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Jeffrey Koval is a major character in the EverymanHYBRID ARG. He is Alex's brother and is listed in the intro as the "Camera and Editing" to Vincent's project.

He has little involvement at first, the first two episodes only feature him during the opening. In Episode 3: Dreams & Eating, he interrupts the beginning by messing with a little toy mouse as a joke. He also shows up in Episode 4: Cardio & Outdoor Activities, where he is the driver for the car that Vincent and Evan are pushing. Who the camera operator is on this scene isn't certain, nor important.

He is believed to be a Minecraft fan, because in one of the episodes he is seen with a Minecraft T-shirt.

Episode: "..." has Jeff discussing with Vincent the fact that his house got broken into. He seems most bothered that nobody stopped to admit it was a joke, whoever did so left without making themselves known. Both discussion participants seem especially unnerved that there was absolutely no way out of whatever room they found "Slenderman" in, yet no Slender Man was found.

Jeff has a speaking role in Episode 6: Healthy Eating Habits. He starts the episode with Evan. The two go back to the grocery store from Episode: 3 and discuss some foods to eat as unhealthy alternatives. In this episode, however, as the episode begins to come to a close, he heads back with Vincent and notice a figure in the back of Evan's car. The two assume it is Dave. When they arrive, it's gone, and the camera is messing up very unusually. The group then spots "Slenderman" in the house already, except this time they legitimately don't know where it came from, and head in to investigate the house, on alert. When they get upstairs, they talk with and then turn around to find Slenderman in the nearby room, who shuts the door without touching it. They all burst into the room looking, but find no trace of anyone, and this signals where they are being chased by the real Slenderman. The crew is noticeably startled when they can't find any trace of anyone in the room despite no exits and them being on the second floor of the house.

Episode: "Public Service Announcement" has Vincent (on camera with Evan and Jeff with an unknown cameraman) admitting that the entire time they've been pranking with a fake Slenderman just for fun, but with the break in to Evan's house, they feel they should address this as someone took the joke too far. Evan, understandably angry, states he wants to know who it was, but that if they come clean he'll forgive them, however if they don't and he catches them then "there will be very negative repercussions". At that the three walk off camera.

Episode: "A day in the life" is the attempt by the crew to have a calm easy episode, this episode featuring Alex, Jeff, Evan, Vincent, Jessa, and Ryan. The group basically goofs around for a while. Nothing of any real substance happens.

Episode: "Our Two Part Special on Sleeping & Dreams: Preview" has the group starting an experiment on sleep deprivation. Vincent and Jeff will be recording their behavior while depriving.

In Episode "Sleep Lab Part 1- Sleep Deprivation", Vincent and Jeff update the public on how they've been doing. They also say they're starting a journal to record hallucinations just in case. Vincent takes Jeff into the nearby room and states within ten seconds, somehow a series of photos from their video "A day in the life" are hanging from the veiling with lots of the images covered in marker, and the weird mouse doll they got in Episode 3 is now laying on the floor burned. They seem to laugh it off, and assume Evan did it as a joke, so they head to scare Evan. Evan never really gets an answer as to why they bugged him, but he plays along and they play sword fight. The duo conclude with the fact that the experiment will most likely end soon.

Episode "- - -" contains video of everyone mostly talking randomly, but at one point Jeff shows up and argues with Vincent. Evan asks what's up, and Jeff mentions a shrine in the back room. Vincent tries to tell him it was Alex and that it can just be played off, except Jeff argues that he wasn't home during the time, and Jeff is getting angry and scared as to why now they're getting these weird instances. Vincent argues they can't let whoever is bugging them win, as it's a sign that they get their way. Jeff admits he loves the EverymanHYBRID project, but the creepy junk happening around them isn't worth it. Evan points out at this point nothing can be done, and Vincent jumps on that argument and tells Jeff they can only fight against him by keeping going. Vincent then demands the camera be shut off. Later the footage of them talking comes back, and Vincent promises if they get another occurrence they'll stop. Evan then continues and hints at the idea that he believes that it really is Slenderman this time.

Episode "Slushpops and Surprises" contains the trio talking once more, and they go upstairs for some 'slushpops', where Vincent finds a note with an odd black cross on it, and the note says "W 074 41 097". They dismiss it and the video stops and you hear breathing along with white on black words that say "CENTER THE TRAGIC HERO AND HIS UNATTAINABLE COMPANION. ]]"

Episode 7: "Self Defense (Plus a message to all HYBRIDS)" starts with Vincent and Evan showing self defense lessons with Jeff playing cameraman. They talk about Yoga as well.

Episode "Joke's Over" contains Evan and Vincent introducing the video as they had difficulties. The video itself shows the group giving some hiking tips when Slenderman shows up. Despite Evan's attack, he gets away, and they find suspended garbage bags that appear to be filled with blood and dead animals. Evan bursts into hysterical laughter. Later that evening Vincent admits that Jeff has gone missing of his own accord, and that when they called Jessa (hoping she'd know where he is), she didn't pick up.

