This page serves as a list of Tim's appearances in both the Marble Hornets web and comic series.

Marble Hornets

Entry 9


Tim's First Appearance

Entry #9 is Tim's first appearance, making an appearance as a character talking to Sarah. It's apparent that he's playing a role in the movie, but it's never specified. He gets upset and angry with Alex for berating himself, Sarah, and Seth.

Jay's Search

Entry 15

In Entry #15, Tim makes his next appearance talking with Jay about potentially restarting the Marble Hornets movie, and Jay tells him it is simply a script reading. In reality he's there to ask Tim info about Alex. Tim admits he knew Alex through Brian and that Alex didn't start off as a jerk when the production started. He also mentions Alex finding dead animals in his yard, but knows nothing of what has become of Alex or Brian since the filming.

Entry 17


Tim's Third Appearance.

Entry #17 is flashback tape of filming for Marble Hornets, where Alex and Jay are filming Tim reading his lines for a random scene. The Operator appears to be standing in the window, but none of them notice.


Tim's Fourth Appearance.

Entry #18

In Entry #18, Masky makes his first appearance, tackling Jay violently when Jay notices him sitting on the couch in another room, and falls to the ground having some form of seizure. When Jay goes to take his mask off, he is attacked again, and wakes up hours later in his car (which is off the road) and without his pocket knife. At this point in the entries, Tim and Masky are shown to be separate entities.

Entry #19


Tim's Fifth Appearance.

Entry #19 has Jay looking over security footage of his room when he slept the night prior. He notices nothing for a while, then suddenly Masky shows up in his room, moving about his room for no explainable reason before vanishing. Jay also vanishes, but Jay notes he woke up in his bed the following day, meaning at some point he went back to bed. Whether the Operator took him, or Masky did is not stated.

Entry #19.5

In Entry #19.5, Jay does a video log of all the items he obtained from the house. He notes the bottle of pills is empty, the bullet casing is gone, and assumes that Masky took them. The pills may have belonged to Time as Entry #20 has Tim taking some odd pills and giving off odd distortion when he shows up in front of the camera. The camera quits for a moment just as Tim shows up to the house, the same way The Operator does when he gets near a camera.

Entry #23

Entry #23 shows Jay going back to Brian's house. During this, Masky runs about the house as Jay gives chase. Unlike last time, Masky never attacks Jay. At one point Masky hangs up his mask, although we don't see him without it, and Jay runs into the Operator.

The Records

Entry #33


Tim's Eighth Appearance.

Entry #33 is the next time Masky shows up. When Jay goes next door to get Jessica, she's gone. Without knowing where she is, he finds a safe combo and goes back to his room to open the safe, where Masky attacks him. Jay manages to fend off Masky and run with the tapes and his duffel bag, where Masky appears to have a limp. He gets away.

Entry #35 -36


Tim's Ninth Appearance.

Entry #35 has Jay checking the dilapidated house for the second time. Although the previous entry had nothing there, this time Masky is waiting in the building with a knife, however Alex shows up, foiling Masky's attack, and unmasking him, revealing him to be Tim. Although Alex demands the knife, Jay refuses to do so, and instead Alex appears to smash Tim with a concrete block. The footage cuts to Jay driving. In Entry #36, it reveals that Alex only smashed his leg, to the disbelief of Jay, and Alex said he wanted to do worse. Since the audio distorts, it's hard to tell if they talk further about Tim.

Since Alex knew where Tim was, it can be assumed that he was hunting Tim down and intended to kill him, and could mean that Tim was planning to kill Alex and not Jay, which is why he showed up the second time Jay went there when Alex conveniently did as well. It is also assumed that Tim had taken the knife from Jay way back in the house and planned to use it on Alex.


Tim's tenth appearance.

Entry #45

Entry #45 has Alex attempt to chase down and attack Hoody and Masky, but he falters and Masky almost hits him with a rock, before the duo run from an unseen entity. Alex then screams into the woods that if he sees them again he will kill them.

Entry #50

Entry #50 is the next time Masky shows up, and has Jay chase him to the pipe in Rosswood Park after the footage of Jay talking with Alex. Jay eventually loses him, and doesn't seem to notice any reason for him following there.

Entry #52


Tim's twelfth appearance.

