The Path of Black Leaves is a reoccurring location in the Slender Man Mythos, specifically in slenderblogs. The path was first described in the blog White Elephants and expanded on by other blogs over time. It is suggested by some theorists to be the domain of the Slender Man. It is assumed that The Bleeding Tree  is also generally located within the path.

The Path is described as a forested road surrounded by trees with black leaves. It has been suggested that it is a universe or place whereby Proxies and the Slender Man can travel as a form of quick travel. Strange creatures are said to roam the forest and attack those who do not bear the Slender Man's Mark. As such, expeditions by humans into the path have generally ended negatively, with massive casualties being a common occurrence. The Path is used as an alternative to Slender Walking, and would seemingly contradict Tulpa Theory.