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Elementary' is the third map of the Slenderman's Shadow series. It was released on August 31, 2012.

You play as a little girl, indicated by her breathing when out of stamina, as well as how big the door frames are, where the teddy bear locations are placed and how much taller Slenderman himself seem to be. It is unknown why she is walking around a large elementary school. The goal is to collect 8 teddy bears and escape the school before the Slender Man captures the player.


Slendermans-shadow-elementary large 3

One of the 8 bears

  • The flashlight is disabled after a short period of time with the light bulb breaking (mostly happens around getting the 1st teddy bear).
  • This is the second Slender game to employ the use of items besides notes.
  • This is the first Slenderman's Shadow map to have an outside (the courtyard of the school).
  • This map features new sound effects.
  • You can find dismembered body parts and corpses of Slenderman victims throughout the school. This is reminiscent of his behavior in the original mythos, which would include acts of dismemberment or mutilation, rather than what Slender Man does in the ARG's, or his behavior in the modern Mythos.
    • It is possible that the body parts and dead bodies belonged to those who used to work at the school.
    • Outside the school in the courtyard there is a body impaled on a tree; this kill is similar to the original mythos.
    • Occasionally you can see flies flying around some of the bodies/body parts in the newer version.
    • The corpses shown in the school include a skined mutalated corpse on the floor, a corpse impaled through a tree, a headless corpse impaled on one of the hooks, a dismebered head on one of the desks and a severed arm in the corner of one of the rooms.
      Slender-mans-shadow-elementary 800

      The body impaled on a tree

  • The song at the start of the level is a haunting rendition of 'Ring Around the Rosie'.
  • There are windows in the school, and sometimes you can see Slenderman on the other side (it might depend on which windows though).
  • You play as a little girl in this map, although her breathing sounds are similar to the woman in Hospice.
    • All of the playable female characters in the Slenderman's Shadow games share the same breathing sounds for when they drain their stamina from running.
  • When you collect 8 teddy bears, you must get back to where you spawned to beat it. This is similar to after you collect 8 notes in Hospice and Sanatorium.
  • All of the teddy bears the player has to collect are impaled on large hooks and are mounted on the walls.
  • In the older versions of this map. There was a locked door near one of the doorways to the courtyard, a hand symbol would appear if you were looking at it and close to it.
  • However in newer versions of the map the door was removed, which revealed another entrance into a room that could already be accessed.
  • There are actually 9 teddy bears in Elementary. This was discovered by a rather well-known YouTuber called Yamimash. He was attempting to find the exit when he came across a narrow corridor, to which he went forward and saw the ninth bear. However, this bear didn't count. The link to the video can be found here.
  • This is the most gore-filled Slenderman's Shadow map so far because of the blood writing on the walls, the loose body parts, and corpses.
  • There are 3 bloody messages which include, YOU CANT HIDE, I WILL FIND YOU & THERE IS NO ESCAPE.
  • The Elementary map resembles the Bath Consolidated School in Michigan, USA, an elementary school that was bombed in 1927.
  • If you beat the game, the poem Der Großmann from Hospice will be seen on the "You survived" screen.
  • The Der Großmann poem was changed to a different original poem in the later versions of the map.
  • The poem goes:


I see you walking, Pale with fright,

Like so many other men

Who could not hide

Who could not fight

Who no one ever saw again.

I took them to the other side

For it is me who brings the night.

Faceless hunter, hidden eyes

Watching, to see your demise.

Soon, his hundred arms will hold

Your mortal body, dead and cold.

What really in the shadow lurks,

Is one of Devil's darkest works.

Do you hear its haunting sound,

By which your heart and soul are bound?

Silencing all of your screams,

Following into your dreams.

Your sight will blur, your mind will bend

And when it does, you life shall end!

You run you scream and now, you stop

You turn around, your pages drop.

You beg me, to let you go



C.R Kartheiser

  • Unlike the Der Großmann poem the poem seen in Elementary is only displayed if you escape.
  • The line in the poem that reads. "You turn around, your pages drop" could actually be directly referencing Slender: The Eight Pages. It could also be mentioning Sanatorium or Hospice and possibly but unlikely 7th Street.
  • This can't relate to Elementary because you aren't collecting pages in Elementary.
  • The writer poem could actually be the writer of the notes to Kate found in Slender: The Arrival.
  • This reason is backed up because the real name of the character is unknown but we know they always sign off with the signature C.R.
  • If true this means C.R's last name is Karthesier.
  • Like the Der Großmann poem this poem also mentions slenders original mythos and the differences between the current mythos.
  • If you look closely at the tree in the courtyard, you can see that there is a man impaled on it.
    • This could be a reference to the fashion that Slender Man used to kill his victims; impaling them on tree branches high off the ground.
  • For some reason, the teddy bears are called "pieces" instead of teddy bears. This could be an error.
  • The teddy bears also appear to be impaled in different places on there bodies, these include, in the chest area, in the neck and the through mouth.
  • This is the first map to introduce a new feature to the Slenderman Shadows games.
  • This feature is the ability for slender man to "Chase" you, which is really him teleporting rapidly.
  • When Slenderman "chases" you a creepy distorted wind like sound can be heard indicating he is chasing you.
  • This new feature is carried on to Mansion, Claustrophobia and 7th Street but is a lot rarer to experience in those maps.
  • There are 2 signs in this map, one is located near the dead end hallway and says HELP! another one is outside in the courtyard at one of the entrances to the building and says KEEP OUT!
  • There is also 2 Operator symbols which look like a Cross with an X through it one is located near the dead end hallway and another is located near one of the portable chalkboards
  • On almost every chalkboard in the map there is a short poem. It goes FIVE, SIX PICKUP STICKS, SEVEN, EIGHT KILLING IS GREAT.
  • In older versions of Elementary a bear would be in the room with the YOU CANT HIDE message. In later versions of this map the bear was moved to the dead end hallway which originally didn't have a bear.
  • In the Unity remake there is a bear in the YOU CANT HIDE room.
  • In the Unity remake the bear spawn in the room with the head on the desk and the bear spawn in the computer desk room were removed to avoid the nine teddy bear incident that was in the original. But they still kept the hooks in their places.
  • In the Unity remake all the blood messages and blood writing in the school has been removed.
  • This excludes most of the chalkboards which still have that disturbing short rhyme.
  • In the Unity remake the HELP! and KEEP OUT! sign have been removed.
  • This is one of the four maps where the items are not randomised. Including the original and the remake.
  • In the Unity remake your flashlight doesn't break.
  • In the Unity remake there is no poem after you escape.
  • This was the seventh map to introduce glowsticks. This happened in the Unity remake.