Abandoned House
The Abandoned House is a location in the Marble Hornets ARG that makes an appearance in Entry's #34 and #35. In both entries Jay has gone to the house as it is the return address for the package that Jay receives in Entry #26. The first time, Entry #34, Jay goes to the house while it is raining and is less than enthusiastic about looking around. After a short look he leaves empty handed with no leads whatsoever. He comes back in Entry #35 to the house where he looks a little harder. Still finds nothing, however during his visit Alex shows up and helps him take down Masky, who finally gets unmasked. Despite Alex's demands for the pocket knife Jay is holding, Alex does not get it and hits Tim with a block of cement instead, breaking his leg. The camera cuts out and that is the last of the house. Jay surmises that it was Alex who sent the package from the house.

To date, the house has not yet returned or been featured. If it holds importance, it has not been found, but based on the fact that it hasn't been brought up again, it will most likely not be returned to. It is unknown why Alex directed Jay to the building in the first place.

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