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The Rune Of Severance that The Observer and members of The Collective use in general. Also the unofficial symbol of TribeTwelve.

First Video Posted

June 4, 2010


6 Submissions, 6 Hacked Videos, and 35 unnumbered episodes.




Adam Rosner


Adam Rosner, Josh Steelman, Rikki Dorian Audax

Tribe Twelve (TT) was a Slender Man-based ARG/vlog. Behind MarbleHornets, it is considered the second most popular of the current Slender Man ARGs and second of the Big Three. TribeTwelve is thirdly responsible for shaping the mythos of Slender Man, and chiefly responsible for shaping the modern mythos of proxies and The Collective, of which it uses the most of any series. TribeTwelve depicts the escapades of Noah Maxwell, a college-age resident of a well-to-do Florida community, as he is ruthlessly hounded and stalked by Slender Man and by an extremely cruel and sadistic proxy/Collective member known as the Observer

It is known for its heavy use of special effects, allowing, among other things, Slender Man sometimes to be shown with waving tentacled limbs. Despite being a popular series, some viewers have criticized the acting skills of a few characters.

Due to real life events and issues that have involved the creator, director and main protagonist of the series, Adam Rosner, it has been noted on the official TribeTwelve Wiki, that "Facade", the most recent episode of the series, is officially the last and concluding episode of the series

Please do not discuss the controversy in the comments. If you wish to discuss the controversy, please do so here

Origin and Series Run through

Season 1

Noah Maxwell originally started the YouTube account for a school project focusing on the Twelve Tribes of Israel (hence the series' name), but the project was later cancelled. It was then re-purposed to memorialize Noah's cousin Milo Asher, who had apparently committed suicide. Noah's initial video posts, which he called "Submissions," recorded his last meeting with Milo, when Milo came to stay with Noah for a weekend two years prior. Throughout his visit; Milo acted increasingly paranoid. He sometimes ran away randomly or became scared of seemingly nothing. It wasn't until the entry "Tape Analysis" that Noah discovered the reason for his irrational behavior. In all the videos containing Milo, there was always a figure present, stalking or watching him.

During the trip to Milo's funeral, Noah stopped briefly to discuss the submissions and the appearance of Slender Man in them with his grandfather Karl Maxwell, a German-American immigrant who worked alongside the US military during WWII and who encountered and attempted to shoot Der Großmann to no effect. Karl has knowledge of the Slender Man and its workings, and appears to understand when and why it would be coming to Noah. It is revealed that Karl possesses something that prevents the Slender Man from attacking him.

After this visit, Noah is plagued by one or more people hacking his online accounts and sending him cryptic and threatening messages. A package is left at Noah's door in the middle of the night containing an unspooled video cassette, a phone, and several electronic components. Noah is contacted through the phone where an unknown voice tells him to obey. Noah finds out that a group who come to be called the Collective are watching his every move. Feeling unsafe; Noah stays away from his house for several days. Upon returning; he finds a letter stuck in the door with the words "Token" and "Obey" on it, and a message within reading "Who is more foolish, the boy that is afraid of the dark, or the man that is afraid of the light? Expecting you."

Noah manages to contact Milo's stepfather and learns that Milo's mother was behaving just as erratically as Milo, and was also seeing the Slender Man, whom she referred to as "Mr. Slim". She accused her husband of working for him, suggesting that she believed he was some kind of proxy. During a stay at his friend Sarah's house over Thanksgiving, Noah disappears in the night and awakens standing with a knife and covered in blood. He has no recollection of what had transpired.

During a bike ride into the nature trail by his home, Noah is stalked by the Slender Man, who he proceeds to try to attack. He blacks out and does not reawaken for another week. It is revealed through an interview with his parents that Noah's home burned down when he was younger, and that his babysitter at the time was institutionalized for mental problems. After the home burned, his parents claimed to see a man in a dark suit who they believed was from the FBI, but was almost certainly Slender Man.

Another message to Noah appears soon after, where it is revealed that Milo was a patient of Dr. Corenthal, a major influence of the characters and their pasts in EverymanHYBRID.

In later videos, Noah's stalker, the Observer, leaves a makeshift recording device in Noah's house, which is found to contain a recorded warning full of ominous threats, and several images and files. Around Halloween, Noah goes to stay at a hotel where he is ambushed by Slender Man, who uses a distortion of time and space to confuse Noah. He eventually escapes to his room and falls asleep, only to be carried away by an unknown entity.

