Slender Suits is a documentary film on youtube made by fxscreamer or "Jared" regarding Slender Man posted on October 28th, 2010. It is a 10 minute video regarding Slenderman in a basic description and theory for viewers to explain who he is. The video uses stock footage from Marble Hornets and EverymanHYBRID to attempt to explain itself, and speaks about an incident in Kentucky where a young girl went missing.

This part, around the 3:24 part of the video, consists of an audio interview of the father named "Thomas Neely" and an unnamed officer. The father describes how the daughter had gone to a friends house, whom lives only 5 minutes away, and was gone for a half hour after departing. He found Slender Man in the woods nearby with her clothes. Since then he has been paranoid. During the audio, he becomes erratic and shouts, then goes into a panic as Slender Man appears behind him. The cop notices him and fires two shells, but neither man was found (nor Slender Man). Several unidentified steps are heard as well. Since it is audio, nobody sees anything. The video ends with Jared stating he will keep running.

A follow up video was made by a friend named Andrew, who knows the account password to Jared's youtube. He notes that the video prior to this "Slender Suits" was the last time anybody had heard from Jared. The video, posted on August 4th, 2011, notes that he knew Jared had gone to New Hampshire for unknown reasons. On his third trip up there, he found a phone near an abandoned cabin, which he recognized as Jared's, and it had a corrupted video file on it from whenever Jared had recorded it with his phone. The video starts with a neighborhood in a rainstorm, which magically becomes a snowstorm instantly. Jared is breathing heavily. Loud noise assaults the video, before the video file shows blown out and distorted images. Finally, the video cuts to a forest where Jared appears to be checking out a cabin, static asaulting the camera. He hears a noise and turns, only for the camera to start picking up a demonic growling that grows until the camera cuts out. Andrew supposedly found the phone exactly where Jared was standing at the end of the video. Supposedly it goes on for 20 minutes recording low and disturbing noise. Jared's family has shown it to the police, checked with multiple searches, and various ways to try and track him, along with showing the footage to Jared's family and police officers, but Andrew has nothing to go on, and thought he would throw the information online in the hopes that someone knows where Jared may be and has heard from him.

One more video known as .... . .-.. .--. was posted on August 19th, 2011, showing a song that is partially blocked out, but appears to be called "Electronic Highway". The video has multiple dots shown, and repeatedly cuts out to repeat the same beats over and over. Eventually the video fails altogether and falls apart. Mutliple users have commented that the electronic beeping and morse code spell "Help".

Nothing has been posted on the youtube channel since.

Update: On Saturday, August 25, 2012 a little over a year since the last posted video a new video labled "Slender Suits - No Return Address" was posted by Andrew.





Officer: Ok, we're recording now. Thomas?

Would you like to start from the beginning?

Thomas: Am I......?

Officer: Yes Thomas, you're safe. Now would you like to start from the beginning so we may try to understand the events that happened?

Thomas: Ok. My daughter Jessica, she'd been outside playing at a friend's house and we only lived up the street. Th-they actually only lived up the street, I'm sorry. Um.. it started to get dark out and I called her friend's parents that she needed to get home. They told me she had left over a half hour ago. Well, they're only a five minute walk away. So....I....

Officer: Is this where you left the house looking for her?

Thomas: Yes. We live in a wooded area and I knew she liked playing there with friends, but going alone didn't make sense. 

Officer: Ok, so what happened next?

Thomas: I was calling Jessica's name, and it had really been getting dark out now. I was walking through the woods, looking and listening to anything. I remember suddenly feeling sick, like nauseous in the stomach, like I wanted to throw up. And I started to get ringing in my ears. Then I... *Pauses*

Officer: Thomas?

Thomas: That..THING! THAT NIGHTMARE! *crying* He.. NO IT! Jessica's clothes.. in one of its... one of its hands. *more crying*

Officer: It's Ok. Can you-can you please describe what he looked like?

Thomas: It was tall. It.. it appeared to be wearing a suit, but there's no way it was human, there's NO way. The.. the arms were almost to the ground, I.. I've never seen anything like it. Its.. face...

Officer: It's Ok Thomas. Please continue.

Thomas: That horrible fucking face! just starring at me! But.. no there was no face! There was no eyes! WHAT DID I SEE?!

Officer: Thomas please calm yourse-

Thomas: NO! NO! I fucking saw you son of a bitch! It took my Jessica! It's now coming for me! I can't sleep! I can't live! You don't know! YOU DON'T KNOW! OH GOD! OH GOD! 

Officer: Thomas calm down!


Officer: He needs to be detained, call secur- OH HOLY CHRIST!! *Gun shots fired* 

  • Silence*
  • Unidentified footsteps*

End of tape.



  • Jared had a large number of video's posted for years on his channel, some being videoes showing cars, lots of gaming videos, and videos on peripherals for a computer, the oldest dating back 5 years.
  • Since .... . .-.. .--. not a single video has been posted on Jared's channel, and since "Slender Suits" no video has been posted in Jared's normal style. - Update: As of Saturday, August 25, 2012 Andrew returned with a video entitled "Slender Suits - No Return Address".
  • Slender Man is not actually shown in "Slender Suits Follow Up" or .... . .-.. .--., but considering The Rake (who has been seen in forests several times) is not akin to electronic interference, this is most likely Slender Man.
  • The song in the video with the morse code has been found on his Soundcloud account, un-cut. It appears he used it just to send a message to the others, asking for help.
  • .... . .-.. .--. is morse code for help.

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