• Hi,

    I think I've found two new, undocumented powers for The Operator. Since I don't want to make sudden drastic changes to the page without consensus first I thought I'd ask here and get thoughts on it.

    First is Necromancy. This one comes from the movie adaptation, Always Watching, from its ending scene. Milo hangs himself because he thinks The Operator will leave his friends alone if he dies. Clearly not. Suddenly, Milo's body rises from the ground like a zombie, with his eyes being pure white. He promptly bludgeons Charlie and Sara to death with a pipe, then sinks to the ground like a ragdoll as the Operator shows up behind him. Looks like Op reanimated Milo's corpse to do the dirty work for him. Further strengthened because Milo's eyes revert back to normal only after Op leaves. Link

    Second is Elasticity. When Op kills Jay in Entry #80, he appears to stretch his arm. Link

    What do you think?

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