The Hotel is a location in the Marble Hornets ARG where many of the early episodes of season 2 happen. The hotel is never given a name. It appears to be a 2 floor hotel complete with an outdoor pool and the floors have red carpets. The rooms all contain a television, radio, desk, bed, and combination digital safe. Both Jay and Jessica note a few times there are no other patrons besides themselves. Season 2 begins and ends here.

In Entry #27, Jay wakes up in his room in the hotel, and finds the radio going off making bizarre noise and the television on and causing loud thudding noises as the picture repeatedly cuts out. As he shuts the devices off, he checks around his room and finds only minor items of importance in the room itself. Jay states he has no recollection of how he arrived at said location. He also walks by an unnamed woman at the time who becomes important by Entry #28. Jay is in room 211. He finds a duffle bag with multiple important items and a safe that is locked. The woman is also introduced as a girl named Jessica who happens to be staying in the room next door adjoining Jay's. Her room also makes a large amount of noise at night.

In Entry #30 Jay tries to discern what in her room is making noise, but gets no answer to his question. In Entry #31 the hotel appears as well when Jay returns after scouting Rosswood Park which is apparently very close by.

In Entry #32 when Jay is confronted by Jessica due to her memory loss, he attempts to speak with her in her room, only for her to vanish when he goes in. When he finds the combination to his safe, Masky rushes Jay , but Jay escapes unharmed. Jay refuses to return to the hotel alone, unsure of where Jessica is or how Masky ended up in Jessica's room.

Entry #52 is the next time the hotel is shown, where it shows how Jessica and Jay got to the hotel, and that they purposely rented adjoining rooms. The memory loss is also explained as The Operator showing up and attacking the two of them.

In Entry #76, Jessica is revealed to have been taken from her hotel room by Masky and Hoody, and is taken to the nearby forest. She was later attacked by Alex (possibly killed) and her body was taken by the Operator.

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