Homestead is the seventh chapter of Slender: The Arrival.




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The level begins with CR arriving at the Matheson Farmstead. He introduces himself and begins to explore the area. CR enters the shed to the left of him to find some drawings of Slender Man made by Charlie. He activates the pulley to unblock the doorway leading to the rest of the farm. Continuing on, he discovers a power generator and realizes it is low on fuel. CR enters the cornfield and heads towards the cellar. There, he finds gas canisters and a now proxified Charlie. He exits and heads back to the generator. Now powered up, the generator allows CR to enter the barn. After making his way through the poorly-lit barn, CR comes upon what seems to be the remains of a burnt down house. There, he finds a key. CR heads back out into the cornfield and heads toward the chapel on the other side. He realizes he is being chased and starts running. He reaches the gate to the chapel and unlocks it with the key. CR enters the chapel to have a hallucination of Slender Man, but, quickly shakes it off. He finds several toys laying on the floor, he picks one up and alerts Charlie, who then busts in the back door of the chapel, providing a frightened CR with a way out. CR makes his way to the house to discover that Slender Man has been watching the Matheson Family for generations before running into Charlie again, causing him to flee in terror. CR runs out of the house and drops his camera. The level ends with Charlie chasing CR off of the property before the camera screens turns to static.



  • This is the longest level in Slender: The Arrival.
  • This is the only level where the Slender Man appears only once.
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