Concrete Giraffes is a YouTube video created by CardGamesFTW, or "LittleKuriboh" as a parody of MarbleHornets. It features Yu-Gi-Oh characters Marik Ishtar, Yami Bakura, Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler and Mokuba Kaiba, and also features Slender Man himself. CardGamesFTW is the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh abridged video series, and this animation is a spoof using the characters along with Slender Man.


The video begins spoofing the intro from the introduction video from MarbleHornets where Bakura is remarking Marik's odd behavior. He then notes at the end that Marik, like Alex, tells him to burn the tapes, then follows up up with burning it to a CD and selling it for profit. Bakura then makes fun of the Entries by stating he wishes to put this video on a "random YouTube channel". It then cuts to the actual video and begins.


"This is my magnum opus!"

Marik Ishtar is making a movie (about himself) with Bakura, however Marik becomes increasingly unreasonable, yelling at Bakura for no reason, repeatedly screaming "Action", and telling Bakura ridiculous requests such as demanding Bakura pretend to be a "Gay Elephant Named Jonathan" (Jon for short). Unlike Alex of Marble Hornets, Marik's behavior is simply because he is an unreasonably annoying individual. Slender Man then shows up shortly, appearing in the background unnecessarily, before approaching Bakura and Marik. Marik first assumes he is a homeless man, however Slender Man pesters them endlessly, repeatedly asking them if he can be a part of the movie and being overly friendly. Marik, the brain trust he is, repeatedly contradicts himself as to whether Slender Man is in the movie or not. Eventually it is revealed that Bakura and Slender Man were college roommates, and that they used to pick up women all the time. Bakura, however, doesn't remember any of it (most likely due to Slender Man sickness).

Slender Man is finally added to the movie, but then realizes there is only one character in the movie: Marik Ishtar. Bakura, in a condescending move, says the person who says "Binky Boy" the best is Marik. Marik refuses, however Slender Man happily agrees, and Bakura awards him the position of Marik Ishtar, upon which Marik becomes distressed, then decides that Slender Man must be more appropriately dressed. Marik then changes into Slender Man's suit, while Slender Man wears Marik's comically small outfit. At this point Slender Man states he has issues with the script, and demands it to be changed. When Marik challenges him to make a new script, the video jumps to the third act.


"Jack Slenderman"

A terrorist (supposedly played by Kurt Russel) is holding children hostage. Slender Man, playing "Jack Slenderman", the cop who doesn't play by the rules, jumps through a window and knocks him out. Slender Man then eats one of the children, and gets berated by his superior officer for doing so, however he states it is only in his nature. The announcer of the movie trailer pronounces "Slender Man as 'Slender Men'", and Joey Wheeler, sitting in a theater with Yugi Moto, announces that this must be the most desperate idea by Hollywood ever. Yugi then comments he's surprised that they got Kurt Russel. Slender Man, who is also in the theater, yells at them for not being quiet and eats Mokuba Kaiba.

Black on white text at the end of the video states you will be seeing him in the dark corner of your room.


Concrete Giraffes

Concrete Giraffes



  • The animation of the video was done by Rocketgal, the backgrounds done by Sleepdep, the Slenderman trailer music is done by Michael "Skitch" Schiciano, and the voice of the orphan is done by Blackrose1M, everything else (including all other character voices) are LittleKuriboh.
  • The video references a common running joke with Slender Man in that he wants his $20. To further this joke, the video plays the song "Gimme 20 Dollars" by Ron Browz.
  • The video marks its date at September 2010.
  • This video implies that Slender Man's uniform is removable, and that he has multiple uniforms.
  • The video states it is inspired by Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, and TribeTwelve.
  • In this video, Slender Man can walk.
  • Bakura is technically standing too close to be able to get proper footage; at the most, he'd be filming Marik's shoulder the entire time.
  • Bakura does not remember most of his college years with Slender Man. One symptom of the sickness is mild amnesia, meaning that Bakura either has poor memory (which is unlikely, given his skill at recalling things in his series) or was effected by the sickness due to being around the Slender Man.
  • Marik's actual intent of this movie is never directly stated. It can only be assumed it is some sort of self documentary, however, given the way Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged plays, Marik's intent with the film could have been virtually anything.
  • Slender Man does not interfere with the camera in this video.
  • Slender Man, despite having no visible eyes, still appears to be able to flex his facial muscles to make eyebrows, and has a mouth and nose.
  • Slender Man's voice is slightly warped.
  • The video is supposed to be told from the perspective of the camera (as identified by the spoofed intro), however the video has flashbacks, time cuts to a theater, and is shown from the third person for the majority of it.
  • It's never stated as to how Slender Man wears his glasses or the earrings as he lacks ears.
  • Slender Man went to college and roomed with Bakura, which in itself would make no sense as Bakura, in his series, is only in high school (he could be referring to the spirit of the Millennium Ring that possesses Ryou Bakura).
  • Like in Marble Hornets, Slender Man can affect people's memories: in the CardGamesFTW video "Marik Plays Bloodlines - Part 6" (part of a "Let's Play" series done in character by LittleKuriboh as Marik and Bakura), Marik asks if the subject of a Slender Man-esque statue is "that guy who wanted to star in our movie" but Bakura doesn't remember (Slender Man himself "appears" later in the video).
  • Slender Man later appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Christmas special "An Ishtar Family Christmas" in which he appears in the window of the manger and asks if it's "the Jesus residence". Mary then replies "Crap, Joseph get the shotgun!"

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