience too. I know it's not a good idea to give out any of this money, but it's the right thing to do. You might think it's crazy, but I still consider them friends, even after what happened. We can relate to each other. I told them to spend it sparingly, wisely, since it might be fake or being traced or something. If the money is claimed sometime in the future, once I get a job, a solid paying job I'm willing to work hard to pay off that lent money if I have to.

[Noah picks up Rubik's Cube]

Noah: Now onto the other item in this case. Um... I got this weird Sudoku Rubik’s Cube at a science fair back in grade school.

[Camera focuses on Rubik's Cube]

Noah: The more I tried to solve it, the more it seemed impossible and in the end I just couldn't solve the damn thing. I threw it against the wall so many times in frustration that it began to have trouble turning and eventually all opted out of position so I gave up on it and over the years it collected dust in my closet.

[Clip from TribeTwelve: Submission #1 is shown]

Noah: Until Milo came, he started to mess around with it, and he ended up asking if he could take it home with him to see if he could fix it for me. I said sure and I gave it to him. And now it comes back to me, fixed, not solved, but fixed.

[Camera focuses on message]

Noah: This message is really confusing. I can't tell if he's alive or not. And look at this, by the time you receive this I'll surely be dead. I think you'll be able to figure it out in the end. I trust you. At least he has confidence in me.

[Camera focuses on journal]

Noah: This is Milo's journal. He had it when he visited me in L.A. and uh I remember him having it with him most times when I saw him.

[Clip from TribeTwelve: Submission #5 is shown]

Noah: I never got to see what he wrote in it. Whenever I asked he always said vague things like observations or personal notes. He didn't like to talk about it. It was one of his things, he'd always change the subject when I brought this up. He never let me see what was inside, and you know it makes sense it's a personal diary, but now he's giving it to me and I'm pretty sure he wants me to read what's inside of it because it probably important shit that I don't know of yet. The problem is, it's locked. Now I'm not good at picking locks and I was really considering just getting like a hedge clipper and trying to cut through the metal binding on the side

[Camera focuses on journal and Noah removes paper fortune #1]

Noah: but then I find this little slip of paper sticking out of the side of the journal. It's a fortune, find the key learn the lesson, that stopped me. There was something I was missing.

[Camera focuses on shoes]

Noah: Milo asked for a pair of shoes before he left. He needed work shoes. I gave him a pair of my old loafers, noting that there were hidden frames at the end of Deus Ex Machina.

[Image of hidden frame from TribeTwelve: DEUS EX MACHINA is shown]

Noah: I checked all my shoes, found nothing.

[Camera focuses on shoes]

Noah: I looked at the bottom of these shoes and I notice there's holes in the heels from the wear. In the left shoe there's this.

[Holds up paper fortune #2]

Noah: And in the right, a key.

[Noah removes a key attached to a strap from the shoe]

Noah: So as you might expect I tried the key in the lock and it doesn't open.

[Noah attempts to use the key on the lock, but it fails to open] Noah: I know I was suppose to find this key. It has to be for this lock. It's the same size, and... and the fucking strap that it's on is the same material that the book is made out of. Because it doesn't work, I get this uneasy feeling in my gut like maybe I shouldn't cut this open, like maybe I'm hesitant to break this lock. I just get really bad vibes from these supernatural people and I mean the hints to make me look into the soles, find the key, learn the lesson... I found this on purpose. Well why doesn't it work? I'm missing something I know it. I've been trying to figure it out for weeks now. I'll get it. I'll figure it out.

[Camera focuses on tape and reveals paper fortune #3]

Noah: Finally, we have the tape. I was only able to get a handful of clips salvaged from it. The majority of it is either blank or too damaged. I'm putting everything I managed to get off the tape together now and I'll be uploading it this Friday. It's... It's pretty eye opening.

[Hidden image appears at end of footage depicting a man standing in an archway with the words “Answers are coming” written below]


  • In the last frame of the video, an image of a man standing in an archway appears with the message "Answers are coming". Based on a tweet he received from Firebrand which also stated that answers were coming, it is likely that the man in the image is Firebrand as well.
  • Fortune #1 reads: Find the key, learn the lesson. Lucky numbers 42, 23, 16, 15, 8, 4
  • Fortune #2 reads: Be cautious while walking in darkness alone. Lucky numbers 28, 33, 41, 29, 5, 8
  • Fortune #3 reads: If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. Lucky numbers 42, 23, 32, 18, 12, 9


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