The Slender Man Song-0

The Slender Man Song-0

The Slender Man Song is a song by YouTube user brentalfloss. It is sung in the style of the song The Candy Man, and is played over footage from the game Slender: The Eight Pages.


Who can make your soul die... 

With a passing glance?

Leave a bunch of notes around and make you poop your pants,

The Slenderman! The Slenderman man!

Oh, the Slenderman can 'cause he hunts you in the dark and makes your nightmares real!


Who's around the corner

Wearing stretchy clothes?

Hiding in the bathroom with no showers or commodes?

The Slenderman! The tentacley-Slenderman!

Oh, baby.

Oh, the Slenderman breaks every child he takes

Drags them off to purgatory...

After that it's quite gory...

How's that for your bedtime story?

Who is right behind you...

As you run in vain?

Who can kill you even if you somehow win the game?

The Slenderman! The Slenderman can!

The Slenderman can 'cause he mixes you with blood until your bones taste good.

Ohhh, Slenderman!



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