• I am so curious about this, I wonder if somebody could create "Pizza Enderman" images.

    Like Slenderman, he is white, no face, no hair, very slender, 8 feet tall and possesses the tentacles abilities. But he wears the pizza uniform and a pizza cap, he will deliver pizza if you call pizza from him, he will send this pizza to your house! (Note: He won't poison the pizza) He is seems to be very happy like Splendorman, if you tell him to perform a dance he will performs a funny dances! He won't stop until you laugh, if you provoke him he will become aggressive and start attack you, his abilities:

    He will uses his tentacles to grab you, if he grabs you he will throw you to the very high distances and you will fall down to the ground and you dead, sometimes he will not using his tentacles but he uses his hands to fight with you, well, he's pretty strong, if he hit you once you will "go to sleep", he can teleport too like his brothers, but he won't make the camera disorts. 

    I do believed that he and Slenderman are rival even though they are brothers, he is not happy about Slenderman's behavior, and Slenderman do not approve Pizza Enderman's behavior, his best brother in the world is Trenderman and Splendorman, but he thinks that they are too annoying because Trenderman always wants him to stop wearing that uniform and wear something fashionable, and Splendorman always wants him to make everybody happy. 

    I wish one of you could create Pizza Enderman image, and don't forget about his appearance :)

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