The Nature of DarkHarvest00's Slender Man

Slender Man has embodied several noteworthy differences when portrayed in the YouTube ARG DarkHarvest00. His motivation, origins, and methods are explored early on in the series.


Slender Man appears statically at approximatly nine feet tall, wearing a black funeral-style suit, white shirt, and black tie in accordance with canon. His face is completly blank and with a pale, featureless skin-tone. He is commonly portrayed standing straight, looking directly into the camera while not moving. While he usually moves by Slenderwalking teleportation, he is also presented as conventionally ambulatory, walking in slow strides. His arms and fingers will move, and he sometimes bends at the waist. As usual, the camera will emit a loud, low frequency distorted tone when Slender Man comes close, and the picture goes either black and white, splits, or the color malfunctions when in close proximity or direct line of sight.

Origins in the Series

Slender Man is speculated to have originally made contact with human beings in Ancient Egypt, where he was revered and worshiped as a god of death named Gorr'Rylaehotep. A ritual was conducted in honor of Gorr'Rylaehotep in which a chant would be recited, and a sacrifice presented.

After Germany's defeat in World War II, a German Nazi scientist named Dr. Hanz Freuhauf was acquisitioned into the United States space program, where he headed the Princeton Experiment. Dr. Freuhauf was a superstitious and occult man who wasted no time in attempting to replicate the same ritual used by the Ancient Egyptian Gorr'Rylaehotep followers. The ritual was meant so that Gorr'Rylaehotep would enter the physical world, and a human could enter the spiritual world and attain godhood.

The tablet detailing the ritual was discovered by German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kaufmann, though he received ridicule from his peers, who deemed Kaufmann and the tablet to be fraudulent. Dr. Freuhauf, prior to his acquisition, used concentration camp prisoners in order to utilize the ritual, but was left only with failed, mangled and distorted abominations of bodies. However, after several attempts, Freuhauf succeeded in summoning Slender Man into the physical world in Germany, somewhere between 1940 and 1945. The only survivor of the ritual was Marc McComber. Sometime in the late 1950's the United States government reproduced the same experiment at the Atlantic Test Site in New Jersey, and succeeded in summoning Slender Man to America.


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