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The black book

The black book.wmv

The video in which The Collective Knowledge is first discovered.

The Collective Knowledge (also known as the black book) is a compilation of all the teachings and information known by a cult of Slender Man worshipers called The Order. It is comparable to a bible for the cult and includes much useful and vital information for a cult member (as it does for the DarkHarvest00 crew) including an insight into the history and theories of The Order concerning their supposed god Gorr'Rylaehotep (AKA Slender Man) whom they believe to be an ancient Egyptian god.

The book is found in the DarkHarvest00 episode "the black book.wmv" which is shown above, in which the book is found in one of a group of abandoned buildings and appears to have been intentionally placed there by the series proxy KindVonDerRitter in order to either help the crew or lead them deeper in order to kill them. It is a black journal looking book, hardback with an Operator Symbol scratched into the front cover and a badly worn and scratched back cover, the inside is handwritten in scrawling handwriting (presumably the owners own, perhaps with each order member copying out their own version of the book) with a few examples of symbolic drawings and diagrams.

Books and Chapters

The Collective Knowledge appears to be split into two "books" the first being the book of "wisdom of the past and future" which contains three chapters; "The Rift", which outlines the cults scientific theories regarding what they call The Rift which appears to be the means of travel between the third and forth worlds (the third world being our world and the forth being Slender Man's world); "The Cycles", a series of diagrams titled as the first second and third movements, repeated 3 times. Up until this point the chapters had been numbered in numerical order, but for some unknown reason "The Cycles" which is listed as chapter 2 in Roman Numerals (II) moves onto chapter four (IV) skipping chapter three (III) for whatever reason. Chapter four "The Forth Dawn" contains only two pages, one of which is torn out, the attached page being an unknown diagram and the lose page containing the words "MORTEM OBIRE" (with the O replaced by the DarkHarvest00 symbol) which translates from Latin to mean "meet death".

The second book entitled "Kinder Von Der Ritter" which unlike KindVonDerRitter which translates to child of the knight, (the knight being Slender Man from German folklore) actually translates to children of the knight. This book has three chapters, the first one being "Remembrance" which outlines the history and the laws of The Order. The second being "Submission" which talks about more of The Orders history and also prophesies the eventual ascension of The Order members to godhood, then finally "Remembrance" (which is a name reused from chapter one, though the content is much different. "Remembrance" is a series of "Pietas" which are some sort of hymns or speeches, most probably for use in Order ceremonies as the final "Pieta" is read aloud by order members in order to initiate the DarkHarvest00 character Greg Benson into the Order in the episode Greg's Log #3.

Practical Use

It appears that each member of The Order is issued/has to write out a copy of The Collective Knowledge which they are then required to study and learn, in the episode linked above The Order members appear to be reading their initiation speech off of several large books, which could well be assumed to be copies of The Collective Knowledge. It also provides a clear guide to the three main rules of The Order which are Secrecy, submission and remembrance and serves as a history book for any new member.


If you want a digital copy of The Collective Knowledge/the black book, the link provided in the description of the video above will no longer work. However a working link does exist on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

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