A chess board.

In Tribe Twelve, the Observer states Noah is part of a chess game. The known people are the black king, the white pawn, the black rook, the white knight, the white king, and the black pawn, queen, and rook. Other pieces are there. There is speculation that there are more pieces that are in play, but none have been revealed.

The Board of Play, as it was called on the livestream, looks to be about the eastern US with select States. While this comes up a lot it is more of a metaphor to Noah's struggling.

Here is who/what the pieces are:


Name Title Chess Piece Description
Slender Man The Administrator
The Keeper

Black King
Described as "onedividedbyzero".
The Observer The Eyes
The Sentinel

Black Rook
Describes himself as "asentinelbytradepasthisexpirationdate".
DeadHead The Nationalist
Black Knight


Name Title Chess Piece Description
Firebrand The Stubborn
White King
Cursor The Selfish
White Queen
Persolus The Hermit
White Bishop
Swain The Lover
White Knight
Mr. Scars The Burdened
White Rook
Described as "theonewhokillsmary", hinting towards him "Ending" Mary Asher's "Session".
Sarah ?
White Pawn
Taken by the Observer / Black Rook.