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Entries are a major facet of the MarbleHornets ARG and are the method in which the main protagonist, Jay, hands off information to the viewers of MarbleHornets. Each entry uploaded to the Marble Hornets YouTube channel is numbered by order of which it was uploaded, such as Entry #1, then #2, then #3, etc. However none of the entries are time stamped as to when they happen, but their upload dates are automatically placed as part of how YouTube uploads videos. They are called Entries as that is what Jay labels them in white on black text in the bumps before and sometimes after each video.

Most Entries begin with Jay labeling the number of the entry, and sometimes providing some commentary on the entry. Each entry is implied to have already been screened by Jay and therefore he removes any information he deems unnecessary or potentially harmful (such as Alex killing a man, the death is shown, but Alex beating the mans head in with a rock is censored).

The second part of the entry is the video, which is always shown from the view of a handheld camera (or later a chest strapped camera). The camera is the only log we are shown, Jay himself does not do audio commentary during the entry (sometimes he does put in subtitles to point things out), nor does he stop the entry to point things out. He also implies that none of the footage in any episode is edited in any way as to distort the facts presented, they are only abridged for time. The camera footage can be either footage taken extremely recently that Jay has uploaded to show everyone what he has found, to old video footage that Jay has checked through and found some important footage to post. In the former example, this is done from Jay's perspective, in the latter it can be from anyone's perspective, although Season's 1 and 2 have the biggest chunk of entries on old tape done by either Alex or information Jay has lost memory over and is therefore reviewing. Other perspectives include Tim, Seth, Amy, Brian, and Hoody.

The third part of the entry is not always included, where Jay wraps up the information he has just shown the viewers with what his thoughts are on the situation, or what he has found, or what the footage has shown. He may also show footage from previous entries to point out connections, or replay certain footage from the episode itself and point out any important details the audience may or may not have been aware of. The ends, like the beginnings, are done in white on black text bumps.

Entry-style videos are used in many ARGs, but MarbleHornets is the only major ARG that uses the name.

Only two entries are not properly number stamped. Entry ###### which comes between Entry #24 and #25 and is stated not to have been uploaded by Jay, but another unknown entity who has taken control of his account, potentially Totheark. The other one, enttry #37 which is misspelled and without a capitalized "e" which is also not uploaded by Jay, but Jay does not delete it and no "Entry #37" is uploaded, so chronologically enttry #37 is Entry #37. Entry ###### is bizarre footage with still animation as well, and a hard to read message, done in the same style as the videos done by Totheark. enttry #37 is home footage of a birthday of a child named "Alex" which is implied to be Alex.

After his last encounter with Alex, Jay has since gone missing and is presumed dead. Tim has since been making and posting the videos from the main channel.

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