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Alternate Reality Game and Alternate Reality Experience Posting Rules

Due to the nature of chaotic fanfiction in the ever expanding Slenderverse, we here at The Slender Man wiki have several rules when it comes to creating pages about existing ARGs/AREs. We ask that you read this carefully and abide by the contents when posting information regarding any and all ARGs/AREs.

Acceptable ARG/ARE Content

Pages providing content on existing Top ARG/ARE series are always welcome and this currently includes the following series:

  • MarbleHornets
  • TribeTwelve
  • EverymanHYBRID
  • DarkHarvest00
  • MLAndersen0

This content can include, but is not limited to:

  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Established Tropes and Concepts
  • Episode Synopses and Summaries
  • Any other proper topic related to the series in question

Unacceptable ARG/ARE Content

Doing any of the following will result in page deletions and bans on accounts ranging from several days to permanent:

  • Unapproved ARG/ARE Pages - This wiki strives to inform its users with information regarding established series that shape and define The Slender Man mythos. The creation of pages regarding ARGs/AREs that do not contribute to this are not allowed. This is further defined in the following examples.
    • Creation of Pages for Non-Existant ARGs/AREs - Creating pages of ARGs/AREs that do not yet exist is no different than creating needless spam.
    • Plug and Run - A Plug and Run is when you post/advertise your blog/series by making a page and not contributing to the wiki, leaving it behind.

The reasons for this are as follows:

  • New ARG/ARE - A series that is only a week old is not yet defined well enough to provide any contribution to the mythos. In addition, many of these series will never contribute heavily or even influence the mythos in any way, and often simply rely on everything that other series have done. As an example, Marble Hornets defined the contemporary mythos and EverymanHYBRID brought The Rake and HABIT to the front of the mythos, while Dark Harvest established the word "Proxy".
  • Unknown ARG/ARE - Although a series may have existed for sometime, it may not have contributed to the mythos much like new ARGs/AREs. After all, thousands of ARG's exist at any given time, and there's no guarantee that any of them are going to ever finish, and many times they don't.
  • Advertisement - This wiki is not meant to serve as your means of advertising your ARG/ARE. The purpose of this wiki is to inform it's users of established tropes and concepts that are helping to shape the mythos. If you want to advertise your series, go do it on forums, post links, do whatever you have to, but keep it off the wiki.
  • Unrelated to The Slender Man - Simply put this is The Slender Man Wiki, if content is unrelated to this premise then it will be deleted. There are many other wiki's that exist where such content would be more suitable. For instance The Creepypasta Wiki or The Fear Mythos Wiki.
  • Dead/Incomplete ARG - If a series is dead or otherwise incomplete it's information will be removed from the wiki. If the author(s) doesn't respect their viewers/readers enough to complete a series than we have no reason to maintain a page for it on this wiki. Exceptions May Apply. Dead references when a series has stopped production for a large period of time.
  • Violation of Other Terms Of Service rules - If a content page violates any existing ToS rule, we have the right to delete the page without notice as well as provide a warning or permanent ban to the user who posted the content.

If you are unsure about what content is allowed please contact a Slender Man Wiki admin or post in our Question and Answer Forum and we will reply in as timely a fashion as we are able.


There are some exceptions that exist to these rules, however, these are based on the discretion of The Slender Man Wiki admin team. Those that attempt to take advantage of them will have their content removed and receive ban sentences ranging from several days to permanent.

  • Dedicated contributors of this wiki will be allowed to post content regarding ARGs/AREs not in the Top category provided that it is approved by an administrator. The sheer amount of content will be left to admin discretion. Just because you are kind and nice to the people on the Slenderman Chat or have done 200 edits does not automatically allow you to make a page regarding your ARG/ARE, you are REQUIRED to speak with an admin before creation because otherwise it will be deleted. We are admins first, friends second.
  • ARGs/AREs will be included in the "Top Category" once they reach approximately 1,000,000 views and have an average view count in the tens of thousands amongst all of the videos that they have with no major outliers. This is based on the views gained through viewership of the series and not through other videos that may exist on these accounts.
  • Pages that include content regarding a Top ARG/ARE series that do not follow one of the above categories listed in acceptable content will be allowed, provided it is first approved by a Slender Man Wiki administrator. As an example, an entire page dedicated to "Masky" of Marble Hornets is completely unnecessary considering that is accomplished with the page on Tim.
  • Formal complaints and justification - If you believe a page should not have been deleted, please first contact the admin responsible. If they are not available at the time please leave a message on their talk page so that they may get in touch with you. If you are able to provide justifiable reasons as to why the page should be restored then we are willing to hear them. If, however, you simply insult or otherwise insinuate the admin team that deleted the page is <insert insulting word or phrase here>, then you will be summarily ignored and most likely immediately banned. Speak intelligently, properly, and appropriately. Do not start yelling to get your point across. We understand individuals may be upset that we deleted it, but we see it as business, not personal, and we expect all conversations with admins regarding that to be treated as if you speaking to a supervisor in a business about a concern. If the admin is to blame for ignoring you or otherwise being insulting, let another admin know, but remember we WILL speak with that admin, and we will require evidence of this conversation. 

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