The increasing pressure of The Observer's endless and aggressive stalking begins taking its toll on Noah's emotional health. Around this time, he learns that Milo's stepfather and a friend of Sarah's named Kat (who spent Thanksgiving with them) have both been killed, and that Sarah herself has been abducted by the Collective. Noah eventually receives a call from Milo's mother. She explains that she had been protecting Milo and Noah ever since they were kids, and that nobody else in the family could see "Mr. Slim". She then becomes increasingly agitated and paranoiac, and angrily demands that Noah identify someone she calls "Mr. Scars", claiming he can "end her session." Noah protests his complete ignorance of this person, and Mrs. Asher hangs up on him.

Seconds later, Noah is ambushed by Slender Man. Afterwards, he decides to go back to the hotel, where he says he will stay for weeks if need to. On the first night, 11-11-11, which is also Noah's birthday, he records himself sleeping. About halfway through the night, The Observer and the Mysterious character known as "Firebrand" ambush him and make him black out, only to dream of threatening messages. Noah awakens to find that The Observer has written in marker all over his body. The episode ends with him trying to wipe it off. In ominous tweets, The Observer hints that it would be "too easy" to "take" Noah, and that they want Noah for another purpose: to obtain whatever it is Karl possesses that protects him. In the photos below, it seems Noah has someone trying to help.

In the following video, Mary Asher's Phone Call, Noah contacts Mary Asher via her cellphone where she vaguely explains more upon the situation of Noah, The Observer, and Slender Man. Before Noah can learn anything of value, she hangs up and bids him to avoid her. Noah then senses someone else is in the house and does a small search before finding Slender Man standing in his hallway. In a fit of anger in order to prevent his fear, he shouts at Slender Man before shooting him several times with a handgun. Slender Man is unaffected, and teleports in front of Noah, sprouting tentacles from his sides. Noah, in a fit of utter fear, runs out of his house and drives to the hotel in the video 11-11-11. Because of the time traveling Noah is forced to endure, the videos are chronologically out of order.

On 11-11-12, Noah began a livestream video so that his death would be recorded. At approximately 7:30 pm, Noah began several hours of voicing his willingness to die, having had an entire bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and starting a bottle of Jim Bean. At 11:11 pm, Noah was furious to discover nothing had happened, and demanded The Observer to assimilate him. Using the TribeTwelve twitter, Firebrand told Noah that he was keeping The Observer from taking him. Near midnight, Noah was stunned to see himself from a few minutes into the future standing in front of himself, and the current Noah yelled "You're not real!" several times before being time-warped to "the device", where he began to bang on his door, just like the banging in the first. When the past Noah opens the door, the present Noah is already gone, leaving behind nothing more than the rubber ball, having it "delivered". He is then warped to the hotel in 11-11-11, where he opens the hotel room door and reveals that he was the man Noah saw and said "It can't be." Noah watched as Slender Man appeared from the floor and dragged the 11-11-11 Noah away. Noah was then time warped back into his own room, where he was now the Noah watching himself from a few minutes ago yell, "You're not real!" and watch himself time warp in an infinite loop, but with the appearance of Firebrand, suggesting that Firebrand is simply Noah from a separate dimension of time. The current Noah, having now experienced the loop, went back to his computer, bid goodnight to his fans, and uploaded the video INTERCEPTION as well as the footage of the livestream.

INTERCEPTION revealed that The Observer was going to assimilate Noah; however, Firebrand intercepted the session and revealed to Noah that Karl Maxwell's journal belonged to Sebastian Kraus, a victim of Deadhead, and that it contained a blade or knife which has some strange properties. He also revealed that Mary Asher was in possession of a safe which contained other important items. Firebrand instructed Noah never to let the items fall into The Observer's hands, and to never lose hope. The Observer interrupted Firebrands session and promised Noah he would continue to torment him until the demands were met, and that the only thing worse than knowing when you die is not knowing.

After the livestream however, Noah uploaded a message to the Observer after Sarah's Twitter was hacked for the last time, telling him that he's planning to win the game, and to send his keeper his regards; along with this, he posted a picture to the observer of him smiling mockingly while flipping him off.

Crossover with EverymanHYBRID

Noah appears in an entry of the EverymanHYBRID ARG entitled, "Noah". He arranges to meet with the EMH crew after receiving a strange envelope from a familiar EMH entity. After arriving at a train station, he is picked up by the EMH crew. They discuss the nature of the envelope and its connection to Milo and Dr. Corenthal.

