This article discusses content originating from the ARG or ARE Tribe Twelve and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
Characters and organizations discussed are portrayed by actors.

Swain, "The lover"

Swain is a confirmed Proxy of TribeTwelve. Like the other proxies of the series, he is a member of the Collective and acts as an agent of Slender Man. Not much is known about Swain other than his vessel is Sebastian Kraus, which was confirmed by the creator of the series, Adam Rosner, and was heavily hinted in the video DEATHTRAPEXODUS.


  • He is noted for wearing a 19th century European soldier's uniform, and a theatrical comedy mask.
  • He appears in the Collective group shot in HAPPYBIRTHDAY, to the Observer's left.
  • He is described by the Observer as "thelover" during the February 14, 2012 Livestream.
  • The chess piece he represents on the Chess Board is the White Knight ♘
  • He appears in DEATHTRAPEXODUS holding Sebastian's journal, which almost confirms Sebastian Kraus to be Swain's vessel, as Collective members are usually not able to touch the journal.


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