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Timothy Wright is one of the main characters in the MarbleHornets ARG and was a friend of Brian, one of the missing cast members, and also the personae Masky. He appears frequently and to date is one of the most mysterious characters in the series. Because of a chain of events that occur later in the series, Tim eventually becomes the central point of view.

Masky is notable for being one of the major driving plot devices in the series and being a recurring character. Masky's actions and the theories surrounding him have lead to the concept of proxies being created, although Masky himself (nor Hoody), have ever been stated to be proxies. It is also worth noting that Masky actively works against The Operator meaning he would usually not be considered a proxy. Masky is generally regarded as a mysterious antagonist; however, his actions in saving Jay and Jessica from being murdered by Alex in Entry #52 might suggest otherwise.

If Entry #55 is to be believed, then Tim may have been stalked by the Operator for years, and everyone else got roped in due to involvement with him. If Entry #59 is to be believed, Tim has had no recollection of any of the events as Masky [due to the blackouts], nor any knowledge of the Operator until this entry. Entry #60.5 even hints Tim may have been stalked by the Operator since his childhood.

In Entry #85, Alex infiltrates Tim's apartment and sprays lighter fuel all over the house while Tim watches in hiding. Alex challenges Tim to face him should he survive the burning of the house. Tim escapes the house with his car keys and his pill bottle as Alex sets the house alight. Tim declares that now that Alex has taken everything from him, he has no restraints and will go after Alex.

In Entry #86, Tim confronts Alex at Benedict Hall. The Operator intervenes and begins teleporting them to various locations. Alex reveals all the people he’s killed, as well as his true motives, but blames Brian’s death on Tim. While being transported to various locations, he manages to sneak up behind Alex and stab him in the neck. Alex tells him that he must kill everyone he knows and then himself, if he is to end the sickness. He leaves Alex to bleed to death, and while Tim isn’t looking, it is shown that Alex’s body has already disappeared. Tim begins to laugh, and then collapses, dropping his camera down the stairs.

Entry #87 shows that Tim is alive and well(?). He meets with Jessica, who is revealed to also be alive, and lies to her about Jay’s fate. Tim starts coughing, the video cuts to static, and the shot changes to Tim driving down a parkway. Sirens can be heard faintly in the background, and whether or not this is intentional is unknown. He arrives at a fork in the road, and the screen cuts to black. The words “Everything is fine.” appear on the screen, and the video ends.

Tim makes a few cameo appearances in the follow-up series ‘Clear Lakes 44’. It is unknown when the footage of him takes place. At one point he gives a box to what appears to be ”Birdwatcher”, the main character of that series.


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Entry #59 gives the best display of Tim's personality. He appears to be very distressed and extremely upset over his condition, having huge blackouts and being unable to awaken for large periods of time with no recollection. Although he is a calm individual on the exterior, on the inside he is a frightened man who just wants to be normal and escape the demons of his past. Despite his fears, he manages to overcome them and at one point both figuratively and literally “stands up” to the Operator. 

Tim also seems to have a more sarcastic and laid back personality, even offering to help Alex find an abandoned place that could pass for a school like in Entry #9 before the argument occurs, Entry #54, and Entry #55.

At times, Tim can be cautious; Like from that entry when he left Jay tied up in some house. Jay might've resorted to murdering Tim, so Tim was smart enough to make it so that he could escape any murder attempts.

Tim has a second personality that has been dubbed by fans as “Masky." During exposure to the Operator, Tim may occasionally blackout and wake up as Masky. Masky is never shown to speak, and always wears a mask, hence the nickname. He is highly aggressive and animalistic. When working with Brian almost functions as an “attack dog” at times.

Other facts

  • Tim's last name is never revealed in the series. The only time it is known to be said is when Jay talks to him in Entry #53, but it was censored by Jay. In Entry #60.5, Tim's medical documents state his full name, but it is redacted, and says simply "Timothy W_____". The Season 3 credits of Marble Hornets reveal Tim's last name to be Wright. Timothy Wright. Tim Wright.
  • Tim was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child, though we don't know if he actually has schizophrenia, or it's only the Operator sickness that makes it seem that he has schizophrenia or BOTH...
  • Tim uploads Entry #87, the final video in the series.
  • Tim loves pineapple pizza.
  • Tim Sutton plays Tim Wright in the series. Tim Wright plays a character named Tim in Alex Kralie's film. A similar statement can be said about Brian.
  • It is never stated whether or not Tim likes cheesecake, and it is commonly thought to be a fat joke. It is not, Tim Sutton speculated that this joke originated from a "Cooking with ToTheArk" parody video and has never been actually used as a fat joke towards him
  • Tim killed Alex. This was to stop Alex from killing Tim first.
  • Tim was first an antagonist of the Marble Hornets Youtube series before becoming a deuteragonist.
  • Tim smokes cigarettes.
  • Tim has easily noticeable sideburns. He has thick eyebrows. He's most likely a brunette. His eyes are dark-brown.
  • He has an American accent.
  • His voice doesn't sound deep. His voice sounds pretty normal.

Appearances in other media

Tim (question mark)

Supposed Tim look-a-like in a Gotye music video.

  • The Gaia Online item "Slender" features a mask similar to the one Tim wears as Masky, as well as the Operator's Doll .



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