Crossover with DarkHarvest00

Noah Maxwell of the discovered that the woman he has been searching for was a member of the precursor to The Order (The Novus Ordo Europa) in DarkHarvest00. Noah proceeds to contact Daniel and set up a meeting with Chris and Alex. The Observer, or possibly one of his counterparts, followed and watched the Noah's activities. Reluctantly and suspiciously, Chris and Alex make a deal with Noah that they would take him to the woods and give him an interview with The Order as long as he does not mention their names.

Noah travels into the woods and interviews a lone member of the cult while many masked members stay hidden inside the forest. It is revealed that The Order does not have any significant information as to the origin or goals of the Slender Man, and they hope that Noah has the answers. When Noah reveals he knows nothing, Slender Man appears before them and the cult members drop down on their knees in worship. One member throws himself in front of Slender Man and pleads that he take him to the "Fourth World", where Slender Man apparently originates. The lone worshiper vanishes, with only his clothes remaining, and Slender Man begins to slaughter the fleeing cult members while Noah runs in a panic.

Having grown worried and impatient, Alex begins to walk into the woods after Noah, but does not get far before Noah comes running along with the panicked cult members. Noah and Alex jump into the car, and the DarkHarvest00 crew begin to interrogate Noah when their car shuts off and no longer responds. Slender Man appears in front of the truck, and tosses the dead, mangled body of a cult member onto the windshield before transporting them to an unknown beach at an unknown time, where Chris and Alex abandon Noah in a fit of rage after learning that Noah revealed their names to The Order by accident. Noah calls Daniel, who picks him up and reveals that three days had passed in the teleportation. Noah, glad to be alive and slightly in shock, does his best to laugh off the fear and goes to get ice cream with Daniel. The two parties exchanged their apologies over Twitter, but decided against another crossover.

Season 2

Season 2 began June 4th, with the release of the video, DEUS EX MACHINA as a message from Firebrand, confirming his alliance with Noah. Firebrand states that he will be sending Noah a locked box. Noah reaches out to his Twitter followers to help him figure out the combination of the lock before it arrives.

The second video, Obituary reveals and explains the death of Mary Asher, and reveals her to be Cursor. At the end of the video, the locked briefcase is dropped by on Noah's door.

The third video is called Extraordinary Circumstances. In the video, Noah opens the briefcase with the date of his first video. Inside of it, he finds several of Milo's belongings. These include his shoes, inside of which he finds a mini DV tape with the symbol that The Collective use on it. He also finds Milo's journal, a letter from him to Noah and his Rubik's cube. Hidden behind a black sheet of paper used as a false backing, Noah finds several stacks of hundred dollar bills. After he shows them on camera, Firebrand appears in the doorway and says "It wasn't easy, but you can thank me later" after which he disappears.

Later, Noah makes a video examining the contents of the case, and reveals that the money added up to $100,000. He also reveals that Chris from DarkHarvest00 asked for money to help survive after his and Alex's parents were killed by the Order. Noah states that he was hesitant, due to his doubts about the origin of the money, but eventually sent him $2,000. Noah reveals that he had managed to get some footage off the tape, and called it "eye-opening".

The fifth video, Milo's Tape, is comprised of the footage from the tape in the briefcase. It reveals the identity of Mr. Scars and events prior to Noah's acquisition of the briefcase.

In Severance, Noah is teleported to New Jersey and encounters HABIT, who is still using Evan's body. HABIT reveals several important bits of information, which include facts about the journal, the collective symbol and tells Noah that the symbol is a rune that represents "Severance". He also hints that the rune may provide a possible means of harming Slender Man.

The next video, Bridge to Nowhere, is a direct continuation of Severance. It depicts Noah being teleported to the Candleverse, a realm belonging to HABIT. Noah has another encounter with HABIT before being sent back to his house.

Almost a year later, Fortunes is uploaded, depicting Noah in a hungover, insane state talking about what's happened in his absence.

About another year later, "DEATHTRAPEXODUS" is uploaded by The Observer. It shows Firebrand congratulating Noah and giving him more information, before The Observer suddenly hijacks the video and mocks Noah.

In the beginning of 2016, Crawlspace is upload by Noah. It depicts Noah trying to open/destroy Milo's journal several times with him breaking down into tears before he can complete the task. This is explained in the video by the journal manipulating Noah. He then experiences the phenomena known as 'Crawlspace', which is an event where Noah goes under his desk and the journal teleports him to the Boardwalk. This happens multiple times when he is supposedly controlled by the talking journal.

