This article discusses content originating from the video game Slender Rising 2 and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
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Slender Rising 2

Slender Rising 2.

Slender Rising 2 is the sequel to its predecessor Slender Rising but features a weapon and additional locations.


Slender Rising 2 is designed as a single-player game. As in Slender Rising, the player is attacked by the Slender Man. In Slender Rising 2, there is a new game mode called The Lost Souls, in which the player has to photograph seven spirit-like beings, while desperate messages from them appear on the walls. In addition the player must now flee to the level exit, as soon as he collected all signs or has freed all of the Lost Souls.

Furthermore, there is now a shotgun which essentially acts as a second chance for the player in an otherwise lethal situation. However, while the shotgun is equipped and Slender Man isn't around, the player may find themselves aiming the gun at their head at random, and if they don't break free, they will shoot themselves.

Slender Rising 2 has four levels; they are set in a ghost town, a dark mansion, a frozen castle, and a "Grim District".

Characters are randomly scattered throughout the levels. The player finds the pages by following a red arrow. When he hears a demonic whisper, that signals the proximity of the page to the character.

In addition, there are five scenarios; Day, Night, Night Vision, Thunderstorm and Blizzard.


Slender Rising 2 - iPhone iPad iPod - Launch Trailer

Slender Rising 2 - iPhone iPad iPod - Launch Trailer

Slender Rising 2 Launch Trailer

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