Entry #52 has Masky save both Jessica and Jay from Alex, who plans to shoot both of them in the woods. While Masky struggles with Alex, the other two run and hear a gunshot in the distance. What happened to Alex is uncertain, but Masky appears chronologically in Entry #33 afterwards, meaning he survived the encounter. If he has a limp, it is most likely due to being shot in the leg. Tim appears at the very end of the tape as himself, walking about town. Jay states he's going to follow Tim and see what's going on, but doesn't know when he'll update next.


Entry #53


Tim's thirteenth appearance.

Entry #53 has Jay note that the building he saw Tim leave at the end of #52 three months before was an antique shop, however Jay notes via camera that the store is closed, with a sign in the yard. Several weeks passed until a person who worked at the store showed up so Jay could question her. He speaks with an older woman, asking her if she's seen anyone of Tim's description. She does recognize a young man of that appearance, noting he always seems to stop by on his way to his doctor's appointment which may be a building down the street. Jay thanks the woman and the camera cuts out. When it comes back, Jay notes that when he did find this "doctor's office" that it was a mental health clinic. Knowing privacy act would not permit any professional inside the establishment to disclose any information regarding Tim to Jay, Jay decides his best bet is to sit outside and wait for Tim to show. Tim eventually shows up, coughing as he usually does. Jay catches his attention and uses his lie from Entry #13, that he's continuing Alex's movie, but Tim seems concerned and confused, and heads inside for his doctor's appointment after a very short conversation. Although Jay waited outside, he tells Tim when he leaves that he happened to be walking by to see if Tim had left yet. Tim lights up a cigarette (this entry indicating Tim may be coughing due to cigarettes) and the two talk while walking down the street. Jay tries to lead him with "are you OK" questions to make Tim tell him why he was in the clinic, but Tim just answers he is okay and doesn't actually tell him. Tim gets a call and coughs, then asks Jay for his phone number and says it was work and he has to leave. Tim walks away while smoking and coughing. Jay notes afterwards that he didn't appear to remember anything regarding Jay. While wandering the city, Jay gets a call from Tim, who states he may have some of Alex's old behind-the-scene tapes. Tim offers to hand em over, and Jay accepts.

Entry #54


Tim's Fourteenth Appearance.

Entry #54 starts with Jay going to meet Tim over the tapes. Tim hands the tapes over, then asks Jay why he constantly films everything with his camera. Jay states it's a behind-the-scenes thing. Tim accepts that answer. Jay tries to ask what's on the tapes, but Tim doesn't actually know, as they were shot on one of Alex's cameras, but when he gave the camera back, he forgot to give back the tapes, and lacks any such device to be capable of playing said tapes, thus he doesn't, as a result, know their contents. Tim departs back to work, and Jay takes his new cache. The first tape Jay watches shows what appears to be him, someone who appears to be Seth, and Tim all talking, as they run to someone's house during a rainstorm, but get soaked. Alex appears to be on his way. Seth departs shortly. Jay departs afterwards, and Tim heads into his apartment. The video jump cuts to Alex (behind the camera) and Tim inside said apartment. Alex appears to be sarcastically looking at his items in the apartment (which are mostly musical equipment), and eventually Brian shows up. The three appear to debate over what music to use in the trailer. The power goes out (possibly due to the storm), and Tim sets out to get the power back on leaving Alex and Brian. Eventually the power returns, and Tim, after stumbling about in the dark and hurting himself, turns back to what appears to be a bedroom or living room where The Operator is standing in the corner, however Tim makes no note of him at all, suggesting that he may be invisible. After this note, the power cuts out once more. While in the dark trying to find the breaker box, static assaults the audio suggesting that The Operator is following him through the apartment. Unable to turn the power back on, he grabs a flashlight, and now The Operator appears to be gone from the bed/living room. The three appear to be in the dark afterwards and use the flashlight to try and set up music, however a shadow shoots across the wall and the video cuts out. Jay notes the tape ends there.

Entry #55

Entry #55 Starts with Alex, Brian, and Tim walk down the street discussing a potential location for Brian's "Abandoned School" for the movie. Alex notes he hasn't found anything, but Tim has found a burned out hospital that he honestly believes it could pass for a school. It's very far away, however, but Alex seems cool with it. The two decide to do it on a Saturday, meaning that Entry #51 takes place near the end of the week. The group then proceed to get shots, before Tim gets a call by his doctor confirming his appointment, and Tim notes he has been having headaches, paranoia, and insomnia for years now, and has been sleeping even worse than normal to the person on the phone. The shooting then commences on.

