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Carl Ross
CR's corpse (The Arrival) and human shadow (Homestead).


Carl Ross, CR






Slender: The Arrival



Carl Ross, better known as CR, is the deuteragonist and one of the playable characters of Slender: The Arrival, trying to aid Kate in her time of need.

In Slender: The Arrival

Carl was a close friend of Kate and kept in touch with her through various means. Carl much like Kate suffered from hallucinations of Slender Man and tried to get help from his doctor. While the two kept in touch he eventually revealed he had feelings for her. Kate stopped replying to him and despite this he continued to write to her.

CR eventually discovered that a man who lived near Kate, Charles Matheson, lost his son, Charlie, who strangely disappeared without a trace. Growing curious, CR continued to ask the man questions about Charlie's presumed abduction., but Matheson eventually kicked him out.

After learning Charles had committed suicide in, again, strange circumstances's. CR's growing curiosity to the strange visions eventually got the best of him and he went to investigate the Matheson Farmstead. In an attempt to uncover what led to Charlie's disappearance and Charles' suicide.

While there he discovers that the Matheson's are the ones who unintentionally summoned Slender Man to their world (or at least, moved to and lived on the lands where he was) by an ancient ritual site. He also discovers through drawings that Slender Man had taken a keen interest in the Matheson family, and that Charlie may have unintentionally discovered his existence, leading to the monster abducting him.

While CR discovers this evidence, he is hunted by Slender Man and a zombie like figure who is actually Charlie himself, turned into a Proxy. Though CR does get the evidence he needs, he is inevitably chased off the farm by Charlie, dropping his camera and therefore evidence of the event in the process.

He eventually made his way back to Kate's house and once there he led her to the radio tower. He kept trying to get Kate to follow him and goad her into coming with him, while also delving into insanity. Once the two arrived at the radio tower he tried to get her to commit suicide by fire. Kate was unable to bring herself to do it and ran off, but CR still proceeded to douse himself in gasoline and burns himself alive. His charred remains were later found at the end of the tunnel by Kate's friend Lauren, along with a tape player which revealed to Lauren the events that transpired in the radio tower.


  • On the wall in the cave in Flashbacks there is a message that reads "Don't give him twenty dollars!" This is a reference to an easter egg in Slender as well as a running gag. CR most likely wrote this as a result of losing sanity.
  • IMG 0515

    The Letter

    In Prologue, there is a letter addressed to Kate that establishes CR's feelings for her. The fact that the letter is near the trash may suggest her dislike or disapproval of him. This letter also revealed CR's name.
  • It is unknown if CR was friends with Lauren due to a letter saying "Don't tell Lauren what about me." Although he may just be concerned for her safety.
  • CR is the second non-silent protagonist in the game. You hear him talk when you start the Homestead level. He says, "The date is September 19th, my name is CR. On the side of the Matheson family farm, continuing my investigation of Charlie's disappearance. Let's see what we can turn up."
  • In the Slenderman's Shadow installment Elementary, the player is presented a poem for their victory about the Slender Man by a "C.R Kartheiser". Elementary came before Slender: The Arrival, but this poem was added in by an update of unknown date, so it's unknown if The Arrival is referencing/tying into Elementary or vice versa. It could also just be a coincidence, however.
  • Carl Ross regrets not having been able to help Charles Matheson in his difficult times.
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