Episode "I'm okay" seems to be Jeff wandering a burnt out building by himself. On camera Jeff admits that when he was a kid, his school got burnt down, and a head count was done of the students, assuming everyone was outside. Truth was, Jeff was still inside the fire. He states he must have been there for an hour, and seems resentful of the people that forgot him. At one point the camera blanks out randomly after loud noise, and Jeff realizes an hour later that the camera was not on. He continues to talk, however parts of the audio are hard to pick up. He states he'll keep everyone updated as much as he can.

Episode ". -" Has Jeff speak to an old woman regarding Dr. Corenthal, probably in regards to the medical records he found in the previous episode. Meanwhile Evan seems to be scouting through Jeff's notebook. He notes to the lady that one of the patients may have been nicknamed "HABIT". The lady becomes agitated with the questioning, and the rest of the imagery is either nonsensical (in that it is unexplainable in its nature) or overplayed with music.

Episode "78of76.avi" seems to be the group breaking into an abandoned building from episode "A day in the life". It is apparent that it is dark and covered in sand, with waves of water pushing in. What importance this has is uncertain.

Episode "No Hysterics. Not yet." Focuses on just Jeff. He admits since his last time (probably episode .-) that he was thrown in jail overnight due to punching a security officer, but was let go due to assuming he had done so in self defense. He admits to looking for a name on several papers, and states that whoever is giving him this paper trail hadn't counted on him finding some records. He'll be heading back to the rest of the group as soon as possible, admitting he has no place to go. He's looking for a "she" and then goes on to ask the camera as if talking to the authorities if this is enough evidence that something bad is going on.

Episode "Reunion" has the group once again reunited. Jeff states he'll go over what he found later, but first the guys want to show the viewers something important. Vincent admits that it is weird that Jeff found confidential records in a burned out abandoned building. Vincent continues to admit the whole group went to said building. They found a weird note and some odd stuff happens, which Vincent "Doesn't want to jump to conclusions on", which angers Evan who believes that this isn't a prank. The camera cuts out to the group in a flashback inside the building. In there Jeff admits he never found out exactly how the fire started. Jeff then admits the papers were found in one of the lockers, which confuses the rest of the group. Vincent references the room looking a lot like Silent Hill, and that the records were here. During their visit in this room Slenderman is clearly watching them, but they never notice. They locate a new paper that was handwritten. It appears to be an apology letter of some sort. When they leave the room, Vincent lowers his camera and holds it at his side, which catches video of The Operator standing in the open looking at them.

Episode "Cops checked no body" starts with the group in a car with "Jessie", a woman they know from the internet. Jeff notes that they keep getting cards that say "Greetings from the land of Ashen Wastes" and that Jessa is still missing. Evan attempts to explain their situation to Jessie about what's going on as she doesn't know anything about their situation, and Jessie notes she is rather concerned as to Jessa just being missing. They all say they're hoping that Jessa is where they are headed. Vincent notes that people are telling them that videos are on their YouTube profile channel, yet they note the videos aren't there (referencing the fact that some videos on their channel appear invisible to them). They also note that Damsel is potentially behind their problem, as the basement shrine had "Canyouseethewords" everywhere, and they note that, unlike in the sleep lab, they no longer believe it was Alex, but rather believe it is their Slender Stalker or Damsel. They also go over the school incident from the previous episode, and speak about a Dr. Corenthal. Jessie admits that her uncles last name is Corenthal. The group shows interest in the topic, but Jessie didn't know him well, and that her uncle was estranged. The group stops at a location where there is a lot of old wreckage that may have happened in a fire. Vincent speaks with Jeff alone that they are completely uncertain why they're even here as they have no clues to go on, but Jeff insists to persevere in the area. Vincent notes Jeff staring at one point, and turns the camera to see what he's looking at. They notice a body, but Vincent repeatedly says "she's just sleeping" (clearly not believing himself). Jeff tells him to call someone, however he notes that the cops don't believe them and they aren't supposed to be in this area. Jeff immediately believes she is dead, and Vincent insists he goes first. Jeff retrieves an item from the womans hand, and there are cuts along her wrist. Just as Jeff pulls back, Vincent points out a white figure that darts across the background. Evan and Jessie are talking back at the car, when they hear Vincent tell them they have to run. The video cuts out.

In ":D", Jeff appears again after going missing for several months. Evan/HABIT has captured him, and taunts him for several minutes before torturing him, and apparently killing him.

He is seen again in the TribeTwelve video, "Bridge to Nowhere", telling Noah Maxwell to commit suicide in order to escape the ordeal he's in before running away from Evan, who's still under the control of HABIT.


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