Entry #56

In Entry #56 you can hear Tim (who is holding the camera) talking to Alex (who is offscreen) talking about the hospital mentioned from the previous entry. Alex mentions that things came up and he forgot about it for a while, and that Tim and himself are there just to scout the location until Brian and Seth show. Tim appears okay with this. At one point Alex notices a building nearby. Tim tries to persuade him that this building they are in is better, but Alex desires to see it. They first head upstairs, and Tim puts down his camera to pee. Alex also puts down his camera, and grabs a piece of fallen rebar. He hits Tim off-screen, who stops talking after the blow. The camera flips for no discernible reason, and show The Operator standing in the room on the other side for several moments before he vanishes. Alex then walks into view of the camera and drops the rebar before walking off-screen again. The last thing heard is Tim coughing.

Entry #57


Tim's seventeenth appearance.

In Entry #57, Tim awakens at night with the camera (while having a coughing fit). He turns on the night vision and attempts to find a way out of the abandoned building. He eventually does make it outside the building, but is unable to find an escape route due to the dense foliage, darkness, and potential lack of method to return home. He heads back the building (most likely for safety reasons until dawn) upon which he notes Alex; whom is carrying a large pipe and flashlight. Alex's presence here is unknown for what purpose, but he does appear to be hunting something. Tim manages to give him the slip and hides in a small annex, but is unable to stop himself from progressively coughing harder and harder. The camera distorts and the video ends.

Entry #58


Tim's twenty-first appearance.

Entry #58 has Tim showing Jay the building they were going to shoot in. Jay sees the hospital, but tells Tim he is more interested in a second building on the premises. Unable to sway Jay, Tim takes Jay to the second building, and the two search the building. Tim is on edge the entire time. While searching, Jay hears a wooden plank fall, and demands an investigation. Tim reassures him its the building falling apart with age, but Jay investigates regardless (much to Tim's Chagrin). While exploring, Jay takes off running, and Tim chases after. Tim finally catches Jay, and demands why he's doing this, but Jay continues on with his story about just wanting to finish the movie. Tim demands they return to their cars. Tim, now frustrated, tells Jay he is done helping him with whatever he was working on, and the two part ways when the entry ends.

Entry #59


Tim's Twenty-second appearance.

Entry #59 starts with Jay in his car. Tim does show up shortly, after Jay's aside, in normal attire, and Jay tries to speak, however Tim promptly punches Jay hard, knocking the camera to the ground where it lays for the entire entry. Tim then yells "SHOOTING A FILM YOU LYING PIECE OF...!", showing that he has come to the conclusion that Jay is lying. Tim, yelling, then admits that after the hospital incident he researched Marble Hornets and found the YouTube video Entries. Tim is angry that it took Jay until now to admit what was going on rather than when they were running about possibly getting themselves into danger. He also clearly becomes distressed knowing that the entries showed Jay waiting outside the doctor's office just for Tim for an extended period. Jay admits the secrecy was due to being unable to trust Tim, and states that if Tim did indeed see the entries then Tim understands why, phrasing "Can you blame me?". Tim retorts with having a lot of things he can "Blame [Jay] for right now". Jay pleads with Tim, citing that he knew he couldn't just walk up to Tim and ask questions regarding everything. Tim ignores the question and states that now things make sense. So many years of torment have finally been solved. Tim then goes on a monologue stating that he was finally getting better, that for periods he would wake up in unknown locations in blood, or be unable to hold a job due to being absent for weeks without realizing more than a day had passed. He tells Jay to imagine waking up with your life broken "and no memory whatsoever of that happening." He was finally getting better, however Jay showing up has returned some of the bad effects in slight and thus has caused Tim stress. He accuses Jay of being selfish as his actions affect everyone else. He also yells at Jay due to the fact that pointing his camera at the problem isn't the same as solving it. Jay states so people will know his last testament basically, however Tim retorts with the fact that it is a bunch of online videos and nobody cares. He also cites Jay being insane, as Alex had pointed a gun at him and yet Jay filmed the entire ordeal instead of being proactive. Jay gets angry and reminds Tim of the Masky psychopath situation, and Tim yells at Jay to "shut up!" and that he is NOT a psychopath. He then states that is all Alex's fault to begin with admittedly. He explains the reason he's truly @#!*% with Jay is not so much causing the problems again, but that Jay has known about these issues for years and has never once tried to explain the situation to Tim. Jay, however, retorts with that fact that he had no idea that if he indeed did come clean, that such an option would be safe and he wouldn't be killed. He came to Tim because he needed help, and states that Jessica is missing. Tim, not apparently knowing Jessica, states that Jessica was a girl he has spoken to a grand total of "two times" (as Tim says) and that Jay has no proof beyond Alex's crazed behavior that he is in any way involved in Jessica's appearance. Tim then scolds Jay, stating that Jessica was perfectly well off until Jay began muddling in her life with the The Operator situation and Amy. He then states that perhaps the reason all this is happening isn't Alex, but rather Jay, and that by involving himself with people he has only served to make the issue worse. Jay tries to state that Jessica isn't the only missing person (Amy, Seth, Sarah, etc.), however Tim states that he won't help. Jay, distressed, demands to know what it is that Tim wants from him. Tim then states that Jay can keep making his videos and being chased while "not being very good" at fixing the situation, but he wants Jay to never bother him again. Jay, at this point, picks up the camera and walks towards Tim, trying to plead one last time, however Tim turns and yells at Jay that he can keep uploading his "detective videos", but he demands Jay never interfere with his life again. At this, Tim angrily enters his car and drives away.

