•  (He appears in the earlier videos, but it's impossible to differentiate between the Real Slender Man and the Fake Slender Man)
  • Healthy Eating (Once in the back of Evan's car, once in the window of the house and in the bedroom before the door slams by itself)
  • Sleep Lab Part 1 (Stood behind the group in the sped up footage with The Hamster Dance song playing in the background)
  • Joke's Over (Slender Man walks out behind Vincent and Evan as they are talking about hiking, Evan chases him and finds bags full of animal carcasses)
  • Jeff (When the door to Jeff's house opens, there a several figures stood in the view. Some viewers couldn't see the Slender Man himself due to the darkness)
  • .- (Close to the end of the video for a second he actually walks into the view of the camera)
  • Reunion. (Slender Man can be seen several times in the video standing behind the crew members, the camera becomes fuzzed and distorted each time)
  • Congratulations Magus!.avi (Stood on top of something high when Vincent and Jeff are talking about Jessa)
  • Ashen Waste (Evan hits Slender Man with a bat about half way through but to no effect and then they attempted to run him down near the end)
  • "Damsel" [Very brief appearance in hospital window]
  • December & early January (Near to the end of the video he is seen standing clearly on the other side of a fence, the camera distorts as usual)
  • The Hidden Videos [Shadow in the room]
  • May & June [Up in the trees]
  • The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's Back) [When they get locked in the garage, Vincent lights a lighter and Slender Man can briefly be seen in the corner]
  • Noah (Seen under a streetlight in the carpark when the team are looking for Noah.)
  • HALLOWEEN HANGOVER (At around the two minute mark Vincent sees Slender Man stood in front of a hidden camera and runs)
  • Jessie [discussed]
  • Consensus (When Vincent wakes up in the forest, Slender Man can be seen standing in the distance and then again when Vincent is filming the woods he is in)
  • Not dead yet (Near the end of the video when Vincent pushes open the door and calls for Evan and Jeff. When he films the room Slender Man can be seen poking his head around a wall)
  • The property (Seen standing at the bottom of the stairs when Vincent leaves the bathroom, a lot of camera distortion and noise come with this sighting)
  • Next (Seen on the right side of the screen next to the tree, and can be seen standing behind Evan)
  • Isolation (Seen outside a window)
  • Apt 3103 (Seen in a field holding what seems to be a sign up}
  • Part II (Seen behind a window and at the end of the video in front of Vincent)
  • Two thousand three hundred ninety-five (Seen when Vincent is banging at the door)

The EverymanHYBRID crew has caught the Slender Man on video on several occasions. During the video it was revealed that they'd been having somebody dress up as the Slender Man for some of their videos (see: Fake Slendy). Their first known encounter with the real Slender Man occurred during Episode 6 - Healthy Eating, when the Slender Man appears in Evan's house directly behind the crew. When the crew rush to investigate, the Slender Man is nowhere to be found, confusing them since there is no obvious escape route. After their initial contact, the crew begins exhibiting many of the symptoms associated with having contact with the Slender Man. He makes another overt appearance in the video Joke's Over, where he appears behind Vince and Evan. He later appears in December & early January when the crew is retreating from the grave of Vince's cat; he is silhouetted by an outdoor house light and the footage freezes and distorts when it settles on him.


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