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218 (KVDR's First video)

Kind Von Der Ritter is a man from the DarkHarvest00 ARG. Though not much is known about him, it is known that he "worships" Slender Man as a god and has been driven insane by his obsession. However he's not a proxy since he merely worships the Slender Man but wishes to become one himself.

He has been following Chris and Alex since the very beginning of the series. He uploads strange and disturbed videos to his YouTube channel and appears to have the ability to travel through/control time. It is assumed that the bathrobed figure that the boys have seen on several occasions is the one uploading these videos, as shown by one of the videos, entitled 218.

As of "Daniel Shipman's Visits" series, it is suspected that KindVonDerRitter is Marc McComber.

Actions and Appearances

  • Kind Von Der Ritter may be responsible for a door in Chris's house seemingly closing itself in Log Entry #1.
  • In Log Entry #3, Chris shows three images titled "Mortem Obire", which had been sent to him by Kind Von Der Ritter. The phrase can roughly by translated to "going to meet death".
  • In Log Entry #6, Chris and Alex hear a noise in Chris's house and investigate. They discover that the attic has been opened and that a newspaper discussing the disappearance of Marc McComber is inside. Kind Von Der Ritter is likely responsible for the event.
  • In Log Entry #7, A hand possibly belonging to Kind Von Der Ritter reaches into view and closes a door in Alex's house.
  • In 218, Kind Von Der Ritter enters Chris's bedroom while his house is seemingly empty.
  • In freundliche_fremde, Kind Von Der Ritter films himself following Chris, who is also filming, at night. Chris notices him and falls in surprise, before fleeing.
  • In Log #12, Kind Von Der Ritter is found by Chris and Alex as they leave Greg Benson's house. As they approach him, he draws a knife and the two of them flee back into the house.
  • In The Atlantic Test Site, Kind Von Der Ritter approaches Chris, Alex, and Jesse in the woods and chases them back to their car. The three then attempt to run him over as they drive away, although seemingly fail. Upon returning home, the three discover that they have been sent back in time to the moment they first left.
  • In Log Entry #15, Kind Von Der Ritter enters Jesse's room during the night and leaves behind his knife, seemingly as an offering of peace.
  • Kind von der Ritter sent my_final_betrayal to Alex. The video itself depicts a meeting of The Order, in which time freezes partway through. It is implied that Kind Von Der Ritter may be the cameraman.
  • In Log Entry #19, Kind Von Der Ritter pursues the masked man in the suit that chases Chris and Alex out of the forest and tackles him. In Log #19.5 (Update), it is mentioned that a pool of blood was found near the spot where Kind Von Der Ritter was seen tackling the man, implying that the cultist was slain in the ensuing melee.
  • In Trauen, Kind Von Der Ritter films himself entering Chris's house while time is frozen and then leaves.
  • Kind Von Der Ritter later uploaded 'Memoir', in which he went into greater detail about himself and confirmed that he wished to gain Chris and Alex's trust. The video also contains a series of messages meant for Daniel Shipman, implying Daniel would deliver a message to Chris and Alex as well as discover a weapon to tear The Order apart in New Jersey. The video also mentioned a key and ROT; Daniel would later receive a key in an envelope given to him by a woman on the street near a church holding a late-night sermon and use ROT to solve the codes the key would lead him to, which were clues about the supposed betrayal of Lawrence Rainwood by conspirators within The Order.

Name Meaning


A German woodcut showing Der Ritter/The Knight.

'Kind Von Der Ritter' is German for 'Child Of The Knight'. The Knight, more commonly refered to by his German name, is believed to be a being similar to the Slender Man, or the Slender Man itself.

It has to be noted that 'Kind Von Der Ritter' is technically wrong grammar, unless it is actually referring to the woodcut and not to the shown entity. The German grammar uses different articles for each case and "The" would be translated into "Dem".

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