With the inclusion of evidence from Entry #59, it can be concluded that the Masky personality shifts are actually completely involuntary, Tim does not actually remember any of these events, and that he has been unknowing of The Operator up until this point. He was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of Alex. How the Masky shifts come about is not yet stated, but it is certain that, if Tim is not lying, the Masky persona is not under his control.

Entry #61


Tim's Twenty-third appearance.

In Entry #61, Hoody breaks into Tim's house, videotaping the entire event. Hoody videos himself taking Tim's pill bottle and then sets the camera at a vantage point before hiding in the closet. Tim re-enters the room coughing heavily, causing audio distortion. He attempts to find his pills but is unable to take them because Hoody stole them. Tim appears to have a seizure, causing heavy audio and visual distortion. Eventually Tim is shown crying in the corner, causing more audio distortion. The camera cuts out a few times during this sequence, causing distorted images to appear. Tim then staggers to his feet and leaves the room, unaware of the camera or Hoody hiding in his closet.

Entry #62


Tim's Twenty-fourth appearance.

In Entry #62, Jay wanders into an area of Rosswood Park where he believes Tim ran off to. However, he encounters Masky, who chases him before eventually capturing him and dragging him off camera. Hoody then appears and turns off the camera, although due to Hoody's actions in the previous entry it's unclear whether Masky and Hoody are working together or Hoody is working alone. When Jay wakes up, he finds himself in a dilapidated old cabin in a previously unseen area of Rosswood. Outside he finds Tim, who is still dressed in Masky's clothes, but no longer has the mask on. Tim seems to be waking up after falling unconscious. He has no memory at all of his time as Masky, nor does he have any idea how he and Jay wound up near the cabin.

Tim's Twenty-fifth appearance.

Entry #63

In Entry #63, Tim and Jay are discussing and arguing on what to do. It is revealed that Tim (not Masky but actually Tim) hates Hoody (the person who stole his medical records) and wants to get rid of Hoody before helping Jay find Jessica.