A few more months pass, and on July 4th, Noah uploads "Pitfall", continuing from where "Crawlspace" left off. Noah enters a distorted version of the boardwalk, being transported through Victor Park and around the observation tower. Noah encounters the Observer, and after being mocked by him, Noah chases him along an infinite loop of stairs, soon becoming exhausted. From the top of the tower, Noah sees Milo's journal lying below, and as he attempts to climb off the edge of the tower to reach it, he is pushed by the Observer, falling a noticeably longer distance than expected before landing hard on the boardwalk. As he coughs up blood, Noah is helped by what appears to be Kevin, who takes him to a hospital. Before he can be treated, Noah tries to follow Kevin out the hospital, only to be transported back to the boardwalk, where he collapses.

Meanwhile, a user on the TribeTwelve subreddit by the name of Scriniarii makes a few posts on the forum referring to an "archive" and calling the subreddit's users "the sensum". In addition, he appears on the TribeTwelve Discord server, sending cryptic private messages to some of the messaging client's users. Redditors begin to complain and accuse Scriniarii of gamejacking: carrying TribeTwelve's message beyond the source material. The moderators decide to address the issue, kicking Scriniarii from the Discord server and preventing him from making additional posts on the subreddit. A few of his posts are also hidden or deleted.

The second page of the Manifest, presented to those who had decoded the first part of the SCRINIARII Code. After a few more months of silence on Noah's end, Firebrand posts a video titled "SCRINIARII". He reveals that Scriniarii is, in fact, an actual entity in the TribeTwelve narrative. He chides TribeTwelve's followers for their harsh treatment of Scriniarii and urges them to regroup and focus on carrying out Scriniarii's goals, telling them to "find the archive". After this video, a small-scale ARG starts, referred to by the userbase as the SCRINIARII Code. After following a series of clues, the users are rewarded with the second page of the East Coast Assembly Manifest (the first page of which was already shown in "The Manifest"). This second page shows information regarding Henka Visæ, a notable member of the Order who was instrumental in getting Mary Asher to join the cult. Visæ is revealed to be a 70 year old man (in 1985, at the time of the Manifest's creation) with a hunchback from Hamburg, Germany. No other information, however, is apparent. On the evening of October 7th, Scriniarii returns to the TribeTwelve Discord page, and posts: "In 7 days I will return. You may ask one question at that time. Prepare your inquiry." He then leaves the Discord users to decide which question to ask, as well as which user to appoint as a "delegate" to ask the question.

After a week passes, Scriniarii returns. He is presented with the question, "What info can you give us that Noah does not yet know, but needs to?" He responds by saying: "All of it. In fact I was thinking that you might have asked me about the boat captain or the nazi journal but apparently you like getting information from puzzles and games rather than directly asking for them. I guess I'll hide some more. I'll soon return with your next task." He then leaves the Discord once more.

The next day, he posts two nearly identical full-color images of Sebastian's journal: one to Reddit and one as a direct message to Combinia, the delegate chosen by the Discord. Between the two images, he leaves a message in their code, clarifying the users' role as "sensum", to create an archive and maintain it in order to prevent the Collective from creating paradoxes. A complete timeline of the events of TribeTwelve, from 1944 to the present, is created and posted to the subreddit in response, to which Scriniarii offers his thanks.

On November 11th, Noah's 25th birthday, Noah posts on twitter that he'll begin archiving Milo's journal on a blogspot page. The page features a Severance symbol with a description that says the symbol protects the page from "those who intend to tamper with or destroy this information," proving that Noah now knows how to properly use Severance. The first post, titled "whispers", begins by summarizing what has happened to Noah thus far in the story. Noah then explains his knowledge of Severance, saying:

"it can do more than just sever ties with something. it is a reality hacking tool that can serve as a gateway portkey as well as a kind of super spyglass if one so wishes, but most importantly its objective can also be undone and used in reverse to bind things. by ascribing meaning into it, one can use it to lock or unlock all kinds of things in uniquely specific ways depending upon what purpose you infuse your inscription with." He summarizes the contents of the journal as well: "i learned of milo's hellish life, unearthed more about a group of madmen who lead so many astray, read of a dead father back from the grave, investigated a conman who started it all, shed light on the terrible woman that milo called mother, and logged a series of paradoxes that changed all of our lives." On the TribeTwelve subreddit, Scriniarii makes a post titled "Learn the symbol". The body text reads, "Protect the archive, protect the loop". The subreddit's users, realizing the post refers to Noah's use of Severance on his blog, post the Severance symbol to the official timeline, as well as the subreddit, as a background image. Scriniarii returns to the Discord after a few months of inactivity, where he is asked about who Henka Visæ is, to which he informs users that Henka is a Boat Captain, who had been mentioned briefly by Noah previously. Meanwhile, Scriniarii begins to look for an appropriate user to receive a device, and Discord user Maligerent is selected. She receives a package with the device soon after, and uploads various videos on it. This puzzle comes to a pause upon the next secret video being uncovered and solved, which is said to continue upon the next uploaded video.

