Tim's Apartment is the location of Entry #54 of MarbleHornets.  The music room is the main location of the entry. During Entry #54, the power gets cut, and Tim stumbles around looking for the power switch, while the Operator unknowingly stalks him.

In Entry #61  the apartment appears again, although only the bedroom is seen. Hoody breaks into the bedroom and steals Tim's pills while he is out, videotaping the entire event. Hoody then hides in the closet and sets the camera on a rack in the closet from which it can observe the room. Tim returns to the room and, unable to find the pills, has a seizure, after which he sits down and cries. Eventually Tim calms down and leaves, prompting Hoody to leave as well.

In Entry #73 Hoody returns to Tim's house to take more pills, but this time Tim is not there. While Hoody is in the house, he also examines a tape in the living room. However, he awakens Alex, who was hiding in the attic, possibly waiting for Jay and Tim. Hoody is able to get out of the house without being seen, but is forced to leave the tape behind.

In Entry #75 Jay and Tim go to the apartment after viewing entry #73. Tim is concerned about finding Alex, but Jay is more interested in the tape. In the apartment, they find it empty, although they confirm that Alex was hiding in the attic. On his sleeping bag, Tim finds a folded picture of Amy, with writing on the back reading "I HAVE HIM. 79 SOUTH CREEK RD," along with the Operator Symbol. Jay theorizes that it is referring to either Alex or Hoody. Tim leaves to look around the living room, while Jay finds nothing else in the attic. Jay goes into the living room, where everything has been overturned, Tim stating it was not like that when he left. Jay looks in the corner for the tape, but finds nothing. After several more minutes of searching, Jay tackles Tim, demanding he hand over the tape. Tim denies having it, but Jay takes it from his pocket. Tim states that Jay needs to see the tape, but not at the moment, since Tim states that it would "ruin everything that they had been working toward." Jay storms out and demands Tim not follow him.

In Entry #85, Alex infiltrates Tim's apartment and sprays lighter fuel all over the house while Tim watches in hiding. Alex challenges Tim to face him should he survive the burning of the house. Tim escapes the house with his car keys and his pill bottle as Alex sets the house alight. Tim declares that now that Alex has taken everything from him, he has no restraints and will go after Alex.