Entry #65

Entry #65 starts with the tape messing up and repeatedly cutting in and out. The video shows random images of Tim drowning, and him trying to make it home. At one point, Tim ends up on a road at night, and finds a guy dead. He runs away, panicking, and the camera begins rapidly shifting about again. Eventually the camera shows him go to his car and see Jay try to stop him, before driving off (just like the ending of Entry #64). The camera shows that after Tim drove away, he went back to the hospital, where he proceeded to wander about, only stopping twice, once to sob about his situation, the other to stop and take some medication, before finding a room with double doors. During his wandering, he comments about how it "wasn't it", thus assuming that Tim is under the assumption that he killed that man or did something unrelated. He also tries to claw the wall. In the room, he demands to know what "he" wants (assumed to be The Operator), and began incoherently yelling about how something came from inside the doors. All the while, the audio keeps deteriorating and returning, indicating The Operator is nearby, although he never makes an appearance. Eventually he finds the room where Hoody painted "He is a Liar" and "Follow Me", and grabs a metal pipe. He repeatedly hits the wall saying "He is a Liar", but nothing happens despite multiple strikes. After multiple blows, Tim falls on his back and passes out, having his camera stare at the ceiling until the video ends and the battery dies. Eventually the video cuts to black, and a voice message system on a black image plays, where Tim tells Jay to call him as soon as he can. Jay meets Tim the next day in the light outside a complex, where Jay is surprised to see Tim still. Tim states he doesn't remember where he's been, and that the camera was recording the whole time. Tim admits there's something he's held back, and needs to show Jay. They need to go back to the hospital. Jay doesn't want to, but Tim tells him he'll have to trust him on it. Jay sighs and gets ready to leave, but Tim states he needs to go take care of things, one of them being to find if he still has a job or not since he's been missing. It can be surmised that after this meeting, Jay reviewed the footage and posted the camera footage from Tim that was relevant to the situation.

Entry #66

In Entry #66 Tim brings Jay back to the abandoned hospital, and leads him down the hall to one of the rooms. Tim says that he used to be a patient at the hospital, and that the room they are in was where he stayed. Tim then says that he had been having mental issues since he was young, and that one problem was hallucinations, and that they got so bad he would run away from his room, sometimes even to Rosswood Park. He tells Jay that he can't remember his hallucinations, due to his medication, but Tim explains that when he saw the footage of Marble Hornets that Jay posted, he wondered if he was seeing the Operator in his "hallucinations." He then wonders aloud that he may have brought the Operator into the lives of Alex, Jay, Jessica, and everyone else involved. Jay tries to calm Tim down and explain that taking the blame will not help. But Tim is still troubled by the notion that he is responsible for the ordeal, and says that Alex is probably going through what he did. Jay says that they should leave, but Tim says that he has the feeling that they still need to find something in the area, and that they should find it soon. They decide to look around the area some more, but as they are looking, they start hearing strange noises. Jay and Tim hide in a side room, and they see Hoody come in the corridor. Jay wants to stay in the side room, but Tim says that they need to find out what Hoody is doing. Tim grabs a wrench on the way, Jay asks what the wrench is for and Tim says "just in case." He stops when Hoody goes into a side room, bends down, and walks outside. Tim and Jay go into the side room, where Jay finds that Hoody left a tape. Tim tells Jay that Hoody is heading off to the woods, and they give chase. They have trouble following Hoody, since he ran through the trees. They eventually come upon an open field, but Hoody is nowhere to be seen. Tim is frustrated and wonders how Hoody could have seemingly disappeared. Jay says that Hoody could be anywhere. Tim expresses his frustration that they are not getting anywhere, despite the fact that Jay has a new tape. Tim then leaves.

The Hooded Figure

Entry #67

Entry #67 is from Hoody's point of view. During the last few minutes of the tape, it shows Tim kneeling on the forest ground, having a coughing fit. As Tim gets up and walks out of view, he is still coughing.

Entry 67.5

In Entry 67.5, Tim arrives at Jay's hotel room to confirm their plan to leave the area. Jay tells Tim to follow him. Tim tells Jay that if Alex is still alive, he will find them eventually.

Entry #69

In Entry #69, Jay and Tim sit down and discuss why they have left. Tim expresses the notion that they were doing a good job avoiding Alex, but Jay says their luck would not last forever, and they can always go back if need be. Jay reveals that he and Tim have returned to the area where they all lived while Marble Hornets was being shot. They backtracked through locations they had been at before, trying to find relevant information. As they walk through the park Alex used as the set, Jay almost trips in a hole, and immediately after says that he saw something, but dismisses it quickly. They arrive near the Red Tower, and Tim asks about the tape Jay found there (in Entry #21) and climbs up the ladder to look for anything else, but doesn't find anything. Jay thinks he sees someone staring at him, but when he checks again, no one is there. As they walk out of the park, Jay trips in a hole. When Tim looks, he finds a bunch of partially melted tapes. Tim surmises that the tapes are likely Alex's tapes that he did not give to Jay, and burned. Jay notices that two tapes appear to be still playable. After picking them up, they exit the park.