Firebrand, over Twitter, pressures Noah into uploading the next video. Noah mentions that he had been taking antipsychotics, but could no longer afford them due to his insurance being cut. As he is going through withdrawal, Firebrand pressures him even more, until Noah finally begins to work on the next video.

On May 19th, 2017, Noah finally uploads Sisyphus. This video takes place a couple of days after the events of Pitfall, with Noah still trapped on the boardwalk. While traversing the boardwalk, Noah is chased by a giant spider and soon encounters a future version of himself. When asked how to leave the boardwalk, Future Noah suggests that Present Noah try rolling a 5 or an 8. Future Noah then drags Present Noah up the observation tower to show him various items inside a satchel, one of these items being Karl's Journal. Noah desperately tries to get his future self to hand it over, but the latter refuses, and instead hands Noah a rag and begins to eat the bloody pulp of a dead bird. Noah tries to leave, but his future self stops him and slashes his hand with a Nazi blade. Noah flees, and trips over a box containing a 100-sided die. He covers his cut hand with the rag given to him earlier, and begins trying to roll a 5 or an 8, but fails. The video ends as Future Noah laughs and as the giant spider is heard approaching. Scriniarii returns to the Discord again, and asks the users to pick an item from Future Noah's satchel. The users chose the Journal, and Scriniarii responds by posting a small piece from Milo's journal.

Activity returns a couple of months later, when an unknown entity begins posting cryptic messages on Scriniarii's Discord account and on Noah's Twitter. Noah has a conversation with the entity on his Twitter account, and comes to regret it when the entity begins talking in nothing but emojis. It is revealed the next day that this cryptic user was Future Noah, who returns to the Discord again and hosts a 30-minute livestream, where he answers questions from users



Side Characters

  • Milo Asher: Noah's cousin. First thought to have killed himself, and later thought to have been murdered. He is revealed to be alive and in the care of Firebrand. He is a Slender Man victim and was confirmed to be the proxy Mr. Scars.
  • Mary Asher: Noah's aunt, Milo's mother, Slender Man victim and member of DarkHarvest00 Cult "The Order". She is also a proxy by the name of Cursor from The Collective
  • Karl Maxwell: Noah's grandfather, WWII veteran and Slender Man contactee.
  • Sarah: Friend Noah stays with over Thanksgiving. Later was killed by the Collective.
  • Kat: Friend of Sarah, who was killed by Noah under Slender Man's influence.
  • Kevin: Friend of Noah. Revealed to be the vessel of The Observer.
  • Edward: Friend of Noah, who helps him analyze The Device left by The Observer
  • Firebrand: A Former Collective Member who betrayed the Collective and protects Noah. His motives are unknown but he seem's he's trying to help Noah. He is revealed to be an alternate Noah Maxwell in "The Live Stream Incident". Now he is a "Rogue God" as he refers to himself.
  • Scriniarii: Ally of Firebrand who has been helping out the TribeTwelve Discord users by giving them important information.
  • Future Noah Maxwell: Supposedly Noah from the future, seems to be allies with Scriniarii and Firebrand.


  • The Administrator AKA The Slender Man stalks Noah with unknown motives. Also known as Der Großmann, Mr. Slim, Keeper, and Stick-In-The-Mud.
  • The Collective: A hivemind-like collection of proxies that work for Slender Man. Although they are controlled by The Slender Man most actions involving them has been orchestrated by The Observer.
  • The Observer: The series' main Proxy/Collective Member and principal antagonist. He is very sadistic, and was stop by Firebrand from assimilating Noah into The Collective.

Crossover Characters


Video Entries


TribeTwelve takes influence from MarbleHornets through the use of video and audio distortion around Slender Man and various entities and objects related to the Slender Man. It also makes use of some characters and canon from EverymanHYBRID and DarkHarvest00. The creators of the two series are close and have met on multiple occasions. The series also occasionally makes use of the the Operator symbol from MarbleHornets, and the purple tape from EMH.


  • Asher, the last name of Noah's cousin Milo and his mother Mary, was one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel: the original reason for creating the channel was a research project on them.
  • The symbol from TribeTwelve is strikingly similar to a symbol from The Chzo Mythos, an amateur game franchise featuring an antagonist believed to have inspired Victor Surge when creating Slender Man.