Chatroom Etiquette and Chatroom Offenses

If you become banned from the wiki, the Chat is also shut off, however you can be banned from Chat only by Admins and Chat Admins. As a result, behave and act properly in Chat.

The rules are as followed

Harassment of other members

This is fairly simple, but is defined as inciting any fights or arguments with specific individuals. Admins will assume all bodies in the Chat are separate bodies unless we have been informed otherwise, and thus will treat it as harassment.

Insults of any kind

We do NOT tolerate name calling. If you want to be an angry ten year old, go to your facebook or blog and do it there, but we will not tolerate it. If you can't give a logical and obvious argument, then don't IM. PERIOD.


I assume that since to use wikia you must be of 13 years of age that we are mature enough to avoid name calling with the really derogatory words. Please do try to keep a filter on language inside chat, as excessive F bombs or the like (even if you really do talk that way) will result in you being kicked off for anywhere from several minutes to a couple hours. If you specifically insult an individual with such comments, consider that a decent offense.

Placing outside links to websites other than accepted websites

     ACCEPTED: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wiki's, Tumblr, Reddit (where applies)

Despite the mystery of investigating unknown websites and being part of interesting group, actually IMing such links to outside websites is not tolerated except for the above, which are accepted because everyone uses them. There is to be NO personal emails, and NO personal websites. If you want to post your own personal website, then make an account and put it on your profile, but DO NOT put it in the IM. If a user comes crying to us that he got his computer injured by following such a link, three things will happen.

1. The user will be assumed an idiot for following the link to begin with.

2. The user whom posted the link will be banned off the Wiki Chat altogether on this wiki.

3. Users will be warned not to visit that page.

This includes telling people to search specific criteria in websearches. That is considered the exact same and will be treated the exact same.

Asking other users for emails in Chat

I believe you'd be in your full rights to get hit by a phishing scam if you gave your email to an unknown user, but to the people who ask for them, you will get banned. No such questions are allowed. If you want information, then make a profile and talk to people via talk pages. There is absolutely no reason you can't do that.

So to reiterate



This is a growing problem on the wiki. People will post on a regular basis regarding religion. It is not fair to shove your religion down everyone's throat as the one true way to survive, nor is it fair for someone to post about how your religion is untrue. To avoid this altogether, non canon comments and instances regarding religion will end in users being banned off of the Chat. If you want to recruit for your religion, do it somewhere else.

Telling everyone Slender Man is fake

I don't care whether you like him or not, people here want to believe, so let us.

Being Condescending

This will usually lead to arguments and wars, so acting like you're better than everyone else will end in you having less privileges than the majority. Treat everyone with respect or go somewhere else.

Spamming the Chat

This is fairly self explanatory, and will end with you getting removed from it permanently.

Posting in Foreign Languages

The reason I say this is because unlike ARG's who try to use foreign languages, they usually use translators and can easily be translated back. However fully utilizing a foreign language typically cannot be translated, especially considering dialects, accents, and slang. Thus it is very difficult to moderate when you can't understand what someone says. If you don't understand English enough to type but can read it, then please try your best or use an online translator. Since the website is in English to begin with, I assume most people who come here can, but if you can't then please give it your best effort. If someone can't read this, they are still bound by it, as I don't want to wonder if said comment was an insult from a foreign language.

Impersonating an admin

You'd think this was obvious, but it's not. I will not tolerate this PERIOD, and this WILL be a perma ban with no possible parole. If you run around slinging the words ban, or pretending to do our duties, that is COMPLETELY against the rules. There are 4 Chat Admins total here and no more, and thus unless they are Wikia Staff Members, then if you are found doing so you will get banned from chat AND from the site.

Recorded Chat.

Tera Degoris is helping out the admins and Chat mods. He is recording chat and transposing it into his blog as a volunteered gesture.

As always, we expect our users to continue to uphold the rules regardless of whether an Admin or Chat Mod is present.

Roleplaying on Chat

Roleplaying on the wiki is defined as follows:

To act and speak as if you are the character you're portraying in the context of the setting in which your character (or avatar) exists. Context can be defined as both time and place driven by a specific storyline or goal. If you would like to take part in a roleplay of some sort, we ask that you do so in one of the provided mediums:

  • The Slender Man Wiki Roleplay Forum
  • Chatzy - It allows you to create your own personal chatrooms which you may use for your own purpose. Regular members of the wiki will be provided access to our premium room as well. Do remember that we at The Slender Man Wiki are unable to monitor and enforce the ToS in these rooms. Using another user's chatzy room is purely based on your own discretion.
  • Private Message - Although we will not allow roleplaying to take place in the main community chat of the wiki, you may do so via private messages.

As always if you feel that any rules or terms of service are being broken by users, please message one of the admin team and we will respond in as timely a manner as possible.

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