An image of the Rake. The two bright green dots are his eyes, and his body is hunched over in the picture.

The Rake is an amateur horror film posted on the account EnterViral on YouTube, made by a group of amateur film makers. The film is around 45 minutes long and depicts the story of a group of friends headed into the woods, where they encounter the Rake.



The video begins with a quick prompt informing viewers that the following film is based off of actual events. Shortly after the viewer sees the black on white text that in 2010, a group of students went into the woods, although not yet stating why. The friends have been missing up until a year later when their camera was recovered. The boys have not been seen since. The intro states the boys names are Kenneth Collins, Eric Goessans, and Logan Podpora.

The video starts with the group in a car, talking and messing with a camera. One of the unnamed men is talking about how they are going into a dense forest by themselves with no communication in order to prove how amazing they are. The main cameraman identifies himself at this point as Ken. They hold a conversation about not inviting a guy named "Andrew" and instead invited his brother Logan, complain about the focus on the camera, and buy gear at a dollar store.

Day 1

The group continues walking and finds lots of garbage. At one point they also locate a sleeping bag sitting by its lonesome, discarded for an unknown reason, but the group ascertains that it may just be due to a person leaving it when they left. Ken then tells the others a scary story about how his grandfather (in 1973) was with coworkers during a mining excavation in the very forest they're in when heard a screech from an unusual animal. When one of them went to go to see, it was a naked man with a large head ripping the cooler open. They shot at it when it screeched, and it ran off, but Ken says at the end it is just a ghost tale. Logan, however, begins getting slightly angry that they brought a knife but no firearm just in case. When they find their ground, the camera catches a white figure walking in the background on all fours, but nobody notices.

Night 1

In the middle of the night, Eric and Ken decide to investigate the woods, but Logan is unwilling to go. They leave him back at the tent and take off. At one point the camera cuts out while a dog can be heard barking in the distance.

Day 2

They wake early in the morning to find Logan gone, and figure he went for a walk. They do have a short search hoping to find him, but are unsuccessful. Eric tries to rationalize that he was on a walk and left his bag near their fire from the previous night, but Ken notes that his belongings have been scattered about. Ken notes it is very out of character for Logan to take off like that. As time passes, Ken begins becoming a bit upset, questioning repeatedly why he's gone, and dead set on locating him. They continue down the trail, Ken assuring Eric (and mostly himself) that Logan is totally fine. At one point they hear a loud powerful screech, and Ken immediately states it's Logan. Both him and Eric rush after the noise. They lose the noise shortly, but Ken tells him to keep going towards where the noise came from, rationalizing that he stopped yelling back because he can't hear them well. Ken repeatedly states as they head up the hill and take a break that it was certainly Logan with no question, mainly because he doesn't believe anybody else is in the woods. He thinks for a moment and remembers an old mine shaft, believing that Logan may have fallen into a mine shaft and is screaming for help. Eric is credulous of Ken at this point. Ken then starts kicking himself for not buying something like Walkie Talkies. After a short walk in the general direction of where the screech came from; Eric and Ken note they are lost, but Ken refuses to go back, dead set to find Logan. When they go to set up camp, Ken notes a diary in Logan's stuff. The diary, dated "a week ago", states that Logan's parents got divorced, and that he has seen the creature from his childhood which identifies itself as "The Rake" very recently. The two are unable to confirm what is going on, and who this "The Rake" is. As the day continues on, Ken argues with Eric going back and forth about being lost. They try to see if Andrew is guilty of taking Logan back and come up with several potential stories of how he could have come to take Logan back unknowingly just to irritate them, but they are unable to find a way to work him into how it would have been done without them knowing (especially since Andrew wouldn't know where in the forest they are). They decide to set up camp for the night. The white figure once again appears in the forest behind them and as before is unnoticed by Ken and Eric. The two discuss it again, believing he is okay, and that he hiked back to safety. Ken doesn't want to consider him injured. They do consider again that Andrew is behind this, purposely messing with them.

Night 2

The two notice something brush against the tent, and assume it is Logan. They jump up and run out of the tent, chasing after him, unsure of where he went. Ken notes that the camera has night vision. At one point Ken notices something odd and focuses on it, when the oddity turns and looks at him with a human figure but glinting eyes like that of a wild animal. It screeches at him and he runs.

Day 3

Ken notes he's been awake since midnight on watch holding a knife. They both panicked over what they saw. Ken wakes Eric and says the two have to take off, that Logan is either back at the car safe or dead. Eric tries to ask him why he changed his mind, but Ken keeps insisting that they must return immediately. Ken notes he's afraid of whatever they saw last night, and doesn't care whether Logan is okay now; they have to go. Ken tells Eric to keep heading up the hill towards the mine shaft. If they find the shaft they should find a connecting road. Eric asks him why he didn't bring anything. Ken argues that they didn't in order to be roughing it, when suddenly the creature from the previous night screeches. Ken tells Eric to stay low and the two keep going trying to evade it. They do succeed. They make it to a small clearing and decide to set up the tent.

Night 3

They once again hear the creature screech. Eric decides to go investigate, taking the knife with him. Eric looks around, finds nothing, and attempts to come back to the tent, but is yanked back outside. The camera jump cuts with Ken sitting frightened in the tent, quietly calling Eric. He has not yet zipped up the tent door. Ken decides to take off shortly afterwards, now completely frightened and barely held together. He then waits in the grass until morning, while hearing the creature screech non stop.

Day 4

Ken finds a field, whereupon he realizes he is not far from the mine shaft, but the creature is stalking him still, screeching nonstop. He wades through the grass hoping to escape.

Night 4

The video supposedly cuts out for 33 minutes, upon returning a creature rushes Ken quickly. He screams at the creature before the tape blanks out leaving only clicking noises made by the creature.


  • The word "Excavater" in the intro is spelled wrong. It is "Excavator".
  • Multiple business are shown in the movie such as Bi-Mart, Dollar Tree, Fantastic Sams, and Marshalls. All of these businesses are actual businesses (and therefore all names are copyright and trademark).
  • Eric and Ken repeatedly go back and forth on who said what in the dialogue.
  • The Rake is never actually called "The Rake". A diary describes a creature named "The Rake" but it is never stated it is The Rake that is chasing them. It is to be assumed that it is indeed The Rake since the movie is called "The Rake".
  • The Rake makes an appearance time of less than a minute in the movie. Although it is heard repeatedly throughout the movie screeching, it is not shown except three times in a total of less than a minute, with its final appearance less than around 3 seconds.
  • Despite being in a remote forest, a domestic dog is heard barking at one point, two houses are shown in the daylight, and multiple lights in the distance are shown. This is most likely a filming error.

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