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US Government, German Government (?)


The Tall Man, aka Slender Man


Page 4 of the Something Awful thread

The Organization, also called Optic Nerve, the Unknown Organization, The Bureau, and Anti S-Walker Unit is an unnamed organization that originally appeared in early Slender Man mythos stories, and later on in some Slenderblogs and at least one ARG, DarkHarvest00, where the only reference is in the video "Update #3". While not spoken by name, the DH crew states that after the murder of their friend Greg by Slender Man, they were interviewed by a Detective Amsel, who did not give his organization's name, only stating that they were based in Washington.

Judging by the initial reports from early mythos by Victor Surge, and assuming that the Organization in DH is the same as in these early mythos, we can assume that the organization:

  • Has a basic understanding of Slenderman.
  • Refers to him as The Tall Man or S.Man.
  • Has interviewed and detains victims of Slender Man.
  • Is aware of Slender Man's traits.
  • Believes Slender Man harvests organs.
  • Refers to Slender Man as a serial killer to civilians.
  • Has been researching Slender Man for many years.
  • Believes Slender Man to have killed and be continually active throughout the nation.
  • Does not know how to neutralize him.

Nothing else is known about the Organization.

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