Entry #71

In Entry #72, After seeing the footage from Entry #71 of Alex attacking Jay after giving over the tapes, Jay and Tim travel to Alex's old house to search for clues. When they arrive, they find the door unlocked. They talk about what they have seen on the melted tapes, and theorize that Alex gave the tapes to Jay to make himself seem like the victim rather than the cause of the events. As they look into a side room, Jay ducks down, thinking he saw The Operator, but when he checks the camera, he does not see him. Tim says that Jay might need to do to a doctor, since it was the second time Jay thought he saw the Operator (first in Entry #69). Jay brushes off his concerns quickly. Tim tries to get a closet door open, but cannot do it, so Jay goes to help him. In the process, Jay leaves his camera pointing out the window, where it picks up the Operator standing in the field. Jay picks up the camera without noticing, and they find the closet empty. As they walk through the hallway, Tim notes the attic, and they go down to the basement to get a ladder (after first getting their flashlights). As they look around, they don't see a ladder, but Tim notices that is completely dark outside, despite being broad daylight when they walked down moments before. As they turn to leave, the Operator appears behind them. They swiftly run outside into the field, where Jay collapses in a coughing fit. Tim wanders the field before going back for Jay, where the Operator is standing over Jay. When Tim gets close to the Operator, he collapses as well after trying to stand his ground. The Operator vanishes, and Tim helps Jay into the car, and they leave. Tim later tweets that Jay had been incoherent since the events at the house, several weeks after.

Entry #74

In Entry #74, Tim gets food from a convenience store, and heads back to the hotel. Jay is walking around, and appears to be groggy. Tim talks to Jay about "entry #73," a video posted by Hoody. Tim tells Jay that Hoody attempted to steal pills from Tim's house, and discovered that Alex was hiding in the attic. Tim also says that he had been giving Jay his medication, hoping it would help Jay recover. They decide to return to Tim's house to get more pills and to confront Alex.

Entry #75

In Entry #75 After visiting Tim's doctor to get Jay checked out, Jay and Tim drive over to Tim's house, where they investigate to try and find the tape seen in entry #73. They look around the place, without finding too much. They find in the attic a picture of who they believe is Amy, and on the back, "I HAVE HIM. 79 SOUTH CREEK ROAD" along with the Operator symbol. As Tim goes to investigate some rooms at the end of the hallway, Jay suddenly jumps at Tim and demands he give him the tape. A tape falls out of Tim's pocket while the two are fighting, and Jay picks it up and proceeds to leave. Tim tells Jay it's too early to view the tape, but Jay ignores him and storms out of the house.

Entry #76

Entry #76 shows what was on the tape. It takes place between entries 32 and 33, when Jessica disappears. Jessica is carried by Masky out of the hotel and into the woods, where he leaves her with Hoody before limping back toward the hotel. Alex shows up and drives Hoody off, and tells Jessica that he will help her. However, after Jessica encountering the Operator, it appears that Alex shoots Jessica, and her body is taken by the Operator. Shortly after this, Tim appears, limping towards the scene, implying he was trying to get Jessica but did not make it.

Entry #77

In Entry #77, Jay goes to Tim's house to interrogate Tim, and carries a knife with him. Tim apparently anticipated this, and was waiting for Jay to try and enter the house. When Jay did, Tim rushed Jay, knocking his knife from his hand. Although Jay intended to get Tim with the knife and zip ties, Tim snags the zip ties from him. Jay tries to lunge for the knife again, but Tim manages to tackle Jay down and strikes him. When the camera comes back on, Tim has successfully managed to tie down Jay, who struggles but cannot get free. Jay calls Tim a liar and demands to know how long that Tim had the tape from his pocket (entry #76), and Tim states he had it from the time that Entry #62 happened, and the exact reason he never told Jay about it was he figured Jay attacking him was what would happen (which is exactly what DID happen). Tim knew if he saw the tape, that Jay would blame him for Jessica's disappearance, and thus hunting Alex would be even harder with the two of them at odds rather than in a team. Jay then demands to know where Jessica is, but Tim reassures he has no idea. He then scolds Jay, telling him that he couldn't even remember that night or the events on the tape and that Jay fully knows this possibility, however Jay continues to state he doesn't believe him. Tim, however, tells Jay he has two because there's only two "possibilities":

  • "1: She is dead in which case there is nothing we can do"
  • "2: She is still alive, and if she is we cannot go anywhere near her especially not (Jay). You could be followed, or you could show where she is on your camera or something like that and then she would get dragged back into this all over again."

