Brian's House is an important location in the first season of the MarbleHornets ARG. It is the home of Brian, the main actor of the MarbleHornets movie that Alex is shooting, but nobody has heard from him in a long time. His house is examined several times by Jay and shows up multiple times in camera footage from old tapes. The layout of the house appears to be a downstairs with a living room attached to a hallway with a closet and a utility room, and the kitchen, with a sliding screen door at the living room, and an upstairs with multiple bedrooms and a bathroom.

The first appearance of the house is in Entry #16, where Jay goes to the house on an anonymous tip, only to find it deserted and without power. He enters through the back door of what looks like a living room with newspaper ripped up and tossed everywhere along with some glass, and furniture out of place or entirely overturned. He locates a utility room that has the word "BONE" spraypainted on some wood, and a closet with a blanket and a water bottle along with a bullet casing inside. As Jay tries to investigate the house, he falls to the floor and coughs repeatedly. He also notes a door he can't seem to open. As Jay investigate further, he finds blood all over the floor and covering the sink. He takes some pills off the counter. He ends up leaving with two pictures Alex had drawn as well.

Entry #17 goes back to the old tapes, and notes Jay and Alex along with Tim shooting a scene for Marble Hornets, with what looks like the Operator standing outside the window, but none of them notice. After a short bit, the audio fails and the video stops.

Entry #18 he returns to the house again, this time finding an art doll. After looking at it, he spots a figure on the couch, Masky, who tackles him an attacks, as the camera flails and the audio distorts. When the audio and video return properly, Masky is on the ground, but when Jay tries to take the mask off, he is attacked again and left coughing on the floor. He doesn't remember what happened, but when he returns to consciousness, he's off the road with his car. He doesn't believe it happened at first, but reviews the tape and realizes it happened, but has no idea how he got to his location.

In Entry #19.5, Jay decides to record on tape the items he took from the house. He records the bottle, and notes that it is empty, but flashing footage back to Entry #16 shows that when he found it it had contents. The bullet case is missing, assumed stolen by Masky, and the papers which say "FORGET WHAT I SEE", "SEES ME", and Jay notes the symbol appearing on the papers, The Operator Symbol. He also notes the words at the bottom "AT THE TOWER". He doesn't actually visit the house in this entry, just goes over the items he has.

In entry #20, Jay looks back into the tapes for one last time. Once again, he's present and doesn't remember anything. At Brian's house with Jay, the audio fails and the video as well breifly for no noticeable reason, when Tim shows up for shooting. When the camera rests on him, he creates a slight audio distortion. During the filming Tim begins coughing violently and takes some pills.

In Entry #23, Jay once again returns to the house, this time during the day, finding it in a worse mess than before. During his visit, he notices the sink cleaned, and Masky running about the house teasing him. Jay notices the art doll randomly changing it's pose slightly every time he sees it, and finds more pills as well, along with audio distortions. He begins breathing heavy as he runs about the house. The audio distorts and his light goes off. When he regains he runs from the closet he wakes up from seeing Masky's mask hanging from a door, but as he runs he somehow ends up in the building from Entry #22 without realizing how he got there. He wanders the dilapidated room, with audio and visual distortions assaulting his camera, before hearing a voice talking deeply and calm. When he investigates, however, he runs into The Operator the first time and the camera and audio fail. When he wakes up (he doesn't state where) he finds the camera completely ruined, and the tape all that's left. It is never stated how he got from the house to the dilapidated building, as it doesn't appear the two are physically connected in any way.

The house also appears in Totheark videos Addition, Return, and Admission.

So far Entry #23 is the last time the house has been investigated.


  • The hall closet contains a blanket, a water bottle, and a bullet casing. Bullet aside, it's set like someone was sleeping in there.
  • This doll is seen repeatedly during Jay's trips on the second and third time.
  • There is never given an explanation to why most of the furniture is thrown about and turned over, and some of it ripped up.
  • More of the random ripped up paper.
  • The main connecting hallway between the front door and living room.
  • The blood in the sink is dry, and the person whom this blood belongs to is uncertain. When Jay returns in his other trip, the blood is cleaned up entirely.
  • The house has a rear screen door. This door is mysteriously left unlocked.
  • Jay never takes note of what this paper is, but it's ripped and thrown all over the living room floor.
  • The connecting hallway with the lights on.
  • Jay and Alex at Brian's place during the old tapes. Jay doesn't remember this.
  • Masky appearing in Brian's house to attack Jay. He appears again on Jay's third visit.
  • A person that appears to be Jay in Brian's house in the video "Return" by totheark
  • Slenderman in Brian's house. This video takes place after the first two visits and Entry #20. Again, this image is from "Return" by totheark.
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