When creating pages, please follow these rules.

  • Check the wiki to see if this information is already present. Pages do not make a wiki, concise and proper information does.
  • Spellcheck your work. If we can't read it, it will either be totally edited or deleted.
  • Make sure you write your information "Documentary Style" or in other words, scientifically.
  • Do NOT make an article stub if it's not needed to make an article stub. If it's a popular topic, then yes. If it's one detail that could far easily done on another page, don't.
  • Not every Slenderman related game has to be here. Slendypants and Slendytubbies is a good example. They are not to be on the wiki, nor does every single Slenderman game unless the game is popular.
  • If you quote something, cite the source in a reference.
  • Do not use words like "us" and "we".
  • If it does not need to be a standalone page, do not make a standalone page for it.

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