Slender Man's Girlfriend

Slender Man's Girlfriend



Slender Man's Girlfriend is an animated video done by Grind Vids. The video is done entirely in animation, and follows a story about Slender Man and his girlfriend (who remains unnamed throughout the entire video).


The video starts off with a faceless female figure walking through a forest. As she walks, she runs into Slender Man, who pops up. The trademark static effect happens onscreen, and the two embrace and kiss. We then see the two walk through the forest holding hands as we get a shot of the moon. The scene switches to the two sitting in the road, with a heart between them. Suddenly, an individual comes speeding down the road in a red car. Slender Man releases his tendrils from his back and slams them into the ground to brace himself to stop the car with his bare hands, however the driver panics when he sees Slender Man in the road, and swerves to dodge him, hitting a tree instead. The resulting crash damages a tree, that falls on Slender Man's beloved. Slender Man manages to use immense strength to lift the tree straight off his girlfriend. She has, however, been mortally wounded by the tree. In despair, Slender Man lifts her up and holds her. The words "I Love You" are scrawled across the screen in white, as her head suddenly goes limp. Furious, Slender Man dramatically turns around to face the car. The woman in the car leaps out her door, while the man sits in the road on all fours, bleeding from his head. Slender Man approaches the man, as the man screams and static comes across the screen. The woman takes off, flashlight in hand into the forest. Slender Man watches, as the words "Slender" appear on the screen.


  • The female figure is not actually named in the video nor description outside of Slender Man's Girlfriend.
  • Slender Man's Girlfriend wears similar colors to him, wearing grey stockings, a bow on her head, and a miniskirt.
  • The video uses many sound effects from Slender: The Eight Pages.
  • The license plate on the car says P4R5EC, an obvious reference to Parsec Productions, the creator of Slender: The Eight Pages.
  • The video is meant to be a prequel to Sender: The Eight Pages, and explains how the woman got into the forest. This is obviously non-canon, as Slender: The Arrival shows it was a young girl named Kate who had gone into the forest and ended up lost, her friend CR looking for her. Since the video was not done by Parsec Productions, it is not factual in its content. There was no car crash, and no female Slenderman.

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