Amy and Jessica's House
Amy and Jessica's house is a duplex home where Amy and Jessica live, and Alex has been living since moving away. The house doesn't strike as unusual and seems very normal. it is seen twice, once in Entry #26 through a tape, and once in Entry #43.

In Entry #26, Amy asks Alex where the camera she found came from, only for him to tell her to put it back. When she goes to do so, The Operator shows up and chases them up the stairs. Alex sends her out the window and plans to stay behind for a moment. She jumps, but the video cuts out, never showing where she went or how anyone got a hold of the tape of her jumping.

In Entry #43, Alex reveals that he doesn't remember escaping from the house, and states that Amy had a roommate named Jessica whom has not come home yet, neither has Amy herself. Alex states the house is a duplex, and that another family lives in the house behind Amy. Alex, after some coercion, knocks on the door, but gets no answer.

It is to note that this shows the abilities of the Operator being capable of locating a person after years instantly. How the Operator found the house is unknown, either the video camera somehow summoned him, Alex had somehow given him a clue, or the Operator has simply known where Alex was the entire time and found that time to appear the most convenient. It is assumed that Jessica had to have come home at some point, but had not seen the Operator as she isn't concerned over the phone for any reason other than not knowing where Amy is.