totheark is a YouTube Channel, which commonly responds to the videos created by MarbleHornets. The videos in Totheark's channel are dark, cryptic, and disturbing, and some feature a figure that may be the Operator.

According to the series creators, the actual identity of ToTheArk is uncertain, and could be multiple individuals. Jay has noted this on Twitter, once writing "the totheark videos are so inconsistent. It's like they're being made by different people."

A popular theory for a long time was that totheark is Alex, as ARK can stand for Alex R Kralie. That theory was proven wrong however, since Jay revealed that Alex's middle name does not begin with an R.

Based on the name, it is apparent that whoever totheark is is looking for the Ark. Why and how is not stated, but the name implies a search for it.

Origin and History

The channel was created on July 22, 2009, almost a month after MarbleHornets was created. Founded by an unknown entity (commonly guessed to be Hoody and/or Masky), they respond to the Marble Hornets videos, their first being a response to Entry #9.

totheark has hacked the Marble Hornets account twice, with Entry #### and enttry #37.

A full list of videos can be found here

The channel can be found here.

Out-of-Game Information

Another YouTube channel, known as TTADecoded, worked on deciphering the videos. This channel can be found here.


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