Jay tries to reason that if Jessica is alive then she could need their help, but Tim tells him that she has to be "dead to us" for her safety. The priority, Tim says, is Alex, who IS actually responsible for it, and that blaming Tim is counterproductive since he's innocent. Tim then grabs some items, including Jay's knife, and departs from the house. Before he does, he tells Jay he found out the address led to a college, and that he plans to go there to find Alex himself, and is leaving Jay behind. Jay then demands that in the very least, Tim leaves the camera, but Tim refuses and leaves the house, with Jay screaming at him from inside to leave it. Tim ignores him and leaves. The text bump then reveals Tim was the one who uploaded the tape, and that he believes Jay is now a danger to everyone, especially himself, and that he is innocent of what Jay claims he has done.

Entry #79

Tim is spotted by Jay leaving his car from a high window in a building near Benedict Hall. Jay spends most of the video stalking Tim. As Tim tries to enter Benedict hall in various ways, Jay watches carefully. He loses Tim as Tim enters a manhole. Jay comes to the conclusion that the room he found in the basement of that building was what Tim was looking for. Jay couldn't get into Benedict Hall with Tim, and thus set up camp to wait for an opening.

Entry #80

Entry #80 has Jay spotting Tim leaving Benedict Hall through the front door. Seizing an opportunity, Jay entered after Tim left. Tim returns to the building an undetermined time later and finds blood on the ground, along with Jay's camera. Tim tries to run through the building, screaming out for Jay. He doesn't find Jay, but does find Hoody. Hoody runs around a corner as Tim yells at him, screaming that Hoody set this up. He trips and loses Hoody who, despite his efforts, escapes into the night outside the front door of Benedict Hall. It is assumed that Tim then reviewed the footage and found out Jay had been shot by Alex, then captured by The Operator. He never runs into either Alex nor The Operator during his visit.

Entry #81

Entry #81 encompasses the footage of what Tim did when Jay followed him in 79 and 80. Tim grabs his materials from his car and begins investigating the campus, looking for Benedict Hall and Alex. During his visit, he runs into a groundskeeper or maintenance man for the college. Tim then treats it as a possibility for information, and plays off the lie that he is a film student looking for film materials left behind by a friend who attended the college. The man states there was a film department in the basement of Benedict Hall, but that it flooded and whatever was there was likely destroyed (not that Tim cares as this is a lie). The man tells him Jacob has the keys, but that he's left for the day, so Tim will have to come back another day. Tim then pleads if anyone else could open it. The man tells Tim there is a maintenance hatch in another tunnel if absolutely necessary, but the college officials don't want people poking around in it and would prefer if he waited for Jacob. Tim fakes an agreement and leaves. Side by side footage is then shown of Tim and Jay's cameras (from 79) as Tim tries the front door, windows, and eventually finds a basement entrance. A loud bang (which was actually Jay accidentally knocking a chair over) echoes through the basement, spooking Tim to hide. He then realizes Jay was following him the entire time. If this Entry is to be believed, Tim had no idea the alcove that Jay found was even there in Entry #79. Tim enters the tunnels after Jay leaves and begins investigating. He states when he did enter, it was the following day and he hid in the dark, around the same time Jay must have been scouting Benedict Hall. He does have to hide at one point, and manages to put himself in a secret spot in a small hole to avoid Hoody who appears to be skulking around. Once Hoody leaves, Tim then climbs out into the basement of Benedict Hall. Tim turns up an entirely fruitless search and Alex wandering the upper floors (as he spots him during his excursion) and leaves as he he enters a coughing fit and rushes to his car for medication. He cannot find it, however, and blacks out. He then states when he awoke, Jay had already gone into Benedict Hall, and was gone. Alex had escaped, and Tim had to figure out what to do next. He was also certain Hoody stole his medicine.

