This article discusses content originating from the ARG or ARE Marble Hornets and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
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Seth Wilson
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Seth McCay

Seth Wilson is a minor character from the Marble Hornets ARG. He is primarily a cameraman and doesn't make appearances in front of the camera often. Seth appears physically only in Entry #9 and #54. In Entry #22, he's the unseen man holding the camera with Alex.

In Entry #9, while Tim and Sarah are being yelled at by Alex for their acting performance, Alex turns on Seth as well for shutting the camera off. For a moment Seth wanders in front of the camera.

In Entry #22 he is wandering the unknown room with Alex for unknown reasons. During the entry he records various objects and blood on the wall, but notices nothing vastly important, however he gets yanked off camera by the Operator and is never seen again. When the video cuts back in, Alex says Seth is gone, he has no idea where he is at all and can't remember the evening's events.

In Entry #54, the tape shows Seth showing up with Alex and Jay to Tim's apartment, however he departs shortly afterwards.

Whereas Brian and Jay were friends before the filming, and Tim knew Alex through Brian, how Seth knew Alex is never stated.

In Entry #86, Seth was stated, by Alex, to have been killed by his hand.


In Totheark's video 'Return' the person on the ground bears a resembelance to Seth as well as Jay.

Since Jessica is shown to have survived the attack by The Operator, and both Tim and Brian were subject to odd personality changes, it is possible that Seth survived, and may have potentially been related to Tim and Brian and is a member of Totheark. It is also entirely possible that he has been dead for the entirety of the series, and was never a member of Totheark.