Eric is Shaun's roommate and close friend in the ARG MLAndersen0. He is a very crabby guy who seems to not trust Michael at all. When Shaun is missing after he was attacked by Michael in his sleep, He is very disbelieving of anything Michael has to say, even threatening to call the police if Shaun didn't show up. Eric was attacked by Slender Man after Michael led him down a alleyway and ran away as it showed up.

He was gone for a few weeks, not answering any calls, or anyone at his door. When he was out of his shock, Eric came to Shaun's house, telling Michael he was warned about talking to either Shaun or Michael. When asked who warned him, he wouldn't answer. He is attacked more than any other character, more than likely due to the fact Michael/Patrick think he shouldn't be involved with their situation.

Eric is the most doubtful of anything actually happening to Michael, denying Slender Man and Patrick's existence up until the point where he was beaten with the back of an axe until he complied to leave Michael and Shaun alone. He has not appeared in the series since Patrick told him to leave. The last known news of Eric was when Shaun said Eric had finally come out of the hospital.