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March 21, 2010

Concluded January 1, 2019


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57 Entries, 6 "hidden" videos, 7 "Episodes", 9 accompanying videos, 2 crossover videos


Directed by: Vincent Caffarello,

Jeffery Koval, Evan Jennings

Starring Vincent Caffarello,

Jeffery Koval, Evan Jennings

EverymanHYBRID (EMH) was a Slender Man-based YouTube series/ARG, that also makes use of the Rake. EMH is the third largest, and second-longest running major Slender Man series. EMH takes heavy influence from MarbleHornets, but over time has taken more of its own course. EMH makes the heaviest use of fan interaction among the five major ARGs, through use of interactive games, twitter, interaction with Slenderblogs, live streams and meetings with fans.

Currently, EMH has 84 episodes and 6 "hidden" videos, which were most likely added by the series' main antagonist: HABIT. EMH is chiefly responsible for forming the modern mythos of the Rake, and secondly responsible for forming the modern mythos of Slender Man. The series was eventually concluded with the video "Introductions" on January 1, 2019, after a run of eight years.

Its wiki can be found here.

Origin and History[]

EMH was created originally as a health video vlog by friends Vincent, Evan, and Jeff. Later appearances are made by Jeff's brother Alex and Damsel from Slenderblog CANYOUSEETHEWORDS The three originally intend to prank the audience by creating a fake Slender Man and placing it in their videos, in obvious places. However, after Episode 6, things go south as the real Slenderman appears in Evan's house.

The videos since that initial sighting record the friends' attempts to unravel a mystery concerning their pasts, an unknown puppeteer known as HABIT, Slenderman, the Rake, and viewers, in which they are all involved in ways they do not understand.

The series makes references to House of Leaves, Slender Man, The Rake, MarbleHornets, TribeTwelve, and a few other Slenderman vlogs.

What is assumed to be HABIT posts videos on the EMH channel that the characters are seemingly unable to see.


Main Cast

  • Vincent - Host of EMH show, and is considered to be the main protagonist.
  • Evan - Dietary specialist, actively takes action against Slenderman, and shows signs of mental instability. As of late, appears to be fully under HABIT's control.
  • Jeff - Cameraman, brother of Alex. Was killed by Evan/HABIT in ":D"
  • Alex - Jeff's younger brother, targeted by the Rake.
  • Stephanie/Damsel - CANYOUSEETHEWORDS? slenderblogger, aids the characters, friend of Jessa. Had a baby girl with Evan before being murdered by an "inHABITed" Evan along with her new born daughter.
  • Jessa - Jeff's girlfriend, friend to Damsel. Goes missing at the beginning of the series.
  • Dr. Corenthal - A mutual childhood doctor of various characters.


  • HABIT - A malicious being who influences the characters' actions. He has admitted to being associated with the Rake and Slender Man, but this association is unclear. He possesses Evan.
  • The Rake - a creature, referred to as "a horrible deformed dog thing" by HABIT, with unknown motives. Responsible for several deaths and injuries.
  • Slender Man - A being stalking the EMH crew, with unknown motives.

Side Characters

  • Jessie - A close friend of the EMH crew, former girlfriend of Evan, and Niece of Dr. Corenthal. She helps the crew find out information on Dr. Corenthal, but is eventually killed by The Rake.
  • Ryan - Another close friend of the EMH crew, though mainly a minor character in the series. He is the first person to be invited into the Seven Trials of HABIT. After refusing to play the trials, he was pulled out of his car and killed while driving. It is unknown of who killed him, but it is speculated that The Rake was the one who killed him because he said he heard whispering. Something Rake is heard doing in multiple videos.
  • Jeff and Alex's Parents - Having died during the beginning of the series, they are only mentioned. They are believed to have been murdered by Slender Man or the Rake.
  • Lexi - Vincent's girlfriend as of "HALLOWEEN HANGOVER." She never makes an appearance on-screen and it is revealed that the Slender Man killed her in "A summoning."
  • Linnie - A mysterious woman that tried contacting the EMH crew but has never been seen on camera. The boys find a letter written by her near her corpse, which leads to the discovery of Dr. Corenthal.
  • William - The person whom Linnie's letter was addressed to.
  • Rose - Jessie's grandmother and most likely a victim of the Rake.
  • The Baby - The child of Evan and Stephanie. She is killed by HABIT before she can receive name and it is heavily implied he ate her afterwards.

It is also to note that EMH did a crossover with TribeTwelve, and thus all characters in TT are connected of the EMH universe. In this crossover, characters from DarkHarvest00 appeared, however, this was a cameo. A second TribeTwelve crossover occurred after an appearance by HABIT in DEUS EX MACHINA. However, the events of this crossover (Severance and Brige to Nowhere) are mostly unconnected to the overall story in EMH.



EMH makes heavy use of distortion, as influenced by MarbleHornets, when in the vicinity of Slender Man. EMH is the first series to connect multiple creepypasta entities and media, through including the Rake, possible references to Candle Cove, having an appearance and references to House of Leaves, and being intertwined with at least one slenderblog in its plot. Fan interaction is also important, with several videos posted by fans being crucial to the storyline.