Entry #82

Returning to the college, Tim finds Jay's car. He gets into the trunk and grabs Jay's gear. He then thumbs through the laptop, and finds footage he hasn't seen before, and notes it predates the day that Jay tried to attack him. It shows Jay, contemplative, before heading into Rosswood Park. He notes that Jay goes through the tunnel, and ends up on the other side, locating that shack from Entry #62 that he and Tim woke up at. Jay calls Tim on his phone to apologize for stealing the tape. He realizes why Tim didn't show him, and notes he found that shack, but knows for a fact that the shack was not there. He thinks he's either gone crazy, or Rosswood is somehow shifting. He then finds Jay coughing, falling apart in the shack as the Operator attacks him, causing Jay to black out. Tim notes he never got a call from Jay that day whatsoever, and that he never received that voicemail. Tim surmises that Jay went from apologetic to violent over whatever The Operator did to him.

Entry #83

The entry starts with Tim ascending a staircase in a building assumed to be the building that Jay watched Benedict Hall from. Tim is coughing and barely able to stand. As he ascends the stairs and spots a chair facing a window (likely where Jay sat) he enters another coughing fit. Tim tries to feebly wander the school halls looking for Jay. He first enters a nearly empty room with no clues, and falls into a coughing fit, forcing him to the ground. He gets up and hears noises, causing him to charge down the hall hoping it's Jay. Calling for him but getting no response, Tim falls to the ground again, coughing. Hoody then slowly approaches Tim. He tauns Tim by shaking a bottle of pills. Tim tries to lunge for them, but is far too weak to grab them. Hoody then tosses Tim his Masky mask, but Tim swipes it away across the floor. The video distorts as The Operator appears in a classroom door. Tim gets up and runs from both The Operator and Hoody who stand there.
The scene suddenly jumpcuts to the abandoned hospital. To Tim's right is a door with an X on it, and it's daytime. As Tim turns around-

Suddenly it is nighttime, and Tim is in the dark near a lamp post. Tim begins running and suddenly

He is running through the tunnel chasing Hoody. He approaches the end of the tunnel and

Is suddenly running around trees.

Tim is suddenly on top of Hoody, fighting him

Tim is in the abandoned hospital, an overlay image of fire in someone's hand present.

Tim is in another room of the abandoned hospital. He quietly asks "Why'dyou bring me here?" An image of The Operator appears in the fire as Tim shouts "I DON'T BELONG HERE WHY DID YOU BRING ME HERE?!?!"

Various images as Tim screams.

Tim is back on top of Hoody. He unmasked Hoody, but the overexposure on the film makes it impossible for the viewer to make out.

Tim starts walking towards the wall in the abandoned hospital where He Is a Liar is written on the wall from an earlier entry. Tim falls forward but

Suddenly he falls face first into a pile of leaves in the forest. Tim tumbles four times before coming to a stop. As he stands up

He is suddenly in the room from Entry #65 with the double doors. Tim begins coughing as he pleads no. The doors open and Tim is sucked inside he

Lands on a tile floor, which turns out to be a bathroom. His mirror has "Your Fault" written over and over on it. He backs up and

Falls onto a pile of papers with Operator Symbols, various words, and objects drawn across them. Tim looks over and sees Jay, dead, a bloody wound in his side. He spots Hoody and yells "I'LL KILL YOU" as he chases Hoody out the front door. Tim runs out his front door

And chases Hoody through the abandoned hospital. Hoody manages to get around a corner and effectively lands a right hook on Tim. Tim is knocked down, but gets back up in

The Benedict Hall upper floors. Tim runs to the window to hit Hoody who is dangling for his life. Hoody releases his grip and falls to his death from the window. Tim takes several breaths and looks down at Hoody from the second floor, sprawled on his back. Tim rushes downstairs and immediately rummages through his pockets. He finds a tape which he tosses aside and pills. He quickly swallows some medicine, and coughs. Tim then reaches for Hoody's mask, to finally see who's underneath it, but the Operator Shows up, forcing Tim to flee. Tim runs without finding out who Hoody is, and a variety of distorted images assault the screen, as they stop, we see

Looking up at a lamp post on his back. He sits up and sees Hoody, still dead, laying with him outside on pavement. As Tim approaches Hoody, static assaults the camera and the video goes out.
When Tim awakens, he is in a field under a blue sky. He gets up and crawls over to his camera, shutting it off.

Marble Hornets (comic series)


Masky, as he appears in the comics.

As teased on Twitter by illustrator Jackie Reynolds, Masky appears to have some involvement in the Marble Hornets comic series. As of yet, however, it is unknown which issue he will appear in.[1]

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