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Kate's House is a location in Slender: The Arrival, previously belonging to Lauren's friend Kate.


According to a letter from Kate, she sold the house to leave her past when being stalked by the Slender Man. This is seen in the large amounts of writing on the wall, indicating she was under the influence of The Obsession, and another letter saying that Kate and her friend have been seeing the same hallucination; in reality the Slender Man has been stalking them the whole time.


Owned by Kate, the two story house was once owned by her mother. Kate was later stalked by the Slender Man when Kate's mother died from the sickness obtained from Slender Man. Kate had already wrecked the house when her last encounter with Slender Man occurred. She was in her room, scribbling down the note "To the woods" when she heard camera static. Realizing Slender Man was there, she put her note on the desk and started to go around the house locking all the doors and windows. Slender Man managed to get inside and Kate was chased into her bedroom. Then, Slender Man teleported into Kate's room, causing her to wreck the house more by smashing her window to escape, followed by a large scream when Lauren arrives and picks up the note.



A map of the house, detailing the locations of the doors and windows for the chapter, Escape.


  • Slender Man as seen outside of Kate's house.
  • Kate's Room
  • Slender Man inside Kate's House
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