Marble Hornets is an comic book series written by Troy Wagner and illustrated by Jackie Reynolds. It is the official graphic novelization and continuation of the popular web series, MarbleHornets.

The first issue, titled "Regards", was released on February 25th, 2019. The second, "Eyes Open", is scheduled to be made available sometime in October to November 2019.

The comic is available from the store on, in digital, special edition and print formats.


Issue #1: "Regards"

Time has passed since Jessica escaped the nightmare of The Operator's influence on Alex Kralie . She has since found a steady job as a driver for a local delivery service, but she's still far from a normal life. Meanwhile, three people go to Rosswood Park , not knowing that it will set events in motion that they might not survive.

Issue #2: "Eyes Open"

Jessica struggles with her condition after being discovered by Taylor, while Adam and David make their first trek into Rosswood Park at night.


The Marble Hornets comic series brings back characters from the web series, in addition to introducing new ones. These characters are:

  • Jessica - Returning supporting character from the web series, who plays a much more significant role as the main protagonist of the comics.
  • The Operator - Returning main antagonist from the web series. Responsible for the deaths of the cast of the Marble Hornets film project and now returns to torment Jessica and her friends.
  • Skully - Jessica's new archenemy. Their true identity is unknown as it is concealed by a skull mask (hence the name).
  • Taylor - Technician at a local hospital. She is a new character, aiding Jessica whenever in distress.
  • Adam - A documentary filmmaker who is scouting Rosswood Park as a filming location. New character.
  • David - Adam's cameraman. New character.



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